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Personal computer
Terms Definitions
User Interface
file transfer protocol
Secondary Storage
hardrivestapeflash drives/thumb drivesexternal hardrivefloppy disks
Environments generally change faster than
an independent program that replicates is own program files until it interrupts the operation of networks and computer systems
They enable geographically separated __________ to share documents and opinions, which fosters teamwork, innovative ideas, and new business strategies
Technology informates when it provides info about its operation and the underlying work process that it supports.
internet payments for items costing very little---usually $1 or less.
Fourth Generation
DBMS that includes multi-media, active, distributed processing, more powerful operators, data warehouse processing, XML enabled; "object-relational" because these DBMSs view any kind of data as an object to manage; 1990s to 2000s
Artificial Intelligence

NN - neural network 

primary task is pattern recognition 
good at identifying patterns 

even when there is missing data or disguise
Benefits of Outsourcing
- Management Advantages:
Obtain Expertise
Avoid management problems
Free management time

-Cost reduction
Obtain part-time services
Gain economies of scale

-Risk Reduction
Cap financial risk
Improve quality
Reduce implementation risk
redundant array of independent disks: often included in DAS, NAS, and SAN whereby data is replicated on different disks to enhance processing speed and fault-tolerance (the ability of the system to sustain failure of a disk, b/c the same data also appears on another disk)
Ivy Lee
laid out fundamentals of public relations, Rockefeller's PR person
highest per capita internet usage
asia @ 56.3%
Data mining
Looks for hidden patterns in data
graphical user interface
how users initiate transactions through the SAP, this identifies transaction codes pulled from the application modules
mainframe computer
large, powerful computer often shared by hundreds of concurrent users connected to the machine via terminals
Task management allocates computer resources through two things:
multitasking and time-sharing.
Does a company have more service options with LANs or WANs?
Strategic management  
provides an organization with overall direction and guidance.
Hardware key logger
hardware device that captures keystrokes on their journey from the keyboard tot he motherboard
Also called columns, groups of bytes in a database table. A database table has multiple columns that are used to represent the attributes of an entity. Examples are PartNumber, EmployeeName, and SalesDate
a set of instructions that causes a computer to perform a particular task.

What type of data analysis uses data projections to transform the information in an OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) data cube?
data abstraction
electronic wallet (e-wallet)
a software utility that hold electronic cash, credit card information, owner identification and address information, and provides the data automatically at electronic commerce sites.
online processing
A method of collecting and processing data in which transactions are entered directly into the computer system and processed immediately.
Informational information systems
charged with analyzing data and supporting decisions about today and the future. Different focus and scope - knowledge based.Support multiple areas with large amounts of operational data. Market Planning, Engineering Planning, Financial Analysis
part of the expert system that seeks information and relationships from the knowledge base and provides answers, predictions, and suggestions the way a human expert would
computer aided software engineering (CASE)
automation of step-by-step methodologies for software and systems development to reduce the amount of repetitive work the developer needs to
Bullwhip Effect
A phenomenon in which the variability in the size and timing of orders increases at each stage of the supply chain, from customer to supplier.
Macro Virus
Attaches itself to common files and when file is opened places destructive code in start up of that application and spreads from there
requirement recovery document
formal document that describes in detail your logical requirements for a proposed system and invites outsourcing organization (or "vendors") to submit bids for its development
Data entry forms are used to read, insert, modify, and delete database data.
Executive information systems (eis)
An information system that provides strategic information tailored to the needs of executives and other decision makers.
Economic Factors that Disfavor E-Commerce
Channel Conflict, Price Conflict, Logistics Expense, Customer Service Expense
systems analysis
The analysis of a problem that the organization will try to solve with an information system.
Three architecture trends that are quickly becoming requirements for all businesses include what?
Service oriented architecture, virtualization, grid computing

Anything with multiple, non-overlapping controls. For example, access to the dorms requires your CatCard (something you have) and a Pin Number (something you know).

What would be a specific example of using \"defense in depth\" to improve information security?
Which of the following is not a component of an application architecture?
Capacity planning
Six kinds of type design
1. Size
2. Weight
4. Form
5. Direction
6. Structure
abandon shopping cart
number of visitors who create a shipping cart and start the process of completing a registration page and then abandon the activity
Integrated Packages (Enterprise Resource Planning)
Richly functional systems designed to support many organizational functions (e.g. accounting and finance)
Central Processing Unit
The unit of a computer system that includes the circuits that control the interpretation and execution of instructions.  In many computer systems, the CPU includes the arithmetic-logic unit, the control unit, and the primary storage unit
What are the three primary variables in any project?
Time, cost, and scope
Define Human resource management (Chapter 9)
includes the processes required to make the most effective use of the people involved with a project. HRM includes all project stakeholders: sponsors, customers, project team members, support staff, suppliers supporting the project, and so on.
19. Neural networks
: A category of AI that attempts to emulate the way the human brain works.
• Useful for decisions that involve pattern or image recognition because a neural network can learn from the information it processes
• Analyze large quantities of information to establish patterns and characteristics in situations where the logic or rules are unknown
Computer Terminals
Dumb Terminals
Intelligent Terminals
Any device that allows access to a computer
Keyboard and video monitor with limited processing
Modified networked PCs or network computers
what-if analysis
the study of the impact of a change in the assumptions (input data) on the proposed solution
Specialized support systems, such as ____ and _____ use the overall approach of a DSS in situations such as group and executive decision making
GDSS group decision support systems, ESS executive support systems
What is an entry barrier?
A product or service feature that customers have come to expect from organizations in a particular industry and must be offered by an entering organization to compete and survive
oversees all uses of IT-Manager: ensuring the delivery of all IT projects, on time and within budget-Leader: ensuring the strategic vision of IT is in line with the strategic vision of the organisation-Communicator- building and maintaining strong executi
"Gap" between Business Personnel and IT Personnel
What Is the Role of IS Security
As Information sytems collect value they also pose a risk if that information is breeched. EX amazon credit card data stolen and the reprocussion of that
Individual steps in a use case should be written in the form _____.
subject, verb, direct object, preposition, indirect object
what are four major operating systems?
1. windows- XP, Vista, 7
2. Mac OS- leopard, snow leopard
3. Unix- more difficult, not for business users
4. Linux

can have more than one OS on a computer
in a relationship database system, a "join table" is:
created from a composite of info from multiple tables
REDFLEX systems currently in use is AZ is:
uses roads sensors and cameras to record cars running red lights
What is a DBMS, and what does it do?
A program used to create, process, and administer a database; used to read, insert, modify, or delete data
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