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Terms Definitions
below, beneath
C new answer
redundant array of independent/inexpensive disks
SWOT analysis
Evaluating strategic business opportunities based on a company's capabilities and the competitive environment.
An industry standard language supported by most DBMSs that includes statements for database definition, database manipulation, and database control; can be used to define tables, relationships among tables, integrity constraints, and authorization rights
Sales Forecasting
-Record individual sales projections
-roll up sales projections into district, region, national, and international
-track variances over time
5 Priceline.coms were customers specify the product and price willing to pay
Reverse pricing
a popular open-source DBMS product that is license free for most applications
Hardware and software placed between an organization's internal network and an external network to prevent outsiders from invading private networks.
The individual application modules included in an ERP system are designed to support the ____ _____, the most efficient and effective ways to complete a business process
best practices
Domain Name System
- converts names into actual numericals (IP address)
people, procedures, hardware, software, data and knowledge needed to develop computer systems and machines that demonstrate the characteristics of intelligence
aartificial intelligence systems
the difference between value and cost
Systems implementation
Making improvements to an operational system.
Drivers for System Development
Scope (Requirements), cost, time
system testing
Tests the functioning of the information system as a whole in order to determine if descrete modules will function together as planned.
Processes requests on behalf of a client
According to the Pentagon and the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, there are typically ___ to ____in every 1000 lines of code
personal web pages that contain series of chronological entries by author and links to related web pages
five components of IS (human side)
procedures, people
Data Mining
analyzing data to extract information not offered by the raw data alone
very powerful, have RAMs w/ billions of bytess with a processing speed of billions of instructions per second, allowing for parallel processing
body of governing procedures used to organize or manipulate data
vendor-managed inventory (VMI)
an inventory strategy where the supplier monitors a vendor's inventory for a product or group of products and replenishes products when needed
Data dictionary
Defines and catalogs the data elements and data relationships in an organization's database.
Twisted Wire
strands of copper wire twisted in pairs 1gbps
Object-oriented development
Emphasizes the benefits of modular and reusable computer code and modeling real-world objects
Service Oriented Architecture
(SOA) is a business-driven IT architectural approach that supports integrating a business as linked, repeatable tasks or services. SOA ensures IT systems can adapt quickly, easily, and economically to support rapidly changing business needs.
the first business processes that companies convert to an e-commerce model were those related to ____ and _____
buying and selling
o Freemium
• Its like you can get frostwire for free, or frostwire pro with more quality downloads and speed for $20.
• 1% rule: since the cost of supplying the free users is zero, the one out of every one hundred that pay for the use of the site cover the costs of the free users.
Key-Indicator Report
A summary of the previous days critical activities; typically available at the beginning of each workday.
Digital economy  
marked by the electronic movement of all types of information, not limited to numbers, words, graphs, and photos but including physiological information such as voice recognition and synthesization, biometrics (your retina scan and breath for example), and 3-D holograms.
Computer virus (virus)
software that is written with malicious intent to cause annoyance or damage
Executive Information System (EIS)
1. supports executive, strategic decision making; unstructured, nonrecurring events
2. highly aggregated information and summary
3. ex: long-term business planning, crisis management, major internal/external events
4. summary reports, trends, simulations (what if?); digital dashboard
systems development life cycle (SDLC)
traditional structured framework, used for large IT projects, that consists of sequential processes by which information systems are developed
which search will return the most pages?
crime and punishment
Early Outsourcing
The hiring of an external company to do initial electronic commerce site design and development. the external team then trains the orginial company's information systems professionals in the new technolgy, eventually handing over complete responsibility of the site to the internal team.
Technical Feasibiliy
Does the technology exist? Do we have the expertise needed? Do we have the tools needed? Is the technology mature enough?
Moore's law
# of transistors on a chip doubles each 18 months
common types of UGC
User generated content
- ratings and surveys
- opinion
- customer stories
- discussion groups
- wikis
- blogs
- crowdsourcing
6. Supply Chain Management (SCM)
Involves the management of information lows between and among stages in a supply chain to maximize total supply chain effectiveness and profitability.
Keys can be
simple (a single field) or composite (more than one field)
A(n) _____ is a formal way of representing how a business system interacts with its environment.
Use Case
natural language processing (NLP)
communicating with a computer in the user's native language
Postaudit review
A formal review of a project after it is up and running.
Two categories of Data mining
unsupervised: no direction, don't tell software what to look forsupervised: more direction: have an idea of what to look for, what tools to use
What is a general name for the business function and academic discipline covering the application of people, technologies, and procedures—collectively called information systems—to solve business problems?
Management information systems
Smart Card
a plastic card the size of a credit card that contains an embedded chip on which digital information can be stored and updated
Which component of the value chain focuses on the management of all the resources "inside the walls" of the organization?
ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
What are two best practices for transferring or recreating tacit knowledge?
Shadowing and Join problem solving
What is the "last mile"?
the access line to a residential home
Prototyping is most useful for requirements determination when:
Communication problems have existed in the past between users and analysts
Process of ERP Systems using database
it takes an input (raw material, product) through an established and usually routine set of procedures (process) to convert it from one form to another form - many times adding value
15. What is Moore’s Law? What are its implications for business and technology?
• Many real projects have hundreds of business requirements, take years to complete, and cost millions of dollars. Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel Corporation, observed in 1965 that chip density doubles every 18 months. This observation, known as Moore’s law, simply means that memory sizes, processor power, and so on, all follow the same pattern and roughly double in capacity every 18 months. Moore’s law states that technology changes at an incredibly fast pace; therefore it is possible to have to revise an entire project plan in the middle of a project as a result of a change in technology. Technology changes so fast that it is almost impossible to deliver an information system without feeling the pain of changing technology.
Relative speed for USB version 2
40(8x)if your comp is 2.0 then the device runs at min speed of either the laptop or scanner. Runs at the slowest one, whatever it can handle or whatever it can send
Protocols- specifies the format of data and rules to be followed during transmissione.g. ethernet cables (library computers hooked to one printer), TCP/IP
Media- the physical path that is used to carry a signal between a signal transmitter and signal receivere.g. wire media, wireless media
What does the Theory of Constraints seek to do?
The TOC process seeks to identify the constraint and restructure the rest of the organization around it
If checksums are equal, does it guarantee the file is not corrupted
If the checksums are equal, it is not guaranteed that the file isn't corrupted, but if the checksums are not equal, it does prove there is an error in transmission
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