Missouri Driver Permit Test Flashcards

Terms Definitions
What color are construction signs?
What color are hospital signs?
What color are stop signs?
Seat belts are required
all the time
In Missouri, if a minor's blood alcohol concentration is over _____, their license will be taken away.
What color are signs for roads and highway exits?
The maximum speed on lettered roads is
55 mph
In Missouri, the blood alcohol concentration level that is illegal for an adult to drive a vehicle is
.08% or more
When passing which lane do you use?
Left lane
What is the cost to get your permit?
One pedestrian rule includes
yielding to pedestrians in an intersection even if you have the green light.
Leave ___ seconds between you are the car in front of you when driving in the snow or ice.
8-10 seconds
You should try to signal ____ feet before you change directions.
100 feet
How old can you be to get your permit?
What do solid lines on pavement mean?
You cannot pass
Two-lane roads may have "no passing zones" marked with what?
What is the usual speed limit for a residential area?
25 mph
If you are in an accident
exchange insurance information with the other drivers
It is important to remember when parking to
put your parking brake on
What do you do when approaching a green light?
Proceed through the intersection
If a vehicle is approaching you head on in your lane
pull over to the right
Your driving priveleges will be suspended if you receive
8 or more points in 18 months
Proper parallel parking includes
pulling up even with the car in front of the parking space
Adjusting to traffic means
if you are going slower than the rest of traffic, pull over and let other cars pass you
What do broken lines on the pavement mean?
You are able to pass
Sharing the road with motorcyclists means
be aware that they change lanes when encountering bad road conditions
Before your license expires the Driver License Bureau will mail a renewal postcard to the:
most current address on your driver record
After you get your permit at age 15, who must drive with you?
A parent, stepparent, grandparent, legal guardian or qualified driving instructor
Who must take you to get your permit?
A parent, stepparent, legal guardian, or certified trainer to sign a permission statement.
A driver may use a handicapped parking space
if a physically handicapped person is being dropped off or picked up and the vehicle displays a handicapped license plate
To get a permit what must you pass?
Pass the vision, road sign, and written tests
If the line on the left of you is YELLOW, the traffic on the other side of the line is?
Moving in the opposite direction
If you see a funeral processing you may
only enter an intersection if you do not cross the path of the procession
A flashing yellow arrow tells you that you are allowed to do what?
Drive in the direction the arrow is pointing but are required to wait for an adequate gap in the opposing traffic prior to making your turn
If you notice an emergency vehicle, you must
pull over to the right of the road and stop
A solid yellow line on the pavement to your left means:
the traffic on the side is moving in the opposite direction.
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