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Terms Definitions
Noise, disordered sound
Monophonic Texture
A single melody
Andean vertically notched flute
Major Scale
The familiar do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do of Euro-American music. The white keys on the piano, from C to c, yield the major scale.
-Lead drumming is polyrythmic-made because of rattles, bells, axatse, drums, singing-uses call and response-has its own drum language- "Secret Text... makes it valuable to the Agbekor society and ancestors-Meanings: Enjoying life; "clear life: battle is over", great oath(for fighting for their people)
-Simultaneous presence of different structures of music. -Temporal organization i.e. time or beat
An ordered, step-wise arrangement of all the principal tones in the octave within a piece of music.
Sounding all the frequencies between two pitches of an interval in sequence, upward or downward, as in the sound produced by a slide-whistle; synonymous with slide
-ritual communication to the spirit world including drinks & speech
Amazing Grace
-Opposite of syllabic: melismatic= there is more than one note per syllable-difficult to predict or anticipate where the song is going-Timbre is smooth and raspy-Free Rhythm; No Meter
-Double headed drum held between knees; traditional genre of music in sesquilitera meter for Africans of Chota river valley of Northern Equador
-Use the Kora-Griots(experts in speech & singing & instruments-Gambian leaders are being praised-Shows a mix of several styles of verbal presentation in 1 performance
In western music theory, the basic tone, or note, of a melody or a section of a piece; the most important pitch; usually the pitch that occurs most often; often the last tone of a melody, the pitch that the melody seems to be gravitating toward.
Zuni Lullaby
o The old sounding woman almost talking o 5 points Takes place in western New Mexico There are only two pitches The meter is flexible Recorded in 1950 It contrasts plains singing (No typical Indian style)
The quality that gives voices and instruments their characteristic sound; why a trumpet sounds different from a violin even when they play the same pitch.
The distance in pitch between two tones
the "frequency" of a tone, depending on the vibrations of its sound waves in cycles per second.
Nueva Cancion
-New Song- political movement w/songs that stand up against opression of totalitarian government-Happened in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay in the 50's and 60's
Semi-arid zone of ancient Arabs known as the southern coast of the sand sea where Sudan begins.
Drum Language
-vernacular meaning of a drum phase
Panpipes in Andean south America that have two pipes with different sounds
The way of life of a people, transmitted from one generation to the next.
Heterophonic Texture
Two or more voices or instruments elaborating the same melody in slightly different ways.
-To the Shona people- oldest and most important-Played for Chaminuka: Spirit who protects all Shona-Title- Cutting Branches for shelter(from war)-Uses the mbira- the thumb piano of the Shona-2 imbiras and rattle
Poor Blues
Form: ABAArtist: Lazy Bill Lucas (it was a trio, and Bill played the guitar and drums)Evokes sympathy for poor boy- can't read, no dad, no mom, never got a toy from SantaBlues: Truth Telling; autobiography
Gung Gong
-Cylindrical carved drum with a snare on each of its two drum heads
Postal Workers (song 1)
o Starts off with whistling and drumso 5 Points Post office at the University of Accra, in Ghana They are whistling the hymn “Bompata” The men are canceling stamps Two men whistling, three making percussive sounds Each stamp gets canceled multiple times
The last brief section of a song; an Indian term similar to Coda in Western classical theory
Iroquois River Dance
o Starts off with one guy saying “cono hono swee gay he ha”o Has one guy singing in the backgroundo Homophonico 5 points Called “Gadasjot” Also called Warrior’s Stomp Dance Uses the “call-and-response” form The dancers follow the leader’s “short jog step” They use a cow-horn rattle
Polyphonic Texture
A combination of two or more distinct melodies
A musical form in which one part seems to be linked as a “response” to the previous part. The response part appears to be an “answer” or “comment” on the first or “call” part.
Sesquialtera Metrical Rhythm
3/4 or 6/8 rhythm simultaneous or alternatively (Muyu Muyari)
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