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Terms Definitions
gradually slower
orchestra alone
(p) soft
Moonlight Sonata
Beethoven (sonata)
Indian sympathetic strings
Tempo primo
Original tempo
(pp) very soft
performed with force
H.M.S. Pinafore
Gilbert and Sullivan
mezzo piano, moderately soft
the specific tonic pitch
What were the surfs?
Arrangement of chorale-based movements and component arias and recitatives. Sacred and liturgical. Based off of Italian opera forms.
Johann Bach
Baroque Era
musical family
master organist
A short repeated melodic pattern
Speeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaking of Gregorian, the text setting just demonstrated-
- melisma
a trapezoidal hammered dulcimer (zither) The strings are stretched over brigdes in multiple courses (strings per note) and struck with small mallets. Santur (Iran, Iraq, Turkey), Santuri(India)
pleasant to the ear; melodious:
The finale to Symphonie fantastique projects a satanic character
A Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra
[ balancing notes resembling wave pattern ]
hindu devotional poetry set to music
Koran-sacred text; literal word of god
Hidden transcripts
Music performances with hidden messengers through metaphorical or coded terms.
a four-stringed musical instrument of the violin family, slightly larger than the violin; a tenor or alto violin.
Sergei Rachmaninoff 3
20th century, Russian pianist composer, 60 concerts
potent mixture of Caribbean folk music and American R&B; first style of Rock era to originate in the 3rd World in Kingston, Jamaica
Tala –
time cycle. Differ from western meters
true or false: Palestrina lived during the Ars Nova
Refers to tempo, light and cheerful, but not as fast as Allegro
The basic division of the Western musical pitch palette, based on the perception of frequencies with a ratio of 1:2 –
rhythm pattern in salsa music. Also, an instrument consisting of two sticks beaten together
________Decided to Compose in a distinctly American style. Used early jazz, cowboy songs
Aaron Copland
a classical dance form demanding grace and precision and employing formalized steps and gestures set in intricate, flowing patterns to create expression through movement.
Giacomo Puccini 5
La Boheme, Madame Butterfly, Tosca, only operas, most performed
program music
instrumental music with a literary or pictorial association supplied by the composer
from china and adapted, one of most popular traditional instruments.
Giuseppe Verdi
Northern Italy Early talent for music. Milan/La Scala Basic skeletal structural scheme constucted in three to four acts
He would compose Long arias, top of singer’s range to get back at singers who forgot their lines and innapropiate additions to his music to show off, or in some other ways cause problems in one of his opera performances
He openly discussed his concerns about the strength of german of german-influenced insturmental music and its growing impact on composers in Italy.
He Tended to stick with the composstions that would please the audience. He showed a sense for Italian nationalismHis most famous dramatic operas include Nabucco, Macbeth, Rigoletto, Il trovatoreRequiem. He created a monumental requim. Falstaff his one famous comic opera.
rapid, bold execution of the figure or passage so marked
The Sacred Harp
collection of shaped notes singing songs
In 1912, Schoenberg wrote a __________ called Pierrot Lunaire (The Moonstruck Pierrot).
song cycle
From lecture, what band plays the song, "Cissy Strut" recorded in 1969?
The Meters
The Chordal Style
-lining up the syllables because the Council of Trent wanted to better hear the words
The Hips
When we cannot see a characters feet, what will we watch instead, to get an idea of where they are taking steps?
passages of many notes set to a single syllable of text
WHat is the genre of Jazz that originated in Eastern Europe and incorporates guitars and violin?
Gypsy Jazz
The bass clef is also known as the ____ clef.
da capo
repeated from the beginning (used as a musical direction).
What is Honky Tonk?
"A loud, earthy country music style, flavored with steel pedal guitar and lyrics about love and partying."
It is a pattern in which A stands for the main theme, which then alternates with other themes. The A theme should return at least 3 times as follows: ABACADA.
Joe Jonas
This is me is a song by Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas.
The song requires the singer to use four different tones of voice to represent four different characters:
1. A narrator
2. The father
3. The son
4. The Erlking
Name three new chord structures and define them.
traditional chord – triad made up of thirds
polychord – two traditional chords heard at the same time
fourth chord – tones in which the chords are a fourth apart, instead of a third
32 Bar Song Form
A (8) A (8) B (8) A (8) = one chorus
-B is the "bridge" between the verses
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