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Terms Definitions
polyphonic conductus
Medium; half
very slowly
io vado
I go
Sign of association
piu allegro
more lively
Algonquian for "powwow"
pianissimo pp
very soft
Cantate Domino canticum novum
this kiss
faith hill (1998)
making note values shorter
Your Cheatin Heart
Hank Williams
first african american millionaire
Scott joplin
New Age
country, bluegrass, western swing
Portando, portamento
to carry the sound
the underlying pulse of music
best song ever
revenge i seek
a musical composition, usually instrumental, intended mainly for the practice of some point of technique.
Cover Versions
-Cover Versions
-Cover versions around 1954-1955
Appropriate pre-existing musical set up (mostly white covers of black music)
-Aim at the mainstream audiences
-R&B core with mass appeal (for young audiences)
-More refined language, younger pop appeal
-Strong accentuation on guitar (rather than brass or piano)
-Issues of copyright between major and minor labels
The Japanese aesthetic sense favors the use of a broad range ofsounds and tone qualities in their music. "Unpitched" sounds are commonlyheard in the middle of instrumental melodies.
Syllabic Chant
Each syllable has one note
music, dramatic expression of story through dance
The technique of declaiming words musically in a heightened theatrical manner is called?
The German word for Hindemith's concept of functional or useful music is
gradually reducing force or loudness; diminuendo (
Verdon Dalhart (1883-1948)
Former light opera singer
adopted southern accent
Antonin Dvorak
studied the traditional music of African Americans and incorporated elements of spirituals into his music. The New World Symphony is his most popular work today. It is classical in its structure but Romantic in its orchestral and harmonic color
Simple melodies with major
or minor tonality
Classical Era
obscure instrument that Haydn wrote a lot of music because his employer liked it
means "to consort together" and "to compete"; contradictory meanings
the surface activity of music, based upon duration of musical sounds
Franz Liszt
1811-1886: born in Hungarylate 20's: moves to ParisPaganini inspired himexcellent violinistladies man, modern day superstarsymphonic (tone poem)turns to compositionmid 30's: takes job at court of Weimarwrites transcriptions, takes works and makes them piano
Classical Symphony written in 1917 in a style called ________________
the striking of one body against another with some sharpness; impact; blow.
6. The record company that signed Bill Haley and the Comets:
Alberto Ginastera- Estancia Suite, Op. 8A
20th Century Music
The after-strum beat is the most rhythmically significant feature emphasized in all but:a. Mentob. Skac. Rocksteadyd. Reggae
a. Mento
Benny Goodman
On January 16 the Benny Goodman Orchestra played the first jazz concert in New York's Carnegie Hall.
Higgins and ELiza embody this contrast
The musical term for "from the beginning" is?
da capo
- Orginated in America as a subgenre of country music. Traditional bluegrass is typically based around acoustic stringed instruments, such as mandolin, acoustic guitar, banjo, fiddle, and upright bass, with or without vocals. Bluegrass was generally used for dancing in the rural areas, a dancing style known as buckdancing, flat-footing, or clogging, but eventually spread to more urban areas and became more popular. Founding father= Bill Monroe
Janis Joplin
Big Brother and the Holding Company Band Janis Came
sign taking the form of an slashed "s" with a dot on either side
Moccasin Game
very simple game the kids play. Two moccasins and two teams. Somebody in one team puts a stone in one moccasin and someone from the other team has to pick which moccasin the stone is in. Creation myth of the Navajo: at the beginning of time, the animals were figuring out whether it should be day all the time or night all time. So they decided to play the moccasin game, and it ended in a tie- so now its day half the time and night half the time. The songs usually mock other animals.
Paris Conservatory of Music
school where Debussy and Ravel studied
chord progression
the movement of chords in a purposeful fashion
Tom Bee-
Lakota Indian that was adopted by a white family, became involved in the Red power movement.
concerto grosso
a musical form, common in the Baroque period, in which contrasting sections are played by full orchestra and by a small group of soloists.
Beethoven's 10th
In reality it is Bhrams 1st. It was very similar to what Beethoven would have written. Was composed from sketches of Beethoven unfinished 10th symphony.
scale fundamentals
1- start and end on same note2- cannot repeat notes (includes sharps and flats3- cannot use both sharps and flats4- total of 8 pitches (major or minor)
Alberti Bass
It is the term for a chord in which the notes are played in succession to provide a continual stream of sound rather than blocked all together
The Byrds
-----"Turn, Turn, Turn"
-led by singer and 12-string guitarist Jim (later Roger) McGuinn
-this band pioneered folk-rock
-second big hit
-Byrds' trademark was McGuinn's electric 12-string guitar sound and their distinctive harmonies
According to lecture, which singer performed "A Change Is Gonna Come," and what song was the artist responding to?
Sam Cooke, responding to “Blowing in the Wind” by Bob Dylan
Who sang "The Wild Side of Life" and in what year?
Hank Thompson and His Brazos Boys, 1951
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