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Terms Definitions
2-3 Notes
Classical Period
Variations for Orchestra
Summertime Blues
Eddie Cochran
bottom text of motet
Non Troppo
Not Too Much
wrote Dido and Aenaes
Keyboard suite names
Germany: "Partita"
England: "Lesson"
France: "Ordre"
government-sponsored music school in West Germany
Started using all the notes
• Vigorous turning dance (Voltare – turn), compound duple meter
Anton Webern
Studied with Schoenberg with Berg
ordo virtutem
Hildegard non liturgical drama, medieval
Franconian Motet
Triplum moves faster than Duplum
Musica Transalpina
"Music across the Alps"--
England. (Renaissance)
Nicholas Yonge, published Italian madrigals into English. Then the English began writing their own madrigals. ***THE SPREAD***
sixteenth-century dance in slow duple meter with three repeated sections. often followed by a galliard which is a sixteenth-century dance in fast triple meter
How did political and economic conditions in Europe help support the new Renaissance ideologies?
2 or more groups alternate chants
What year did full featured built-to-order recording consoles appear?
Thomas Tallis
- leading English composer after Taverner
- composed Latin masses/hymns
- Composed English service music
In cantus firmus masses, the borrowed melody is usually found in the
uses every other note from the scale
What is a pulse?
a regularly recurring duration
Igor Stravinsky
famous 20th century composer; composer of the Firebird Suite and The Rite of Spring
Drama presented in music, with the characters singing instead of speaking. (most characteristic form of the baroque period.
Latin for "four ways" More advanced program in the Medieval liberal arts program, it included the study of arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and music
Georg Rhau
most important music publisher for Reformation churches (Germany)
Musica Enchiriadas
book by Abbot Hogar (d.906)Describes Organum--purpose was to teach singers to improvise polyphonic Music on the spot!
ryhtmic device in schumann and brahms' 3rd symphony
club of artisans possessing the same skill
Tristan chord
the first chord in Wagner's opera "Tristan and Isolde", and it is treated as an augmented sixth chord in A minor with a very long chromatic appoggiatura on G#
Renaissance musicians paralleled these achievements in their use of
all of the above
texts that vary from day to day throughout the church year depending on the feast that is celebrated
Italian: concert. It also is used to describe music written for any type of concert purpose.
The central impulse of Baroque music, art, and architecture is:
a) refinement
b) dramatization
c) balance and proportion
d) contemplation
b) dramatization
langue d'oil
modern french tongue used in northern france by the trouveres; uses accents in text
music without a key center, most often associated with the twentieth century avant-garde style of Arnold Schoenberg
The Coasters
-Jused to be called the Robins-Use playlets-story/song writing style that uses tongue-in-cheek mini-dramas full of wit and insight
Head motif
Thematic idea that occurs at the beginning of a movement or work and returns prominently throughout the course of the music until the end.
6. Who wrote the majority of The Supremes’ hits, including Where Did Our Love Go?, Baby Love, Stop in the Name of Love, You Can’t Hurry Love, and Love is Here To Stay and Now You’re Gone?
The boogie woogie sound of the piano, and later jump bands, was the back bone of a new singing style populare in black clubs accross America and later was essential in Rock n Roll. What was this style called?
What was an alternative name for "Symphony No. 9" by Dvorak?
"New World Symphony"
double bass
plucked strings, you and the night and the music
(1) A set of six pitches. (2) In medieval and RENAISSANCE SOLMIZATION, the six NOTES represented by the syllables ut, re, mi, fa, sol, la, which could be transposed to three positions: the "natural" hexachord, C-D-E-F-G-A; the "hard" hexachord, G-A-B-C-D-E; and the "soft" hexachord, F-G-A-B-C-D.
florid or melismatic organum
12th century style of two-voice polyphony in which the lower voice sustains relatively long notes while the upper voice sings note-groups of varying length above each note of the lower voice
40. When was the terms "gospel song" and "gospel hymn" coined? [see Class 15 notes]
early 1870s
Fernando di Medici
Grand Duke of Tuscany1573-1587 a group of poets, musicians, and noblement gathered at house of Count Giovanni De Bardi in Florence to discuss allowing a single voice to predominate in a texture that was not necessarily polyphonic. Called Florentine Camerata (club).Bardi was asked to organize for 1589 wedding of de Medici to Christine de Lorraine of France. "La Pellegrina" 6 intermedi (entr'actes or intermezzos)
What is a Mellotron?
Early sampling using magnetic tape loops
Modified Strophic
music is mainly the same but is varied to fit new verses' texts
A pedagogical aid that used the joints of the left hand to indicate notes of the hexachord system was developed by followers of:
Guido of Arezzo
Musical Play
Adam de la Halle's Robin and Marian is an example of what?
Syllabic text setting
One note sung per each syllable of text
the grateful dead made a shift away from psychedelia towards what style of music in the early 1970s
Folk and Country
Johann Christian Bach
Sonata in D major, op. 5 no. 2
Allegro di molto
Besides Don Law, what two Nashville producers created the Nashville Sound?
Owen Bradley and Chet Atkins
2nd thing Antiquity gives to medieval music?
Idea of melody linked with words
pianissimopianomezzo pianomezzo fortefortefortissimo
pp - very softp - softmp - moderately softmf - moderately loudf - loudff - very loud
What were partsongs/ where and who performed them? how long did this genre persist?
small amateur choirs sang these simple four part choral arrangements. They were lucrative so most composers made them, but the genre didn't last long.
Why did Syd Barret only make one album with Pink Floyd
Mental instability accelerated by drug use
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