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Bluebeard's Castle
Ron Hamilton
classical, romantic
more dynamics
Woman Love
Gene Vincent
who wrote Richard Coeur-de-Lion
Confucius, Lao-Tzu, Pythagorus
500 BC
style brise
broken style; discontinuous
earliest known musical instruments were developed in ancient
magister cappellae
"leader of the chapel"
Franz Schubert was also a
"Complete artwork." Wagner's impression of opera inclusive of set, costumes, music, leitmotifs, etc.
Gustav Mahler
Leading Austro-German composer of symphonies after Brahms and Bruckner.
JS Bach Cantatas
1700: Neumeister**created new genre; musical sermon-Lutherans known for pounding text of the day; used a chorale (well-known) as the basis
**Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland (cantata)
Johannes de Garlandia (flourished)
fl. 1270-1320 CE
Renaissance period
rebirth or revival from 1450-1600
How many symphonies did Beethoven write?
Music Festival
(also called "choir festival"): multi-day event, usually for charity, to hear music, [both instrumental and choral.] In the 18th and 19th centuries, such festivals raised money for charity. [The Three Choirs' Festival raised money for the Women and Orphans of the Clergy Fund; the Birmingham Triennial Festival raised funds for the Birmingham Hospital.] Handel's Messiah was frequently performed at such music festivals, as was Elgar's Dream of Gerontius.
concertato medium
combining voices with instruments, genres included concerted madrigal and sacred concertonothing doubled"reach agreement"
Which Atlantic Records employee convinced the label's executives to adopt recording to tape, recording in stereo, and using 8-track tape machines as soon as the technology was made available in the 1950s?
Tom Dowd
Manner of performance; two groups of choir alternate
14th centruy italian form feature tow voices in canon overa free untexted tenor
series of tones in ascending or descending order
an instrument with melody and drone strings by a rotating wheel turned with a crank with levers worked by a keyboard to change the pitch on the nelody strings
Mighty Handful
amateur musicians who were strongly independent nationalists. intentionally wrote national music. Focused on vocal and program music. Subjects: Russian history/landscape painting/nat'l music
style: often quoted folk tunes, various ethnic music, distinctive melodies, rhythms, harmonies
1. Borodin
2. Cui
3. Mussorgsky
4. Balakirev
5. Rimsky-Korsakov
The royal Academy of Music was established in order to
a. teach music in the manner of the paris Conservatory
b. produce Italian opera
c. promote ballad opera in english
d. produce oratorios
e. test the skills of music students
Musica speculartura
Using music for a higher purpose
The final syllable of "alleluia" is often extended by an effusive melisma called
opera seria
serious opera- fully sung Italian opera- super elaborate and expensive- little action/drama on stafe and is reported by 3rd parties.. its all reaction- needed virtuosic singers= expensive
Guiseppe Verdi
Later operatic composer raved about, enriched Rossini's forms
the main sung melody of a chant
Middle period
mostly foreigners. Icrease to 5-6 voices for most madrigals/build upon works of Willaert and Venetian composers/Cipriano de Rore in Ferrara/Expresses text on 2 levels: imagery of words and short phrases and larger emotional context.
a poet composer of northern france who wrote monophonic songs in old french (langue d'oil)in the 12 or 13 century
the length of time that the vibrations lasts
School of Notre Dame, Leonin,Perotin
1choir master
2student of leonin
the basic unit of rhythm-it is a regular pulse that divides time into an equal segments.
Reminiscence motive
A melodic passage or phrase associated with a specific character, situation, or element. Used to recall earlier states or events later in an opera.
Music Drama
An opera that avoids discrete numbers such as arias, recitatives, or ensembles, and in which the music reflects or embodies the action of the drama. Started by Wagner.
Arrangements of vocal music
- instruments are doubled/replaced voices in polyphonic compositions
- instrumental ensembles play from vocal parts
Isorhythmic motet
Motet in which tenor lays out regularly occurring rhythm, and has recurring rhythmic or melodic patterns
Who was Elvis Presley's manager, taking him to the majors?
Colonel Tom Parker
When the 33 and 1/3 format was initially released, what was considered the perfect music for this format?
figured bass
A form of Basso continuo where the bass line is supplied with numbers or flat or sharp signs to indicate the appropriate chords to be played.
"Emancipation of dissonance"
A concept/goal put forth by composer Arnold Schoenberg and others, including his pupil Anton Webern. The phrase first appears in Schoenberg's 1926 essay "Opinion or Insight?". It may be described as a metanarrative to justify atonality.
1) a row. 2) an ordering of specific durations, dynamic levels, or other non-pitch elements, used in serial music
The text for an opera is written in this "little book."
Ray Charles
"What's I Say" is the first openly sexual song on radio.
choral prelude
form based on a chorale tuneapplied to any chorale-based organ workdenotes a short piece in which melody can be recognized only oncea single variation on a chorale
Who were the first artists to employ avant-garde theatrical confrontation during their concerts?
The Doors
Rule of St. Benedict
Set of instructions on running a monastery; ca. 530
Claude Debussy Compositions
1. Prelude to Afternoon of a Faun
2. Nocturnes for Orchestra
3. Sutie Bergamaque
4. Children's Corner
5. Nuages
6. La Mer
7. Syrinx
8. Images
performance art
- performing an action as a work of art in a public place.
Retrograde Inversion (RI)
A row which has been retrograded and inverted.
What is Sweet Soul?
Soul music recorded with big budget orchestral production values like strings, etc
Hundred Years' War
attempt by the English to claim all of France through the capture of Reims
music of the great stable
wind, brass, and timpani players who played for military and outdoor ceremoniesthey sometimes they joined the other to add colorcalled Great Stable because they were on horseback while they played
The earliest example(s) of notated Greek music is (are):
two fragmentary choruses from plays by Euripides
17. How is the Free jazz style approach different than other jazz styles?
It didn’t require predetermined chord changes
Name some of the sources for chorale melodies.
adaptation of Gregorian chant, German devotional songs, secular songs given new words (contrafactum), or newly composed
19. Why did Eric Clapton leave his first band, the Yardbirds?
To continue his pursuit of blues music
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