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Terms Definitions
Alternating chant.
Nocturnes for Orchestra
Only You
The Platters
wondering musicians/entertainment very light and simple music during 11, 12,13,14 centruy
In wunderschonen Monat Mai
One who writes chansons
Baroque Style (general)
when: 1600-1750
What: **EMOTION**
-tonality (no longer modes-have maj./min.)
-chords were basis (Basso Continuo/"Figured Bass"); upper and lower lines formed sandwich with middle
-dissonance allowed, but were considered "don't fit" if anything outside the chord
-contrast in timbre
-contrast of movement (fast and slow)
-contrast of rhythm (free/strict)
-BAR lines start during BARoque
-idiomatic writing (what are capabilities of instruments)
-performer is KING (composer suggests...)
*vocal (opera + oratorio + cantata)
*instrumental (keyboard genre+concerto+sonata+suite)
Name the hero.
Remus( saved tree)
Symphonies 6-9
chromatic harmonies-like romantic era
philosophical movement of rennaisance - independent reasoning, study of ancient literature in original language, reliance on original sourcessuccessor to medieval schoasticism
Arnold Schoenberg
Verklarte Nacht, Gurrelieder, Pelleas and Melisande, String Quartet No. 1 in D
program music
music that tells a story
Regional Lituragies
Mozaranic, celtic, Ambrosian, Milan (Embrosian) Old Roman.
Parlando dialogue/lyrical (closed aria)
Parlando dialogue=recitative
lyrical (closed aria)= aria
theme for each character or thing
Henry Glover
Producer/writer/talent scout for King records.
Poet-composers from northern France *Spoke langue d'oïl, the dialect that became modern French
Which highly successful publishing veteran of the Brill Building-era later picked out all of the early hits for The Monkees TV show and records?
Don Kirshner
Jean Calvin
- led large Protestant movement
- encourages people to live lives of piety and uprightness
- predestination
Jongleurs were
travelling entertainers who juggled as well as sang.
many voices that are based on counterpoint
What are some of the extra-musical ideas associated with various instruments?
unaccompanied vocal work based on a sacred Latin text
String Quartet in E flat, "The Joke"
Landini's Style
Sweet harmonies using thirds and sixths
Graceful, arching, stepwise melodies with smooth syncopations
Melismas on the first and penultimate syllables of poetic lines (an Italian trait)
Under-third, or "Landini," cadences
Example: ballata, Non avra ma' pieta (p. 158)
William Byrd
most important English composer during the end of the 16th century,
first English composer to use Franco-Netherlands imitative contrapuntal techniques with ease and artistry,
He and Thomas Tallis obtained a 21 year monopoly for printing music and music paper in England
Buxtehude was known for his public concerts of sacred vocal music
- Couperin's verision of the suite.- Each ordre consisted of a number of miniature works- Each miniature was set in binary form based on dance rhythms.- Also contained evocative titles (i.e. "The Victorious Muse" found in the 25th ordre)
What is Gluck's best opera?
Orfeo & Euridice
Professional Singer-Composers
early 1400's, made a living writing and performing music, often born in northern europe and worked in italy
A plainsong mass gained choherence between parts of the Ordinary by employing
liturgically-appropriate, pre-existing chant, which corresponded with the text of each part
what was Antonio Vivaldi's most familiar and popular composition?
The four seasons
Opera Seria
Written for the best singers. Stories based on Greek/Roman history or mythology. Contained 6-8 characters and had minimal extras. Serious Opera.
Minuet-and-trio form
Minuet - AABB
Trio - CCDD
Minuet - AABB (or AB)
a long melodic passage sung to a single syllable of text
a movement in music in the nineteenth century in which composers sought to emphasize indigenous qualities in their music by incorporating folk songs, native scales, dance rhythms, and local instrumental sounds
Good Vibrations
-Wilson's answer to poor outing of "Pet Sounds"-LAbeled as a psychedelic tune-Wilson's finest hour as a producer
A musical form which lacks a clear tonal center (however it may reference centers--Webern)
14. On what record label did Ray Charles first find his voice, a sound that would later be called Soul?
What city was the home of Stax Records?
Who is the composer of "Il Barbiere di Siviglia"?
what is the dates of era for the Renaissance Period?
De institutione musica
The Most influential work in the discilpine of music for more than a thousand years
parallel organum
type of polyphony in which an added voice moves in exact parallel to a chant, normally a perfect fifth below it. either voice may be doubled at the octave
89. Who was one of the first ethnomusicologists or folklorists who recorded and studied the music of Native Americans? [see Class 20 notes]
Frances Densmore
“Absalon, fili mi”
Motet, ascribed to Josquin des Prez, but possibly by Pierre de la Rue.Illustrates expressive power of motet. Medley of 3 different bible passages: 2 Samuel 18:33, Job 7:16, Genesis 37:35.
The fastest-rising radio format of the 1970s, playing the music of Journey, REO Speedwagon, Boston, Foreigner, and Styx was called?
Album oriented radio
Verdi's topics included mostly
important events and forces from his own life.
Two writers transmitted the legacy of Greek music theory:
Martianus Capella and Boethius.
Ars antiqua notation
The notation of Notre Dame organum is read in the context of ligatures, from which the three different note values (long, altered breve, breve) are determined according to the rhythmic modes.
Franconian notation (from Franco of Cologne's Ars cantus mensurabilis, ca. 1280) continued to use ligatures, but removed the guesswork about rhythmic mode and added the note value of the semibreve.
There was still one element of difficulty, that of altering longs and breves so that they always fit within the "perfect" units of three beats each
Petrus de Cruce refined the Franconian system by adding a dot of division (punctus divisionis), which can clarify things, as well as the smaller note values of the minim and semiminim
Sumer is icumen in
Old English, sounds Irish, four men, all similar parts, "Sing coocoo"
What rock band is touted as "The Greatest Rock n Roll Band" from the 1970's to today?
he Rolling Stones
women as composers and performers (madrigal)
Maddelena Casulana: 1st woman whose music was published and who regarded herself as a professional composer
"concerto delle donne"--women's vocal ensemble that was very expressive and started in a court in Ferrara, Italy.
What do hornpipes, jigs, reels, and strathpeys all have in common?
They are old english dances.
Three Ancient Greek music examples
1. 2 delphic hymns to Apollo 150 B.C
2. Skolion- drinking song Epitaph of Seikilos
3. 3 hymns composed by Mesomedes from Crete (200 A.D.)
What three cities are the major producers of Country Music in the USA?
Bakersfield, CA; Nashville, TN; and Austin, TX
The Divine Office is __________.
a. the headquarters for Gregorian chant regulation
b. a system for notating chant
c. a series of psalms and chants, performed eight times per day
d. the prescribed readings, chants, and rituals for the entire church year
c. a series of psalms and chants, performed eight times per day
What group of string quartets did Beethoven compose in the first period?
Opus 18 are his first 6 string quartets
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