Music History Midterm 4 Flashcards

Terms Definitions
at sunset
single melody
#7 Final-G Tenor-D
Giacomo Meyerbeer
Les Huguenots
Josquin Desprez
Renaissance Composer
Dotted Quarter, Eighth, Quarter
distance between 2 notes
resembling a fugue; featuring fugue-like imitation
smallest recognizable unit of melody
The Creation, London, Farewell Symphony #45, Oxford Symphony # 92, Surprise Symphony # 94, Military Symphony #100, Clock Symphony #101, Drum Roll Syphony #103
I've Got a Woman
Ray Charles
Medieval Period
500 A.D. to 1430
Instruments in Greek Music
Lyre and aulos
most impertant element in a composition
contratenor altus
progenitor of the alto voice
Alessandro Scarlatti is known mainly for works in which genres(s)?
a. concerto grosso and sonata
b. cantata and opera
c. mass and oratorio
d. music for harpsichord
e. music for organ
Minor Mode
Music with the LA center
Cathy's Clown (Warner Bros.)
The Everly Brothers
Symphony No. 40 in g minor
Brill-Building-era songwriter, also a teen idol and concert pianist?
Neil Sedaka
Discant Clausulae
When voices are moving rhythmically together.
This 14th century Italian poet sparked a Renaissance movement during which the poet's sonnets and other poems were analyzed, discussed, edited and imitated.
The main keyboard instruments of the baoque period were the organ and the
A series of notes that are repeated
In 1810 developed the theory of Instruction in singing. Combined the educational objectives of Pestalozzi with basic music knowledge.
garage music
UK garage usually features a distinctive syncopated 4-4 percussive rhythm with 'shuffling' hi-hats and beat-skipping kick drums. Garage tracks also commonly feature 'chopped up' and time-shifted or pitch-shifted vocal samples complementing the underlying rhythmic structure.
child prodigy who started to write music before the age of 5.
wrote A little Night Music- for strings
Dance Music
• Usually for lute and keyboard, early 16th century• Tielman Susato’s “Het derde musyck boexken 1551• Michael Praetorius’ “Terpsichore” 1612
4. What instrument began to replace the banjo when jazz moved indoors?
Miles Davis
What artist/band leader composer first successfully brought the modal approach to Jazz?
an early piano that uses hammers to strike strings
Imbabura Harp
Tuned to diatonic scale, brough to south america by Spanish Catholic missionaries of Jesuits
Proper of the Mass
Introit, Gradual, Alleluia, Sequence, Offertory, Communion
When did Paul Robens get his citizen back?
Bayreuth Festispielhaus
theater constructed by Wagner in 1882 in the Bavarian countryside according to his operatic/dramatic theories
part of text in mass that remains unchanged
The earliest notated chantbooks date from __________.
the ninth century
Council of Trent
(1545-63) Clerics of this council threw out all but 5 sequences. :(
psalm tones
the eight melodic formulas to which Psalms and other texts were sung
employing the element of chance in the choice of tones, rests, durations, rhythms, dynamics, etc.
string quartet C maj
Schubertchamber musicused 2 cellos instead of 2 violas
A trope is a
non-Biblical text added to the liturgy
Purpose of The Roman Liturgy
Educate new converts. Reinforce lessons. The church's teachings were the path to salvation. Music carried the words.
Phillip Cady Hayden
the music supervisor in Keokuk Iowa that campaigned to have a separate NEA music meeting in the midwest. He called music teachers to meet and 104 people attended...this is what started the Music Supervisors National conference that eventually turned into the MENC.
This special kind of texture happens in organum when the tenor voice stops droning and gets moving
What is discant
chamber music
ensemble music for two to about ten performers with one player per part
What is a revue?
Plotless programs of songs, dances, and comedy sketches.
What artist was known as the working man's hero renowned for his marathon concerts?
Bruce Springstein
theme and variations
musical form consisting of a theme and a series of different versions of the original theme. The variations may differ in any combination of the following musical elements: harmony, melody, rhythm, form, texture, key, mode, meter, or tempo
Dick Dale & Del-Tones
Surf music single "Let's Go Trippin'" (1961) / first Surf music album "Surfer's Choice" (1962) / popular in SoCal but not nationally known
Quintet in A major
-piano and string quartet
-theme and 6 variations
-quartet plays theme instead of piano
-1 violin, 1 viola, 1 cello, 1 bass
-violin is moving in stream of water
13. Who are credited with being R&B then rock songwriters who became the music businesses’ first independent producers, later spawning the Sweet Soul style?
Leiber and Stoller
What were the three types of tetra chords?
Diatonic, Chromatic and Enharmonic
87. Where are Native-American reservations found in the USA? [see Class 20 notes]
more than half the states of
the USA
What was the Versuch einer Anleitung zur Composition
an important guide to melodic composition and form
12. What are the dances typical of Cape Breton fiddling? [see Class 13 notes]
Typical dances are:
~ jigs
~ hornpipes
~ strathspeys
~ reels
~ schottisches
~ square dances
~ waltzes
Western chant dialects in the Roman Empire
Several European areas had their own rites, with their own liturgy and body of chant. Milan: Ambrosian chant
Named for St. Ambrose, bishop of Milan from 374-97
Despite efforts to suppress it, Ambrosian chant survives in Milan today.
Rome was successful in suppressing the chant traditions in other areas. Gregorian chant is the result of the collaboration of Roman leaders and Frankish (French) kings to codify chant.
MED little care taken in fitting words to music
REN texts more carefully set to appropriate rhythms, textures, ranges, harmonies, all to better express the meaning of the words
Why is Bob Dylan considered the most influential American pop musician of the 1960s?
He was one of the first "pop" artists to personalize his songs, inspiring countless future songwriters.
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