Music History Part 5 Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Cut Time
San Marco
Sancte Civitas
Vaughan Williams
Stood Up
Ricky Nelson
musica enchirades scolia
9th centruy
Hector Berlioz
Symphonie Fantastique V
Harmonica style
German Suite
WHERE: duh
WHEN: Baroque (definite order by 1700--ACSOG)
WHAT: Allemande, Courante, Sarabande, Opt., Gigue
When was stormy night made?
Did B. have a patron?
• Luther excommunicated for heresy 1521• Roman Church could not afford to alienat all German allies, cautious period 1520’s & 30’s• Pope Paul III convened council of Trent to formulate a counteroffensive to Reformation
Modern Times
1898-1918, development of motion pictures with live musical accompaniment.
viennese school
Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Franz Schubert characterized classical music
Discant Style using the notes listed
Cosmopolitan career (thought he should study law)
**Italy--opera and oratorio
**England--music director for dude who became king (Elector of Hanover)
--impresario with Royal Academy of Music, king's theater
focuses in on oratorio (cheaper, Lent thing)
buried in Westminster Abbey
**First composer who has remained consistently popular
*instrumental too, but mostly known for vocal
musique mesuree
late-16th french style of text-setting, especially in chansons, in which stressed syllables are given longer notes than unstressed syllables
Citing specific examples, how did Josquin strive to use music to depict the meaning of the text?
2 voices alternate in rapid succesion
Which costumed glamed band added violent theatrics to their live shows, and were voted the Gallups Poll's most popular band in 1977?
Martin Luther
- salvation comes through faith alone
- 95 Theses, complaints against Catholic Church
- Congregational Involvement
Who composed isorhythmic motets, monophonic secular songs, and a first complete Mass Ordinary setting?
Guillaume de Machaut
the highness and lowness of the note
In a gamelan orchestra, what aspects of pitch are standardized and what are not?
music with two or more equally important melodies
A motive, phrase, or theme repeated over and over again
From ballare, "to dance;" originally a song to accompany dancing
Developed later than the madrigal and caccia (after 1365)
Form is the same as that of the virelai: AbbaA, but with only one stanza
Ripresa: refrain, sung before two piedi (feet); followed by volta, which uses same music as refrain; final ripresa ends the ballata
Can be monophonic or polyphonic
Primarily syllabic setting
Believed the central theme of all music must be ____ through the living Word of God
Basso continuo
System of notation and performance practice, used in the baroque period, in which an instrumental bass line is written out and one or more players of keyboard, lute, or similar instruments fill in the harmony with appropriate chords or improvised melodic lines.
- Public concerts of sacred vocal music at St. Mary's Cathedral.- Played on five sunday afternoons each year before Christmas.- First public concert series- Created by Buxtehude
Where were Gluck's goals for opera reform stated?
Dance Music (late ren)
Pavana (slow 4/2)
Galliard (fast 6/2)
The Renaissance period of music comprises roughly which centuries?
15th and 16th
What title was J.S. Bach given?
"Father of Music"
Orchestra "New"
Term used in the 1600's musical theatre. Location of instrumental players.
What were the 4 forms of classical music used for?
doctrine of ethos
treatise written by aristotle that states that music is emotionally powerful and has an influence; if you listen to the wrong kind of music, you may be influenced in a negative way
a piece of instrumental music, usually for symphony orchestra, that seeks to re-create in sound the events and emotions portrayed in some extra musical source: a story, a play, a historical event, an encounter with nature, or even a painting
Program music
The Platters
One of the most successful crossover acts in the 1950's
Parody/Imitation Mass
Incorporate all voices of an existing work (not just single voice) (Josquin- Missa Fortuna desperata, Missa Malbeur me bat - both based on popular chansons)
10. Which swing-era bandleader led a band that included Louis Armstrong as a soloist and was dubbed the “Inventor of Swing” because of his arrangements?
Fletcher Henderson
What city did the Beatles come from?
Liverpool, England
Opera seria plots transformed into
historical and romantic historica novelistic dramas.
2 composers of Baroque Period?
*Antonio Vivaldi, Francois Couperin, *George Handel & *Johann bach
Divine Office (Office)
A series of 8 services celebrated daily in monastries. Consists of a series of eight prayer services observed at specified times around the clock by the members of the religious community
antiphonal chant
chant in which two or more groups alternate
49. What kind of notation does this tradition use? [see Class 15 notes]
seven shape
“Innsbruck, ich muss dich lassen”
Written by Henrich Isaac (1450-1517)Melody later used in Lutheran Bach Chorale: "O Welt, ich muss dich lassen"2 versions: Diskantlied: melody in Soprano, Tenorlied: cantus firmus in tenor
Which act made their reputation on the CBGB stage, hired Brian Eno to produce them, using Eno's influence to incorporate funk and African music to their initial styles?
Talking Heads
Etudes focused on which two aspects of music?
sound and technique
Evidence of Greek instruments survives in....
writings, archaeological remains, and hundreds of images on pots.
petronian motet vs franconian motete
composed using the notational advances of petro or composed using the notational advances of franco
New Orleans Jazz
the leading style of jazz, centers on group variation of a given tune.
Who did the Rolling Stones arrange to keep security at the Altamonte concert?
The Hell's Angels
Settings of existing melodies
Need a filler for giving singers a breat, etc. (organist)
**variation principle--take what you have and modify.
(from the Ordinary)
"Glory to God in the Highest and on earth peace goodwill towards men."
5th thing Babylonians gave to music?
7 scale species (pattern) which will be used by Ptolemy
The vast majority of music on the radio before 1948 came from what source?
Live from studio or performance
The names for the modes came from ________.
a) Babylonian mode names
b) composers noted for composing in those modes
c) the first lines of famous songs in those modes
d) ethnic groups of ancient Greece
e) the names of famous music theorists
d) ethnic groups of ancient Greece
What is one of the reasons why Beethoven wrote so much less music than his predecessors?
He wasn’t enlisted to anybody. Thus he can write what he wanted to rather than what was assigned to him.
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