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Terms Definitions
8 beats
Paraphrase mass
slow, calm emotions
London Bach
J.C. Bach
King Oliver
West End Blues
Greek mythology, half man half god, Orpheus, incredible musical power, could charm the gods with his voice. Euridice and Orpheus married, she's bitten by snake, sent to hell, he goes to free her, but he looks at her and the deal is off. She gets turned into a star.
*****The FIRST masterpiece of opera******
used costumes, sets, dancing, singing
--used orchestra specifically....tone quality was important (used wooden organ for creepy hell stuff)
*woman representing music starts the whole opera. Overture "tocatta"....aria and recit. developing. the aria is a reaction to the recitative.
What'd I Say
Ray Charles
Parisian chanson
-strophic French secular polyphony
-homophonic and syllabic
-dactylic incipit
French a a b C
separate liturgies, with different church calendars
chief musician leading the singing
non-sectional imitative work for instruments/ grew out of prelude pieces with points of imitation/ developed as “instrumental motet” where each point is developed, retains serious, intellectual nature, fairly dense contrapuntal texture/ largest number for keyboard or lute/ first major collection: Willaert’s Musica nova/ ancestor of baroque fugue
musical principles devoloped by greeks were preserved by the
Protestant Reformations
Germany began: 1517
England began: 1534
types of musical compositions, first discovered in word lists from 2500 B.C.E
Great Service
A ______________ __________________ is a musical setting of the Anglican service that is relatively long, polyphonic, and sung by a choir.
Most important element of 20th Century
What urbanized country style emerged in Southwestern roadhouses during and after WWII?
This Lutheran organist and choir director was the greatest master ofBaroque counterpoint, and one of the most important composers in musichistory. He is known for a wide variety of instrumental and vocal works,especially his cantatas, concertos, and keyboard music.
parallel harmony, used by Debussy to create complex chords
letters or symbols which tell how loudly or quietly to play the music
Affirmation of faith; texts in Gloria and sanctums include song of host.
Verklarte Nacht
Schoenberg, tone poem for string sextet drawn from Wagner's Tristan und Isolde
Ottaviano Petrucci
First music printer and publisher. Preserved renaissance music for us today.
is a succession of pitches and intervals (the "distances" between pitches), together with rhythms, that form a musical "line." Melody takes place within the context of a scale. Melodies can also be described as conjunct or disjunct. If a text is sung to a melody, it can be described as syllabic, with one note per syllable of text, or melismatic, with multiple notes per syllable. Finally, it's a good idea to think about where cadences occur in a given melody. A cadence consists of at least two notes: the "home note" or tonic of the scale and another note, which immediately precedes it.
late-sixteenth century French style of text-setting, especially in chansons, in which stressed syllables are given longer notes than unstressed syllables (usually twice as long).
northern Italian town- crucial for the development of the violin. It is where Monteverdi is from. And born/lived great violin makers like Stradivari
What instrument is involved in the unusual recapitulation in the first movement of the Eroica symphony
vocal work, either sacred or secular, featuring DICERAT (duets, choruses, ensemble, recitatives, arias, and rats)
commentary to the original text of chant, which eventually turns into a second voice. Ex. Amors mi font adds two glosses to the original Latin chant
intended to be a unifying device in opera, melodic fragment that represents something or someone; Wagner
Nadia Boulanger
Taught classes in Paris for America's leading composers; taught composers from around the world
"new art" or "new technique" composers carried their innovations much further. Created complex rhythms in different voices.
Stephen Foster
leading song composer of the 19th century in the US, turned away from writing minstrel songs to pursue parlor songs and stage music. work: Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair
Tail; at the beginning and end and before important cadences
G.P. Palestrina
The leading Italian composer of church music in the sixteenth century. He saved Polyphony in church music. He would use Homophony through out the text so that the words wold be clear, and on the last syllables of words use polyphony.
Litugical drama
Chants strum together to teach a scriptural text or concept. *Dialogue on a sacred subject, set to music and usually performed with action, and linked to the LITURGY.
What is the first record label strictly for music recordings in the world?
Columbia Records
Glen Campbell represents what style in mid to late 1960's country?
Soft Country
A dance step of the 16th century which was included in a pair of group of three dances. A lively dance with the form AABBCC, with a variant on the same melody. p. 270
Edward Rice
In 1822, He made the JIm Crow Minstrelsy Show
A rite or body of rites prescribed for public worship.
printing press
an invention that made it possible for music to be available to the common man
a group of young composers centered in St. Petersburg, whose aim was to write purely Russian music free of European influence
Russian Five
Requim?Dies Irae?
1. Mass of the Dead2. Famous 13th Century Sequence
9. What city did the Beatles come from?
Liverpool, England
What French elements did Beethoven adopt in the opera?
He borrowed the librettos
synthesis, models, excesses, singers, da capo aria, overture, lessen, recitative, aria
Gluck achieved _______ of French, Italian, and German opera styles and his operas became _______ for many subsequent works. He vowed to purge opera of its __________ and didn't want _____ or __ _____ ____ form to restrict the composer. He made the ______ an integral part of and he also tried to _______ contrasts between the ______ and _______.
ground bass (basso ostinato)
Music constructed from the ground up. The bass instruments play a single short figure many times generating the same set of repeated harmonies
Cantigas de Santa Maria
400 songs surviving- collected in 1270 by Alfonso the Wise (also might have written some of them)- honor the Virgin Mary/miracles but secular music style. AAB form which is used by most troubadourians
Which artist is best known for his blues harp playing?
Sonny Boy Williamson
In Solesmes chant notation, a dot placed above the note indicates that:
the note value is doubled
Neil Sedaka and Howie Greenfield
-Less varied in sounds ince writing for sedaka-katy perry like music videos
A famous greek scientist & he related the pith of a note to the lenght of the string
pythagoras; what did he do?
What is the name given to the Overtures written for Beethoven’s opera, Fidelio
Leonore 1, 2, 3, 4
book of organum begun by leonin and updated by perotin
The magnus Liber Organi is what?
69. What are some of the performance characteristics of spirituals? [see Class 18 notes]
~ heterophonic
~ use of lining out, which requires a leader, thus fitting with
the West African preference for call-and-response
~ note that meter is audible, recognizable (contrary to what
your book says)
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