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Das Rheingold
Die Gotterdämmerung
Symphony of 1000
New World Symphony
Il barbiere di Siviglia
The Mikado
Gilbert and Sullivan
Symphonies which featured pleasant lyricism, good humor, and the contrasting first-movement theme groups were characteristic of composers working in:
In isorhythmic motet, the recurring melody.
define scordatura
unusual tunings of the strings
TITLE: Epitaph of Seikilos
COMPOSER: Seikilos
GENRE: ancient Greek song
CENTURY: 1st century C.E.
FORM: through-composed (but with some similar melodic gestures)
1. There is clear rhythmic notation, and the rhythm is closely linked to the natural
rhythms of the words.
2. Text urges the reader to be lighthearted even while acknowledging death,
and the tonos similarly suggests moderation.
3. The melody suits the moderate ethos of the text, balancing the rising
fifth and thirds that begin most lines of the poem with falling gestures at the end of each line.
4. The melody is diatonic and covers the range of an octave on E,
giving special prominence to the middle note of the octave, A (the mese).
what was Jean-Philippe Rameau's principal work?
Treatise on Harmony
what makes up a fugue?
exposition and episodes
Nationalism in music
-national elements (common language, literature, music, other arts) in opera and other forms of music
-opera usually had some kind of political context
-helps reinforce national identity while attracting audiences from other nations
-Italy, Bellini (Norma)
-Germany, Weber (Der Freischutz)
-Chopin (Polish dances)
-Gottschalk (pieces on American and Caribbean themes, tunes, and rhythms)
-Glinka (Russian operas in the West)
Europe, 1348-1350
Place & years of: The Great Plague
describe Vivaldi
was a virtuoso violinist, considered a master teacher, composed opera, cantatas, and sacred music, primarily remembered for his violin concertos
The most common wind instrument to be played by amateurs was the:
Exoticism in music
-evocation of foreign lands and cultures
-more common in late 19th century but has a long history
-composers wrote music associated with a nation or region not their own
-borrowed melodies, instruments, style (authenticity not required)
-Rameau (Les Indes galantes, 1735, set in Persia and Peru)
-Puccini (Madama Butterfly [set in Japan], Turandot [set in China])
TITLE: Robins m'aime from Jeu de Robin et de Marion
COMPOSER: Adam de la Halle
GENRE: rondeau from a musical play
FORM: rondeau form (ABaabAB)
This a dance song in one verse, with a refrain sung before and after the verse.
The music of the refrain is in 2 phrases, and the same music is used for the verse, producing the pattern ABaabAB (where the capital letters indicate the refrain).
This tune also appears in a polyphonic motet (possibly by Adam de la Halle himself), notated in a dancelike rhythm which may or may not represent that of the original song.
who was Georg Muffat?
German composer who composed works that could be played as eitehr trio sonatas or concerti grossi
What were Alessandro Scarlatti's most significant works?
his cantatas and operas
Essay on the True Art of Playing Keyboard Instruments, an important source for information on the musical thought and performance practice of the mid-eighteenth century, was published by:
C.P.E Bach
France & England, 1337-1453
Place & years of: 100 Years' War
list the important genres of harpsichord Bach wrote
inventions and sinfonias, english suites, french suites, the well-tempered clavier, sex little preludes, goldberg variations, and musical offering
where and when was the first public opera house in Germany opened?
1678 in Hamburg
In Heinrich Christoph Koch's Introductory Essay on Composition, he describes the sonata form as:
an expanded version of binary form
what were Handel's most important oratorios?
Esther, Saul, Israel in Egypt, Messiah, Samson, Judas Macabeus, and Joshua
define Da Capo Aria format
the most common form of aria in Scarlatti's operas and cantatas
describe the second slow movement of the sonata de chiesa
often resembles an operatic duet in triple meter
Members of the Mighty Five (Moguchaya Kuchka)
-Mily Balakirev (the only one with formal training in music, leader of their circle, taught the others)
-Aleksander Borodin
-Cesar Cui
-Modest Musorgsky
-Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov
what were the main subjects of German opera?
biblical in the early years in deference to the Lutheran church
what were some main characteristics of Handel's operas?
the plots were based on the lives of Roman heroes or on adventures from the Crusades, and had two types of recitatives
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