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Terms Definitions
Pierre Boulez
Lonnie Donegan
Classical Era Duration
diatonic genus
tetrachord unaltered
Fast dance in 4/4
Schumann was also a
Almost one note to syllable
john williams; remembrances; starts with harp accompaniment, solo violin and string accompaniment
romanticism crescendoing to an extreme. More expressive. Mahler
• means - how did they do this? -
1. sound - louder and more ppl on stage
2. length - longer works, more mvts
3. timbre - all the instruments possible, paper between strings, extended techniques, musicians offstage
4. language - tonality, 9th and 13th chords, chromatic
• ends - reason this is happening
1. emphasis on individual expression/emotion - include more of the human experience
2. awe
3. sensuality - all senses overload
Morton Feldman - America
Projection I
Concerto for Orchestra
Commissioned by Koussevitzky
Five Movements
"concerto" because all principal players had solos
Orlando di Lasso
-Franco-flemish composer
-maestro di cappella in S. Giovanni
-later the Kapellmeister in Munich
Lute song
Flourished @1590-1625, connection to the tradition of the madrigal, John Dowland The First Booke of Songes or Ayres of Fowre Parts with Tableture for the Lute (1597)
Who is considered the optimus organista?
African American. Origins in slave songs and work songs from Am. South. Elements of Af. Musical style mixed with the western cultivated tradition. Call and response. Improv. Vocalizations. Syncopation. Distinct from gospel music... mostly white tradition that was notated. Spirituals oral tradition.
Function: sung to introduce the Gospel reading (clergy moved to middle of church for the reading during the Alleluia)
The word "alleluia" is sung very melismatically, essentially as an antiphon to a psalm verse, which is also sung ornately
Hence, form: Alleluia (introduced by soloist, repeated by choir) + jubilus (long melisma on the last "ah" of "alleluia") - Verse (solo) - Alleluia (choir, without introduction) or ABA'
During penitential seasons of Advent and Lent, a Tract (long, heavily ornamented reading) is sung instead of the Alleluia
Only the Strong Survive
Elvis (60's RCA)
What movement in Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony contains a double fugue
a performance group of similar instruments
Schubert's main category of music was
the song.
Decameron ten days of story telling, medieval
absolute music
independednt of words, drama, visual images, or any other representional aspect
Quarter-tone scale
Chromatic scale plus pitches in between
Bill Haley
(1926-81) singer-guitarist / born in Detroit / professional C&W musician/ Crossed boundary between C&W and R&B
12th century style of polyphony in which the upper voice or voices have about one to three notes for each note of the lower voice
a musical texture involving only a single line of music with no accompaniment
Pet Sounds (1966)
-Became Brian Wilson's master product-major influence on the Beatles-"wouldn't it be nice" showed mental bliss-Critically considered masterpiece and one of R&R's important albums-many songs showed wilson's obsession with isolation and his insecurities
Responsorial singing
Soloist sings, responded by the choir. * used in the OFFICE. Matins includes nine Great Responsories, and several other office services include a Short Responsory.
Found in Claude le Jeune's Revecy Venir du Printans. Coming back to the A theme constantly. Principal recurring theme with contrasting episodes. Themes usually developed contrasted by A theme.
Who was janis Joplins predominant vocal influence?
Bessie Smith
the combination of voices with one or more instruments, where the instruments play independent parts.
Composer that wrote The Little Organ Book (Orgelbuchlein) from 1708-1717
J.S. Bach
Socialist Realism
Artistic style whose goal was to promote socialism by showing Soviet life in a positive light.
Famous Blind German organist who wrote a treatise on organ playing bound with an anthology of Tenorlied and organ.
Conrad Paumann
Queen Elizabeth I
Henry's daughter by Anne Boleyn, brought back Henry's liturgical reforms, but tollerated Catholicism, "bastard queen"
Peter Pears
- the homosexual partner of Benjamin Britten.
John Dowland
(1563 -1626)
- Lute songs of the (d.f.)
slow stately dance in 3/4 with strong accent on the 2nd beat
Concerto Grosso
- Instrumental work that exploits the contrast in sonority between a small ensemble of solo instruments (concertino).- Usually the same forces that appear in the trio sonata and a large ensemble (ripieno or concerto grosso).
What was the name of Malcolm McLaren's fashion store in London?
Who originally led the English art rock band Genesis?
Peter Gabriel
u Fay's Missa Se la face ay pale borrows its cantus firmus from the bollowing
Jongleurs were
a. traveling entertainers who juggled as well as sang
b. vielle players hired for their virtuoso skills
c. troubadours from noble backgrounds
d. female troubadours
e. students who snag secular songs in Latin
a. traveling entertainers who juggled as well as sang
The Masons were - and are - an international secret society of mutual support and social charity. founded in England in 1717
Pythagoras discovered...
system of pitch and rhythm governed by the same mathematical laws as the real world, which music can therefore affect.
Good Vibrations (1966)
-Brian Wilson's answer to poor outing of pet sounds-Labeled as a psychedelic tune-Wilson's finest hour as a producer
Ancient Greek music theory included concepts of
intervals, scales, and tetrachords
Who did Richard Rodgers team up with to produce The King and I, Carousel, South Pacific, and The Sound of Music?
Oscar Hammerstein
. In world history, what is this split and its aftermath called?
The Reformation
point of imitation
the introduction of a new phrase in imitative polyphony
Antiphonal Chant
When a choir is split up into two halves and alternates singing psalm verses or verses to each other, as is the case with the "Tecum Principum/Dixit Dominus" from the Vespers for Christmas Day.
What is "Sweet Soul?"
Soul music with big budget orchestral production values
. What is incidental music?
music written for use in productions of spoken dramas (plays).
This theorist gave us the names of composers Leonin and Perotin long after their deaths
Who is Anonymous IV
large individual solo sections
how did the chicago style of jazz differ from the new orleans hot jazz style
Years of the French Revolution and contributing factors
1789-1799; scarcity of food, bad harvest, rising prices; national debt; distrust in the King and Queen; resentment towards Catholic Church.
. What are the instrumental groups or types used in the opera orchestra?
• Strings: primarily violin family, the heart of the orchestra
~ violin, viola, violoncello, double bass
~ sometimes harp, a plucked string instrument
• Winds or Woodwinds
~ Flutes (including piccolo)
~ Single- and double-reed instruments
Clarinets of various sorts
Oboe, Bassoon and related instruments
• Brass instruments
Conical-bore, such as French horn, euphonium and tuba
Cylindrical-bore, such as trumpets and trombones
• Percussion—membranophones and idiophones
Tympani, Triangle, Snare drum, Bass drum, Tam-Tam
• Keyboard—a means of control
Organ—wind instrument
Piano—hammered zither (strings)
Harpsichord—plucked zither (strings)
Celeste—idiophone (metal bars)
what was the importance of the Esterhazy family in regards to Haydn?
Haydn spend most of his career working for the wealthy Hungarian noble family
What was the 1950's concept of a cover record?
A larger labels attempt to quickly capitalize on a successful indie release with their own version
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