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opposite direction
Moderately fast
Fania Records
une chanson
a song
Indian aesthetic emotion
(rall) gradually slower
2/4 time
2/4 time
to compose; form:
A german art song
interlocking in the Flamenco
classical theater of Japan
A=440x2---A=880x2---A=1760 with all the notes in between
Badass and loud reed instrument
Voice Type: highest to lowest
string based music
incorporating sung poetry
a single unaccompanied melody (chant)
-produced by a vibrating object
a musical sound or tone.
Puccini's opera Madame Butterfly, with its Japanese melodies and pentatonic and whole-tone scales, is an example of exoticism
Foreign occupation for the excitation of resources
rapidly repeating same pitch with quick up and down strokes of the bow
organization of beats, division of beats, groupings of beats into distinct temporal levels
a Jali xylophone with gourd resonators
a traditional Arabic form that alternates sections in free and regular rhythms. A partly improvised song in colloquial (not classical) Arabic, usually follows a layali (non
an extended dramatic composition, in which all parts are sung to instrumental accompaniment, that usually includes arias, choruses, and recitatives, and that sometimes includes ballet.
The basic pulse of the music.
A recurring unit of time.
resonant bowing
creating string sound with increased bow length and speed
During the classical period, which group of instruments was most often given the important musical material in a symphony?
the strings
chance music
music where certain elements specified by the composer are left to chance
Proceed to next section without a break or a pause
The most important service of the roman catholic church-
a melodic configuration marking end of a section of a piece of musicplace in music where you can breatheend pointinauthentic cadence, perfect authentic cadence- two chords that resolve the piecemust end on the tonic note, play it more than once
He supported himself writing music reviews while he honed his craft. Symphonie Fantastique has its beginnings in an unrequited love story. fell in love with an English actress named Harriet Smithson. He wrote her passionate letters. She thought he was nut
Hector Belioz
a tempo
resuming the speed obtained preceding ritardando or accelerando.
Blue Notes
Bent notes found on particular scale degrees (3rd, 5th, and 7th).
song cycles
Composers wrote these in order to unify a group of songs by poem or theme
During the Baroque period, composers became much more concerned with the chords that were formed when the musical lines sounded together.
a.  true
b.  false
Founder of the Ballets Russes Commissioned works from Igor Stravinsky.
a.  Serge Diaghilev
b.  Alan Rich
c.  Rimsky-Korsakov
d.  CŽsar Cui
a. Serge Diaghilev
poco a poco animato
growing animated little by little
international tango
type of tango that is more classic
Stratified Heterophony
Melody varies but is simultaneous at the same time
What ragtime artist was John Stark associated with?
Scott Joplin
Austin High Gang
Group of white high school students that snuck into black clubs to hear Joe Oliver & Louis Armstrong
Ludwig Van Beethoven
-deafness began 1794, 1817 no longer heard music...gave him the freedom to experiment with new forms; excluding piano narrowed outlet for his creativity
"Tu se ' morta" from L'Orfeo(guy singing opera about dead wife)
Composed by Monteverdi.
Time Signature
The numbers that the beginning of the piece that tells you how many beats in each measure.
Conjunto ensemble
The use of the button accordion with the guitar, bass, and drums. The ensemble and the musical style were called conjunto. Literally “united” or “connected”.
(of a note, chord, or rest) held to the full time value.
This musician or artist was part of the Neobop era in which he strove for a "straight ahead" style (Ellington, Basie) but expanded it with new modern ideas
a. Wynton Marsalis
b. Kenny G
c. Michael Buble
d. Chris Botti
a. Wynton Marsalis
"Terraced" dynamics refers to
the sudden change from one dynamic level to another
Of the following, who is a noted woman composer of the Romantic era
Amy Cheney Beach
Name three 20th century AMERICAN composers.
Charles Ives; George Gershwin; William Grant Still
The career of the great painter Pablo Picasso ran parallel to that of the composer Stravinsky in that both
were innovators who returned periodically to the principles of Classicism.
The Middle Ages, or medieval era, covers the time period of?
5th century to the 14th & 15th century
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