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yes spot and plain.
I play the markets.
I see.
Sit down Mrs.Ralston
All right you can go
I came in here
At once
Yes youve been extrodinarily foolish you know. youve run a very good chance of being killed by holding out on me. as a result, youve been in serious danger more than once.
How long have you been in england?
I think its just nonsense.
Do you Mr.Wren
Villa mariposa. Pine d'or majorca
Thats in italy?
twelve thirteen thereabouts.
Was your name caswell then?
evening news. yesterdays. sold on the streets about three thirty yesterday afternoon.
Major metcalf was frightfully upset. He really was. I saw his face
Major metcalf?
just a year
And you met him- where?
I don't believe it!
don't you? don't you?
I dislike permanency.
what id your business or profession?
what do you want to know?
full name, please.
I spell it with a K
quite so. address?
What is all this?
Sit down Major, Mrs. Ralston...
but there could be another reason couldnt there?
yes what?
hullo wanting me?
Its a question of my skis.
Those were the statements you made> i had no means of checking these statements they may be true they may not. to put it quite clearly, five of those statements are true, but one is false- which one? five of you were speaking the truth, one of you was lying. I have a plan that may help me to discover the liar. and if i discover that one of you lied to me- then I know who the murderer is.
you're about the right age. no no whatever you tell me about yourself Ive got no means of checking it at this moment remember. and then theres your husband.
you were playing three blind mice
Is that so?
I havent the least idea
Didnt you see them there?
by the back stairs
then you passed the cupboard door.
A week.
And you have been staying since your arrival...?
I have lived most of my life abroad.
In majorca?
Its a trap
What do you mean its a trap?
Care of morgans bandk leadenhall street.
No other english address?
Another? nonsense. why?
Because there were three little blind mice.
he hasn't any people they're all dead.
they're all dead?
Oh its monstrous that such things should happen.
Yes it's monstrous. *revolver*
No of course not.
Mr. Ralston - mrs.Ralston, have you removed my skis from the cupboard back there where we put them?
Not necessarily someone may have lied for some other reasons.
I rather doubt that.
Thats a foreign idea.
Not a reconstruction of the crime Mr.Paravicini A reconstruction of the movements of apparently innocent persons.
I think so
you say you were writing letters when you heard Mrs. Ralston scream?
and after that-suddenly-I hear Ralston scream
Mr.Ralston upstairs. Mr.wren upstairs. Mr.Paravicini in drawing room. Miss Casewell?
just three weeks but...
and you dont know anything about him?
what about their father?
he was and army sergeant serving abroad, if he is alive hes probably discharged from the army by now.
at the ledbury hotel, Knightsbridge.
What brought you to monkswell manor, miss casewell?
*Christopher exits up Right*
Mr.Paravicini, you will go up to Mr. Wrens room. By the back stairs is the most convenient way. major metcalf will you go up to mr.Ralstons room and examine the telephone there. Miss casewell, would you mind going down to the cellars? Mr.wren will show you the way. unfortunately i need someone to reproduce my own actions. I am sorry to ask it of you, Mr.Ralston but would you go out by that window and follow the telephone wire rong to near the front door. rather a chilly job but you are probably the toughest person here.
were you speaking to me?
Yes. Perhaps you'd come and sit down.
that you may not be as old as you try to look. there is a lot of people trying to look younger than they are. if somebody goes about trying to look older- well it does make one ask oneself why.
Mr. Ralston!
did either of you two remove a pair of skis from the cupboard near the kitchen door?
I i know and therefore it all seems to point to Christopher. But i dont believe it is Christopher. there must be other possibilities.
Such as?
I dont think so.
I should say you definitely took your time over them.
oh thank goodness. you havent gone after all
did you take my skis Mr.wren?
It seems to worry you.
It does worry me... you went abroad when you were thirteen?
well what do you want?
You may have heard some of the questions i was asking Mr.Paravicini?
he might go off his head a bit and want- revenge
thats only surmise
I was thinking about something.
Very well. now then, Mr.wren I'll have your account of where you where.
no i didnt hear anything until Mrs.Ralston screamed.
and what did you do then?
I beg your pardon. I was thinking of something else.
you havent answered my question.
Tum dum dum. dum dum dum
Not quite so fas Mr.Paravicini. Do you play the piano Mrs. Ralston?
dont we all know it?
then you could pick it out on the piano with one finger just as Mr paravicini did?
good. please go into the drawing room, sit at the piano and be ready to play when i give you the signal.
I dont know where paravicini is.
Ill get him you get the others. Mr.Paravicini. Mr.Paravicini PARAVICINI!
Its a long time ago I have forgotten.
there are things one doesnt forget.
now really sergeant trotter, does that matter now? i mean it has nothing to do with this predicament, has it?
we always like the fullest of information. what did you say your friends name was?
but you dont know where he may be at this minute and if the son is mentally unstable the father may have been unstable too.
well its a possibility
well-hadnt those children any relations at all?
the mother was a drunk, she died soon after the children wre taken from her.
he went across country to a sale to get some wire netting for our chickens.
bring it back with him?
My dear sergeant I am not perhaps quite as old as i look.
thats just what ive been thinking sir.
until Ive finnished what i came here to do.
and what was that?
and what was that?
inconveniently you mean dont you? sergeant?
that rather depends on the way you are looking at it. just where were you bound for, by the way, when you had this- accident?
I wouldn't hear anything else with that would I?
that was clearly the murderess idea or murderess
at a dance in London we went in a party.
did you meet his people?
No,no Inspector- I beg your pardon- sergeant I would not do a thing like that.
well, go on, you were playing the piano.
thats none of your damned business
Perhaps not. you know if i were to hear someone screaming blue murder when i was writing a letter i dont believe id take the time to pick up my unfinished letter, fold it and put it in my handbag before going to see what was the matter
you dont know where he is now?
weve no information. to trace him may take some time, but i can assure you Mrs. Ralston that the police take every eventuality into account.
i tell you Giles wasn't in London.
just a minute Mrs. Ralston this your husbands coat?
But whats the idea? you've just said you had no means of checking these statements
No but supposing everyone was to go through these actions a second time.
I dont understand I wanted to forget forget.
you maiden name was waring. you taught school- in the school where those children went.
Just after I closed the window again. I heard Mollie scream and i rushed down.
Those simple actions took you rather a long time, didn't they, Mr.Ralston?
A death for each of them? but there would have to be some sort of connexion i mean another connexion with the longridge farm business.
Yes there would have to be that.
not at all. Crypt of an old monastery, I should say. Probably why this place is called monkswell
we are not engaged in antiquarian research major metcalf. we are investigating a murder. Mrs.Ralston has told us that she heard a door shut with a faint creak. that particular door shuts with a creak. It could be you know that after killing Mrs.Boyle the murderer heard mrs.Ralston coming from the kitchen and slipped into the cupboard puling the door to after him.
now i do wonder what you mean by that, sergeant?
Ive been doing a little wondering about you, sir.
me sergeant oh just a little inocent fun. ive always been fond of a little joke.
There is nice fun and there is fun that is not so nice.
Having asked questions of so many people. you ask yourself as well? isnt that overdoing things?
I might get an answer from my self i dont get many from you.
but there might be so many seasons an amour- discretion. these jealous husbands.
rather old to be running around with the ladies at your time of life arent you?
thats a very tactless way of putting things sergeant.
Im sorry but i want co-operation and i intend to get it. Mr.Ralston will you go and ask miss Casewell to come down again? she went up in her room. tell her it will only be for a few minutes.
Have your skis been found, sergeant?
no. Mrs Ralston but i may say i have a very shrewd suspicion of who took them and of why they were taken. I wont say any more at the present moment.
so i cant tell you whether the skis were there or not.
you realize that you, yourself had an excellent opportunity of taking them?
yes but oh you make it sound all wrong. his father was a barrister and his mother died when he was a baby.
your only telling me what he told you.
well you can count me out. Im too busy in the kitchen.
I cant count anybody out. One might almost believe you're all guilty by the looks of you. why are you so all unwilling?
yes I screamed and screamed and at last people came.
Yes as you say. people came- a lot of people from different directions all arriving more or less at once. now then when i got out of that window to trace the telephone wire you Mr.Ralston went upstairs to the room you and Mrs.Ralston occupy to try the extension telephone. where were you when Mrs.Ralston Screamed?
well try again that is if you have any more questions to ask.
One or two. where were you coming from last night?
and the dogs.
certainly not.
somebodys taken them.
and you came down?
I daresay...
whats your real name?
*Do more stuff*
Mrs Ralston! Mrs. Ralston!
*miss casewell crosses*
just a minute please.
youd better not scream. Mrs ralston becuase if you do i shall fire this revolver... Id like to talk to you a little. I said id like to talk to you a little. Jimmy died That nasty cruel woman woman killed himthey put her in prison. Prison wasnt bad enough for her. I said id kill her one day...
*Curtains open*
now, Mrs.Ralston, try to think- think...
there are two staircases- anyone could go up by one and come down by the other. anyone could go down to the cellars by the door near the kitchen and come up by a flight of steps that leads up through a trap-door to the foot of the stairs over there. The vital fact was that every one of you was alone at the time the murder was committed.
Ive been wondering about that car of yours, and how it happened to overturn in a snow drift.... so conveniently.
that is simple- from London
what address in London?
you know who the murderer is?
Yes I know
Now listen you people. this is a serious matter. somebody has removed my only chance of communication with the outside world. I want everybody here- at once!
You want a repeat performnce?
Yes Mr.Ralston i do
What is happening?
Sit down Miss casewell, Mr.Ralston... Will you all pay attention please? You may remember that after the murder of mrs. Boyle I took statements from you all. those statements related to your positions at the time the murder was committed. these statements were as follows. mrs. Ralston in the kitchen, Mr, Paravicini playing the piano in the drawing room, Mr.Ralston in his bedroom Mr.Wren ditto. Miss casewell in the library. Major metcalf. in the cellar.
but its possible?
Oh yes, Mrs.Ralston its quite possible
I don't know
Think Mrs.Ralston- try and think. Upstairs? Downstairs? close at hand? Right? left?
After that i went upstairs to my bedroom.
well Mr. paravicini did drop the poker when i said the police had rung up.
Yes mrs.Ralston what is it you wanted to say to me?
cant remember.
yes i was.
At the time Mrs. Boyle was killed.
I coulnt I never got it
You just didnt bother.
anyway whats where I was
And you heard Mrs.Ralston scream?
yes but.
you dont know it of your own knowledge.
not in the least. its on my passport. i am twenty four.
twenty four?
Please dont. I always think explanations should be kept to the very end. that exciting last chapter you know.
This isnt a game sir.
is the inquisition over- for the moment?
for the moment yes.
*Do lots of moving*
Mrs Ralston count twenty and then begin to play.
I went up by the back stairs too
I see. Mr.Paravicini?
so its not only Christopher whos a suspect theres major metcalf as well.
any other suggestions?
and yet it runs in peoples head. someone was whistling it
Whistling it? where?
Six impossible things before breakfast like the red queen
Oh yes its rather like that.
Yes i do
And you know the tune of three blind mice?
and I didnt touch them.
Nevertheless they are gone. which way did you go to your room?
your skis sergeatn? no why should I?
Mrs. Ralston seemed to think...
I didnt say
No you didnt say. and it seems youre not going to say. now that is very interesting.
have you got what you wanted?
Ive got exactly what i wanted.
you wouldn't? how interesting...
now major metcalf, what about you? you say you were in the cellar. why?
Giles how ridiculous.
he and Christopher wren are much of an age. say your husband looks older than his years and Christopher wren looks younger. actual age is very hard to tell. how much do you know about your husband Mrs.Ralston?
so our young architect has hooked it, has he? very, very interesting...
is this true Mrs. Ralston?
Its my name now.
what was your name then? come on tell me!
you still dont believe that?
yes miss casewell i do three blind mice two mice cancelled out a third mouse still to be dealt with. there are six of you here listening to me. one of you is a killer.
I brought it with me.
Dearest jessie h'm a friend of yours or a relation?
Wait giles wait. Sergeant trotter, can i speak to you a minute?
Certainly, Mrs.Ralston. Will the rest of you go into the dining room, please.
how much do i know about Giles? oh dont be silly.
you've been married-how long?
It is an island a spanish island.
I see. and your address in england?
I dont know what you mean.
Come now Mrs. Ralston. we police man arent quite so dumb as you think. all along ive realized that you had first hand knowledge of the longridge farm affair. you knew mrs boyle was the magistrate concerned. in fact you knew all about it. why didnt you speak up and say so?
I alwaysa thought the police werent allowed to give people the third degree.
I have merely been interrogating miss casewell.
I really dont see you know why i should Its a matter that concerns me alone. a strictly private affair.
All the same miss Casewell.
eh i dont get you?
im in the position now where ive got to put myself in the place of a crazy cunning brain. ive got to ask myself what he wants us to do and what he himself is planning to do next. ive got to try and keep just one step ahead of him. becuase if i dont there is going to be another death
whacking great thing skis. supposing we all set too
not quite so fast major metcalf. that may be you know what we are meant to do...
how could i hear anything else?
you might have done. If the murderer had left the hall that way he might have heard you coming from the kitchen. he might have slipped up the back stairs or into the dinning room...
Surely it would be a most unlikely coincidence that there should be two people brought here by chance, both of them with a share in the longridge farm case?
Given certain circumstances it wouldnt be so much of a coincidence. think it out, miss casewell now i want to get down quite clearly where everyone was when mrs.boyle was killed. Ive already got mrs. Ralstons statement. You were in the kitchen preparing vegetables. you came out of the kitchen along the passage through the swing door into the hall and in here. the radio was blaring, but the light was switched off and the hall was dark. you switched the light on, saw mrs boyle, and screamed.
Cant you stop bullying her? Cant you see shes all in?
We are investigating a murder Mr.Ralston. Up to now, nobody has taken this thing seriously. Mrs Boyle didn't. she help out on me with information. you all held out on me. well, Mrs. Boyle is dead. Unless we get to the bottom of this- and quickly mind you there may be another death.
I cant think my heads numbed
Mrs. Boyle had only just been killed when you got to her. you came from the kitchen. are you sure you didn't see or hear anybody as you came along the hallway?
I thought the police didnt cary revolvers...
The police dont... im not a police man. Mrs Ralston. you thought i was a police man becuase i rang up from a call box and said i was speaking from police headquarters and that sergeant troter was on his way. I cut the telephone wires before I came to the front door. You know who I am? Mrs. Ralston? im georgie Im jimmys brother georgie.
not so very far from here.
and what was the name and address of this friend?
and what are you going to do?
I am enacting the part of Mrs. Boyle.
no i dont think well argue about it.
would you mind telling me your age?
but all the same you dont know...
Im going by probability. It all points one way; mental instability, childish mentality, desertion from the army and the psychiatrists report.
middle aged. a soldier. he seems quite nice and perfectly normal but it mightnt show might it?
no often it doesn't show at all.
But you dont know that, do you?
We dont actually know a thing. all weve got so far is that the woman who joined with her husband in ill treating and starving those children, has been killed, and that the woman magistrate who was responsible for placing them there has been killed. The telephone wire that links me with the police headquarters has been cut...
but sergeant i understood that we were each to repeat our former roles.
the same actions will be performed but not necessarily by the same people thank you Mrs Ralston.
I wanted somewhere quite in the country.
How long did you- or do you- propose to remain here? *twirl hair*
I always stay at the Ritz hotel.
very nice too. im sure. what is you permanent address?
you were thinking i look older. that is quite true
is there anyone in this country who can- vouch for you?
I mean-one does want to be alone sometimes.
you went to your bedroom becuase you wanted to be alone?
he seems so helpless somehow and so unhappy.
Mrs. Ralston let me tell you something Ive had all possibilities in mind ever since the beginning. the boy Georgie the father and someone else. there was a sister you remember.
I am not sure. Perhaps in the front hall- perhaps on the stairs- perhaps even upstairs in a bedroom.
who was whistling three blind mice?
are you making this up, Mr.Paravicini?
mine are there all right but most criminals are careful to wear gloves arent they?
its usual but all criminals slip up sooner or later...
But look here sergeant you speak as though we were all under suspicion. Thats absurd!
In a murder case, everyone is under suspicion.
what made you happen to look for them?
the snow is lying i need help here reinforcments I was going to ski over to the police station at market hampton to report on the situation.
It is a trap I know it is
I only want people to do exactly what they did before.
at the time mrs.Boyle was killed ide gone down to the cellar.
were the skis in the cupboard when you passed through?
If you say so- ive no idea where your skis are.
you were actually in that cupboard today.
I have told you. i was playing the piano in the drawing room through there inspector.
I'm not an inspector just a sergeant, Mr.Paravicini. Did anybody hear you playing the piano?
And what do you expect to learn from that?
You will forgive me if i dont make that clear just at the moment.
Tell him you are not going to arrest him.
Im not arresting anyone. To do that ie got to have evidence. I havent got any evidence- yet.
I must go the food dinner prepare the spinnach and the potatoes all goin to pieces please giles.
What did you say to the lady to upset her?
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