Nature of Science Vocabulary Flashcards

Terms Definitions
means 1/100
Independent variable
measures air pressure
means 1/1 000 000
Scientific Method
ask a question
dependent variable
the variable being measured
What is insolation?
incoming solar raiation
study of ancient life and fossils
What is curie?
a unit of radioactivity
Five Parts of an Experiment
Indepedent variable
the amount of space an object occupies
a process of ovserving, studying, and thinking about things in your world to gain knowledge
Earth science
the study of Earth and space
What is ATP?
adenosine triphosphate, a compound involved with energy storage and release in the cell.
What is artery?
large blood vessels carrying oxygenated blood away from the heart.
Vocabulary: Evidence
Observatations and/or data that lead to a conclusion or form and opinion. Can be used to analyze each trade-off
physical science
study of the physical world including what things are made up of and how they interact
mythical gods
What did early people believe was responsible for things that occurred in nature?
scientific theory
an explanation or model backed by results obtained from many tests or experiments
The answer to your questions based on the collected data.
What is fusion?
the combining of two lightweight nuclei into one heavy necleus
* group of units selected from a larger group that are then tested or measured for an experiment
Vocabulary: Qualitive Data
Data that descibes properties or characteristics that are used to identify things.
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
What does NOAA stand for?
scientific law
a rule that describes the behavior of something in nature
What is gastrula?
the early stage of development when germ layers appear
What is insulator?
a poor conductor of heat or electricity
What is barometer?
an instrument used to measure air pressure.
* AKA manipulated variable * part of experiment that scientist changes on purpose * the "IF" part of the hypothesis* values set by scientist - usually @ regular intervals
Vocabulary: Variable
The facor that is changed in an experiment. Only one variable should be changed during an experiment to tryly know hoe each factor afffects the results.
Equipment: Test Tube Brush
used to to clean test tubes.
Celsius or Kelvin
What is the basic unit of temperature in SI?
How did thomas kuhn view science (process)
• Prescience normal science Crisis/revolution new normal science normal science.
What is aorta?
the large artery leaving the heart to the body.
What is dendrite?
a part of the nerve that conducts electrical impulse to the cell body.
What is cerebellum?
the part of the brain involved with balance and muscle coordination
Vocabulary: Data Statement
A statement made using the data from the experimental results and used to support the conclusion.
What is centripetal force
the force that causes a body to conform to movement around a curve.
Describe Muslim Spain poetry.
Muslim Spain used a lot of description in their poetry. They try to create a picture in your head because they cant use pictures. They use things like similes, personifications, etc.
What is heat of formation?
the amount of heat needed or released when a compound is formed
wear goggles/ if spilled, flush area and report to teacher/ NEVER mix chemicals unless instructed to/ NEVER taste, touch, or smell chemicals / waft vapors if needed
What should you do/remember when you see chemical safety?
Equipment: Barnes Bottle & Dropper
used for adding liquids 1 drop at a time.
by displacement / fill a graduated cylinder, record this level, put the object in and submerge it, record the new level, subtract second volume from first volume - this is the volume of the object
How do you find the volume for an irregular solid like a pen?
Parts of a Mosque: What is the Ablution Fountain?
It is there so Muslims can purify themselves before entering the Mosque.
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