NCLEX: Safe and Effective Care Environment, Management of Care Flashcards

Terms Definitions
intentional touching without consent
Can you order restraints PRN?
state laws
nurse practice acts define "reasonable care" in each state
How is rubella transmitted?
- droplet
- contaminated articles
requirements for informed consent
capacity (age, competence)
voluntary (no force, fraud, deceit)
Info given in understandable form
Can't if has been drinking ETOH or premedicated
incident report
accurate and comprehensive report on any unexpected or unplanned occurrence, that affects or could potentially affect a client, family member, or staff person
intentional threat to cause harm or offensive contact
In delegation, the nurse and delagatee share ______, but responsibility is _______
What does a positive culture for GpA indicate?
What are rare complications of rubella?
- arthritis
- encephalitis
What are complications of mumps?
- deafness
- menigitis
- encephalitis
- sterility
How is pertussis transmitted?
- direct contact
- droplet
- contaminated articles
self determination act
federal law requiring health care facilities to provide written information to adult clients about their rights to make health care decisions
How is mumps transmitted?
- direct contact w/ saliva
- droplet
What are potential complications of tonsillitis?
- rhematic fever
- glomerulonephritis
What are symptoms of diptheria?
- fever
- hoarseness
- malaise
- pharangeal lymphadenitis
- white/gray pharyngeal membrane
How is pertussis treated?
- hospitlization for infants
- bedrest and hydration
- high humidity, restful environment
- suction, O2
- admin erthromycin and pertussis immune globulin
rules for determining delagatee
delagate to lowest person down (hierachy) that is capable of doing task
_______ is needed to use restraints
informed consent
(or sufficient justification)
mature minors
enables the provider of care to ask questions of the youth to determine if they have the maturity needed to sign a consent
emancipated minors
status granted by a court that says the youth has adult life (job, responsibilites etc.) seperated from parents
What are symptoms of tonsillitis?
- fever
- white exudite on tonsils
What are prodromal signs of chickenpox?
- slight fever
- malaise
- anorexia
How is scarlet fever transmitted?
- droplet spread or contaminated articles
2 types of advanced directives
living will
durable power of attorney for health care
What do standard precautions apply to?
- blood
- body fluids
- secretions
- excretions
What are general symptoms of tuberculosis?
- fatigue, nausea, anorexia, weight loss
- irregular menses
- low-grade fevers over a period of time
- night sweats
- irritability
What are risk factors for tuberculosis?
- immunocompromised
- IV drug abuser
- persons who live in institutions
- low socioeconomic group
- immigrants from latin american, southeast asian, and african countries
What are respiratory symptoms of tuberculosis?
- cough w/ mucopurlent sputum, occasionally streaked w/ blood
- chest tightness
- dull aching chest, dyspnea
durable power of attorney
permits a competent adult to appoint a surrogate or proxy in the event that the adult becomes incompetent
What is nursing care for the rubeola pt?
- antipyretics
- dim lights
- humidifier
- skin clean, maintain hydration`
What are four essential pieces to prevention of infection?
- balanced nutrition
- adequate rest
- updated immunizations
- good asepetic technique
Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
provides pts the right to be free from physical/chemical restraints imposed for discipline or convenience & not required to treat medical symptoms
How long is the tuberculosis patient isolated?
2-4 weeks or three negative sputum cultures
What are prodromal symptoms of rubella?
- none in children
- low fever and sore throat in adolescents
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