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IP address
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Who created RAS?
Challenge Handshake Authentication (dial-up connections & some VPN)
Tokentalk Link Access Protocol: Appletalk protocol compatible with token ring protocol.
What is OSI Layer 3?
Application Novell
Service Advertising Protocol(SAP)File ServerSMTPHTTPDNSTelnet
What Application Layer Protocol was replaced by DHCP?
A simple broadcast based naming service
Clients on a Client/server network share their resources directly with each other(T/F)
Session Layer
Manages connections between machines. NetBIOS and Sockets operate at the Session layer
What does RTP do?
Carries the media packets
What does UDP stand for?
User Datagram Protocol
What does SPAN stand for?
Switched Port Analyzer
What does PKI stand for?
Public Key Infrastructure
What is the typical data throughput rate of infrared devices?
Data Linker Layer - Forwards packets and filters based on MAC addresses; forwards broadcast traffic, but not collision traffic.
True or False:You can typically use the same sniffer for your Tolken Ring and ATM networks.
Local area network. Connects nodes in close proximity and does not need a common carrier.
2.4GHz 720 Kbs 10m Ad Hoc GHSS
What does OSPF stand for?
Open shortest path first
What is a common network topology in which all devices are connected to a central device?
What POSIX based command line tool is a combination of ping, tracert, and more?
A flow control technique in which data is stored in a temporary high speed memory(like cache from A+ training) called a buffer until the main system components are ready to work with the data
Which network device is used to create a VLAN?
Redistribution-point Nodes
Are devices used to transfer data(hubs routers...etc)
the node address portion of an IPX/SPX address is equivalent to what other address?
MAC address.
Devices on a Token Ring network need to access files on a server in an AppleTalk network. Which device connects the two networks?
What does IMAP4 stand for?
Internet Message Access Protocol v4
What is the numerical designation for the Commercial Building Telecommunications Cabling Standard?
What command line tool do we use to determine TCP/IP and net adapter info on Linux?
Network Name
Is a user-friendly name assigned to a node to help users and techinician locate the device easily on the network. A network name is mapped to a network address or a MAC address by a naming service
Name some factors of media performance
Signal, noise, Attenuation, Impedance
What command might you use to find out whether your ISP's router is especially slow on a particular afternoon?
Traceroute (Tracert)
A coding scheme that uses 10 bits to represent each character is capable of representing _________ different characters.
What type of cable allows you to go from a RJ-45 to Serial connection?
Rollover Cable
What type of documentation gives you a high level views of network infrastructure?
Logical Network Diagrams
Packet Sequencing
A way of dividing data up to transmit over the network and labeling them in the sequence they were divided to ensure that the data is reassembled in the right order
Routing Information Protocol (RIP)
A standard that outlines how routers exchange routing table data and is considered a distance-vector protocol, which means that it calculates the shortest distance between the source and destination.
Describe the functions provided by the Session layer of the OSI model.
Responsible for establishing and maintaining communication between two nodes on the network.Syncronizes the dialog between the two nodes.Determines whether communications have been cut-off and, if so, figures out where to restart transmission.Often called the "Traffic Cop"
What does a IP address identify?
A machine or group of machines
What is Balanced pair operation?
Two wires with equal and opposite signals
What does RSH allow us to do?
Run commands accross the network
The IP address range of a Class D license is -
At which layers of the OSI model do gateways function.
At ALL layers.
The primary reason for networking standards is to:
ensure that hardware and software produced by different vendors can work together
What OSI Layer deals with TCP and UDP, and is known as the post office layer?
Transport Layer/OSI Layer 4
Which of the following is an example of a network change that could cause a group of workstations to lose connectivity to one file server?a. The dedicated line to the Internet fails.b. One of the server's two NIC cards fails.
c. The server is renamed.
What is the speed, maximum distance, and cable type of the 10GBASE-SR standard?
10 Gbit/s, 300m, over multi mode fiber
What is the function of ARP?
ARP obtains the MAC address of a host, and then maps the MAC address to the host's IP address.
What are the three components of CHAP and MS-CHAP?
Challenge, Hash Response, Check for a match
What is the main improvement between SNMP version 1 and 2?
In v2 you can make bulk requests and receive bulk data
In which TWO layers of the OSI model do NIC cards operate?
NIC cards operate in BOTH the PHYSICAL and DATALINK layers.
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