New Testament Exam 9 Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Birth Narrative
Judas Maccabeus
Perspective: Prophetic
Ending- Empty Tomb
Was Ahab’s wife?
tov me'od
"very good"
Key word: Fulfilled
Revelation 20
The millennium
where jeremiah likely died
Miriam dies here. 
water famine
water came from rock
to be dedicated/consecrated to
principle deity of Babylon
compromise with paganism (Revelation)
literally means "anointed one," equivalent to Hebrew "messiah." In first century CE, there was a wide range of expectations about whom this anointed one would be and what he would do.
Built the city of Samaria?
predicted a plague of locusts
this non-writing prophet succeeds Elijah. He raises a boy from the dead, creates a stew, multiplies loaves, and cures a leapor
Mt. Hor
place where Aaron dies
t/f: Joshua represented everything that Israel was supposed to be-- cmpletely faithful to God.
(book) Gaius and Diotrephes
3 John
T/F: Paul discounts his Jewish heritage as "garbage," worthless when compared to the new life God give in Christ.
Extrabiblical Quotations 
Angels who left their original domain
captures the values of ancient israelite society in a way that one can remember (matthews & moyer, 178)
the ancients identified wisdom as female
Built the 2 golden calves?
Jeroboam I
this country withstood sieges and sackings and had rich cultural and religious traditions
Three (3)
The Temple held _____ chambers
To what extent are covenants "conditional" or "unconditional"?
craftsman from the tribe of Judah
Chief gods of Egypt?
Ra, Amon-Ra, Aten
Main topic in Revelation
Jesus is victorious
Testimonies (John the Baptist is most important)
Paul's opponents had the tendency to mix together aspects of Greco-Roman cult worship ans selected Torah requirements. This process of mixing together is called...
with regard to the Bible, without error in any matter of faith or doctrine.
from the Greek term baptizo, an initiation rite in early Christianity
called this prophet after king Uzziah died
Became king of the nothern kingdom when Ahab died?
Ezra was a major jewish religious leader during the 5th century BCE
the political and religious capital of Israel

central location
no tribe had claimed it
this was a winged supernatural animal. A statue of this is at the palace of Persepolis
Sinaitic Renewal
Regular covenant renewal of the Sinaitic covenant is provided for in the covenant itself.~ Family: In Israel's theology every Israelite is born into the covenant, thus it is important for every Israelite to personalize ther faith by renewing it for themselves. Renewal ceremonies will normally have a recital of God's faithful grcious acts toward hid people and on opportunity for his people to commit themselves to him again to follow his commands.OTHER RENEWAL ~ Festivals, Periodic (Sabbatical year), Liturgy (Psalm 50), Special Instances, Renewal of faith and commitment Communion Sunday
highest tribunal law in Jesus' day
70 elders. 
branch of the Levites
cared for the curtains and covering of the Tabernacle
t/f: Worshipping" popularity can be a kind of idolatry.
Who were the grievous wolves?
Bishops and overseers
What section of Jesus’ life does Luke develop much more extensively than the other gospels?
T/F: The pillars (Peter, John, and James) agreed to recognize the legitimacy of Paul's Gentile mission.
True (345)
T/F: After being released from prison in Rome, Paul went to Crete, where he was imprisoned again.
True (374)
Authorship issues
the disciple whom Jesus loved.
Who is that?
Peter?  No because he sees the disciple Jesus loved.
James the son of Zebedee? probably dead
John the son of Zebedee? From tradition this is the author
John the elder? From scholarly study this is the author.
psalm 23 has 2 images of god
host sheperd
Adonijah's Request was...
To have one of David's concubines......Solomon had him killed
Did Jezebel have stoned to death to get his vineyard?
Sumaria was a capital of the Northern Kingdom
Yah was the name of a Canaanite god
Angel of God
strikes down Assyrian soldiers outside of the Temple
David met this woman while she was bathing on her roof. She is unfaithful to her husband Uriah because she sleeps with David and bears his son
this was the name for the dispersion of the Jews
this man was a minor writing prophet who followed God and married Gomer
Term: Restoration
Expectation is that the covenant will be "broken"; provisios for restoring it again to accomplish its purpose
Long stalk with leaves at the end.
Used to swab the doorposts during Passover. 
Describe Mesopotomia
Earliest cultured known in this area was Sumerian 2800-2000. Land called Southern Meso. Sumer was a collection of otherwise city and states: Nippur, Lagash, Eridu, Babylon, Ur.
Which of the following was the first in the Book of Acts to take the gospel to the Samaritans and taught both Simon and the Sorcerer and the eunuch who was reading the Old Testament?
Problem in 3 John
Christian missionaries who were seeking to share the gospel were in need of support. Some believers supported them while others did not.
T/F: 1 Peter recommends that when a Christian is suffering unjustly, he or she must call upon the Holy Spirit to smite the oppressor.
False (402)
T/F: James was known to his fellow Israelites as "James the Righteous" and had a high reputation with Christians.
True (397)
Who is Marcion?
Left the Christian church and started his own cult. Made his own Bible by cutting off the Old Testament saying it was irrelevant now. He also cut out Paul's writings and more. Remembered as a cult leader and heretic but his actions spurred the church on to settle on what was actually Scripture.
"Everyone has equal value in the eyes of god"
 and there is no_______
No partiality 
Cyrus the Great
God works through him to release captives to rebuild temple, given name "Messiah"
What is the name of the stone that commemorated Israel's victory over the Philistines?
The Jewish exile was ended in 538 BCE when the Neo-Babylonians were conquered by the Egyptians
Ezekiel's Vision
in this vision, a voice tells this prophet to eat a scroll so he can speak the message of God
a line of rulers who were often from some family or group
JOnah is ______ when God forgives the Ninevites: a) pleased; b) angry; c0 vindicated; d) not at all concerned
b) angry
Shiphrah and Puah
Hebrew midwives - let the children live.
Describe the Neo-Babylonians
612-539 major conqerers of Syrians. 3 major kings
Stephan and Philip were first called in the Church to _______.
To serve Tables
problems in 1 John
Departure (church people left with false teachers) Denial (denying the humanity of Jesus Christ) and Doubts (false teachers caused some people to doubt their salvation)
T/F: Romans was written by Paul to the first congregation he founded and visited frequently.
False (348)
comparative method
a method used to study a literary text by noting its similarities to and differences from other, related, texts, whether or not any of these texts was used as a source for the text in question
three divisions of the book of isaiah
1-39 judgment
40-55 comfort (returning back)
56-66 (physical care, fasting) actions backing up christian faith
Items in Arch of Covenant
1. Aaron's Staff2. Manna3. 10 Commandments
Purpose of Leviticus
How can Israel survive as a people believing in one God while living in a foreign culture?
Nehemiah: a) selaed Jerusalem's gates during the Sabbath; b) had the Jew who had married foreign women beaten; c) banished unfaithful Jews from the city; d) both a and b
d) both a and b
15. Psalms is an example of what literary form?
Poems or Poetry
Key figure in the Pentateuch
Moses: God communicates through Moses. Hebrew scrolls ae identified as the 5 books of Moses
What were the two divisions of this empire (dynasties) that particularly affected Palestine and wherewere they located?
*Ptolemic (South)*Seleucid (North)
which book had babyon as a code word for the city of Rome
1 peter
Revelation belongs to the apocalyptic tradition, which is commonly regarded as an outgrowth of what movement?
The prophetic movement in ancient Israel (417)
Which author is alone among New Testament writers in attempting to show how Christ's sacrificial death links the two opposing realms of perishable matter and eternal spirit?
the author of Hebrews (394)
Where is the Great Commission found?
found in the last section of Matthew
Matthew 28:16-20
Summarize the major message each major prophet proclaimed.
Isaiah proclaimed God's impending judgment as well as the hope for salvation. Jeremiah proclaimed that God would judge if repentance did not occur, but if they did, blessings would come. Ezekiel said that the Temple and Jerusalem would be destroyed "that they may know that I am the Lord." ... Daniel proclaimed that God had not lost control of the world.
Inside furnishings of Solomon's temple?
1. Golden alter of Inncense
2. Ten tables of Showbread
3. Ten candlesticks of lampstands
bronze, gold, stone, and ivory
these other goods were used in building the Temple(4)
What is God's design?
God's plan is to bring deliverance, to summon a people who will be peculiarly his own, to offer himself for them to know and to give them land in fullfillment of his promise.Salvation~Deliverance~BlessingCovenant Community~Covenant~Descendants (seed)Knowledge of God~Relationship (Event & word)Land
What is artifact?
found on top of mounds and was what they found within tels
What are the Mari Letter?
Documents with lrg number of Personal names that appear in OT: Sarah, Benjamin. Letters also talk about political situation as absolute chaos. Social economic group (Haribu harrassing the citizens)
John's response in 3 John
Gaius- commended for giving support to believers. Diotrephes- Condemned because his unwillingness to help missionaries.
What is the famous passage in Ephesians?
the Pauline analogy of Christians armed like soldiers (381)
Purpose of 3 John
3 John was written to:

commend, encourage and instruct his friend gaius
Reproduce the OT books by category.
Poetry and Wisdom - Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon.Color Books - Job, Leviticus, Deuteronomy, Ruth, 1 and 2 Chronicles, Esther.Chronology Books - Genesis, Exodus, Numbers, Joshua, Judges, 1 and 2 Samuel, 1 and 2 Kings, EEEEEXILLLLLEE, Ezra, Nehemiah.Prophetic - 8th Century (Micah, Nahum, Jeremiah, Zephaniah, Zechariah) ... 7th Century (Amos, Hosea, Isaiah, Joel, Haggai) ... Exile Prophets (Ezekiel, Daniel) ... Post-Exile (Obadiah, Zachariah, Malachi).
what is the relationship between the 10 commandments and the laws that follow them? examples.
10 commandmenst are apodictic laws, which means they are very wide spread and general. the laws following are case laws, specific situational laws based off of the sociological and redemptive statuses of the ISraelites at that time. Goring ox law, if an ox gores somebody for the first time, the owner is not responsible. but if it happens again, the owner will be charged with murder. defines the 'thou shall not kill' commandment.
Describe a Royal Grant Treaty
A kin's grant (usually land) to a loyal servant for faithful service. The grant could be passed down through the family as long as the descendents continued to serve the King or his royal house.
Differences between Hebrew and Greek OT
1. LXX is chronological; MT arranged by Canon
2. Greek contains Apocrypha; MT does not
3. Books in Apocrypha are different lengths Jeremiah is 52 CH in MT and 36 in LXX
What was Matthew’s purpose in writing his gospel?
*Convince Jews that Jesus is the fulfillment of OT prophecies
the authenticity of 2 Peter
some scholars think 2 Peter was a pseudonymous writing. However, Peter clearly claims to have been the writer, and the letter includes references that fit with what we know about the life of Peter.
All of the epistles are attributed to
The prominent leaders of the original Jerusalem church (393)
The letter to Philemon was a personal letter addressed to...
Philemon, Apphia, and Archippus (who were probably a husband, wife, and son).
Be familiar with...
Matthew 5:22
"But I say to you that everyone who is angry with his brother will be liable to judgment."
Name, and in one sentence each, explain the four-step cycle that recurs repeatedly in the central section of Judges?
First, Israel would sin, second, God provided war as judgment, third - Israel would cry out to the Lord in repentance. Fourth, God would respond and raise up a judge for their deliverance. Rinse, repeat.
the day of the Lord
a time of judgement for Judah and its enemies
Which Assyrian Empires was most important and why?
The 3rd Empire considered to be the Evil Empire. 4 Kings date to 8th century
Tiglath-Pileser III
Shalmaneser V
Sargon II
The NT period begins (and the 400 silent years end) with what event?
The birth of John the Baptist
3 views about the most difficult warning passage:
The "Loss of salvation" view.The "Loss of God's blessing" view.The "Not genuine believers" view.
Outline of John
what does 2 john say about false teachers?
Don't take false teachers into your home
Before his death, what did David delegate to Solomon?
The task of building the Temple for the Lord
What is the purpose of the Historical Method of Criticism?
To bridge the historical gap between then and now.
What happened under the leadership of Judas M.? In what year?
Temple was rededicated in 164 - gained religious freedom
21. What did the author of Revelation hope to do with his writing?
Give encouragement and let them know everything is okay.
Describe God's judgment on Solomon and explain its influence on Israel's history.
God said he would take the throne from Solomon's hand, but there would be a portion that would stay. The judgment determined Israel's history - its split and the events after.
What literary devise is typically used in biblical wisdom sayings: a) stating the samet/f wise truth in two ways; b) alliteration; c) irony; d) analogy
a) state the same wise truth in two ways
How does Luke’s reference to the shepherds in 2:8 ff. reflect his emphasis?
To show that Jesus came for the lowly of men
List of what was buried at cave of Macpelah (3 couples)
1. Sara & Abraham2. Isaac & Rebekah3. Leah & Jacob
How does the genealogy of ch. 1 fit with Matthew’s purpose and audience?
1) starts with Abraham2) Jesus in line of Davidic Kings (legal son of Joseph)
What is the version of the OT in Latin best example?
The vulgate: contains the OT and NT and the Apocrypha
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