North Africa and the Middle East Flashcards

Terms Definitions
traditional marketplace
Chemical product derived from petroleum or natural gas.
The belief in one god.
Sacred writing of the Christian religion, including the Old and New Testaments.

Lives off money from gas

1960s independence

Sultan- head of royal family

Economics- good economy. Exporting a lot of LNG- but not like Qatar. Have very good agriculture and excellent irrigation. Date palms…

Has a little bit of oil, not a member of OPEC. Follow their own quota.

large mud-bricked temples shaped like pyramids built by the Sumerians
Use of violent and terrifying actions for political purposes.
First form of writing, invented in Sumer.
A wedge shaped stick was used to make impressions in wet clay tablets, and then the clay was dried.
Subsistence vs Migratory farming

Subsistence- use what they have

 Migratory- move
Iran-Contra conflict.

Oliver North persuaded Israelis to sell their American weapons for cash, we got gold, and bought weapons for Contra.

1979- overthrew shah of iran

Peacock thrown- pro American

2nd stongest military in the ME. #1 isreal.
What physical features separate the Arabian Peninsula from the African continent?
Red Sea
a place in the desert where underground water surfaces
Koran (Qur'an)
Sacred book of Muslims, containing the religious and moral code of Islam.
True or false: members of Islam, the Middle Easts predominant religion would most likely make a pilgrimage to Mecca.
Mosques (interior)

no icons,

only alter at front (keblah),

and carpet.
About how much of North Africa, Southwest Asia, and Central Asia experience desert climate?
50 percent
What two rivers formed the Fertile Cresent of Ancient Mesopotomia?
Euphrates, and tigris
a belief in the right of an ethnic group to have its own country
A member of a group or tribe that has no permanant home and moves from place to place in search of food.
King of Saudi Arabia
King Abdul Aziz Al-Saud. Nick name- Ibm Saud- united kingdom in 1932. found oil in 1938.  
kids and camel racing

Kids are usually under 12. they want small young light children to start these camels out.

They buy the children from morocco, Algeria, Libya, etc., and then pay families remittances.
What is reincarnation? What ancient, North Africa civilization believed in reincarnation?
Coming back to life after death. Hindus
In which areas of Israel do the Palestinians want an independent state of their own?
Weat Bank and Gaza Strip
What does OPEC stand for and what does OPEC do?
Organization of Petroelum Exporting Countries. Decides the price and amount of oil produced each year in the Middle East.
What is a political cartoon? How would you analyze a political cartoon?
Express and opinion about a serious subject. Make a chart to summarize its meaning.
What has cause the levels of the Dead Sea and the Aral sea to drop?
water is diverted from feeder rivers for irrigation
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