Nutrition Final Exam Note Cards Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Absorption increases during pregnancy, Al remains the same as for nonpregnant women
Deficiency is associated with an increased risk of fetal malformation, prematurity, and low birth weight
Inconsolable crying that is believed to be due to pain from gas build up in the gastrointestinal tract or immaturity of the CNS system
protein in the urine and sezuires
produced from both maternal and embryonic tissues. It secretes hormones, transfers nutrients and oxygen from the mother's blood to the fetus, and removes wastes.
Vitamin C
Deficienc increases risk for premature birth and eclamsia. It is important for bone and connective tissue formation because it is needed for the synthesis of collagen. RDA Is increased by 10 mg a day
Fetal alcohol syndrome
causes facial deformaties, growth retardation,
when the pre-embryo attatches to the uterine lining in the uterus
developing human from the 9th week until born. Growth and refinment features occur at this time
The time between conception and birth, which lasts about 9 months (40 weeks) in humans.
The first milk rich in proteins and immune factors that help protect infant from disease.
Who has a greater risk of PIH, preamature birth, and low birth weight deliveries?
The recommended wieght gain for normal healthy women is..?
25-35 lbs
Maternal malnutrition before pregnancy
Inability to concieve, inadequent nutrient storage for completion of pregnancy
Who has a higher risk of gestational diabetes, PIH, low-birth-weight deliveries and chromosomal abnormalties?
Amniotic sac
a membrane surrounding the fetus that contains the amniotic fluid. It protects the baby.
the developing human from 2 to 8 weeks after fertilization. All organ systems are formed during this time. Heart already beats at 4 weeks.
Vitamin B12
It I essential for the regeneration of active forms of folate so a deficiency can result in megaloblasitc anemia. RDA is 2.6 ug per day. Vegan mothers must consume fortified foods and supplements
What does not increase during pregnancy?
Potassium, chloride, and sodium.
The hypothalmus signals the release of what two pituitary hormones?
Prolactin and oxytocin
Preterm or Premature
an infant born before 37 weeks of gestation
What are factos that increase the risks of pregnancy?
Maternal nutritional status, maternal health status, socioeconomic factors, and exposure to toxic substances
Fertilization to form a zygote happens when…?
when egg and sperm come together
what vitamins are increased during lactation?
B6, B12, other B vitamins, folate, and vitamins A, C, E
How much protein is needed when pregnant? And what does it do?
25 grams a day or 1.1 kg for the formation and growth of news cells
How much does the need for water increase?
from 2.7 liters to 3 liters a day (an extra cup a day)
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