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Terms Definitions
Porifera means
pore bearers
Sugars and starches comprise?
moves ashore without breaking
what is a scavenger?
eat remains
capillary wave, gravity wave, swell
move within hadley cells
trade winds
An example of passive transport is
Who invented aqua lung
jacques Cousteau
Emile Gagnam
the percentage of solar radiation absorbed by the Earth's oceans and landmasses...
deep waves

depth of ocean >
1/2 wavelength
mean sea level
water level with no tide
The total surroundings of a living thing are called?
What are mollusks called/class that have 2 shell parts
class bivalvia--pelecypods
floats for a portion of its life
The most important limiting factor for the number of organisms in the rocky middle tide zone is
rapid change in density with slight change in depth
do shorter or longer waves travel faster
generally found on western boundaries. created when win waves of various wavelengths and heights collide. crests of these wind waves comes form different directions and combine to form on huge super wave

wave height is 1/7 of wavelength
rogue waves
astronomical tides
tides that are caused by the interaction of teh gravity of the sun, moon, and earth
What must a compound have to be considered organic?
Large opening at the top of the sponge
what kind of boats are powered by wind
tidal ranges will be largest when the moon is at
both convergent & divergent plate boundaries
mountains & volcanoes
what determines where we find siliceous vs calcareous ooze?
where they live
materual waves from a storm sort themselves into groups with similar wavelengths and speeds is known as
____ and produces the familiar undulation of the ocean surface called a ____
wave dispersion

Characteristics of Atlantic coasts
Atlantic: moderate energy, erosional coast
what could decrease sea water salinity?
precipitation, runoff, melting icebergs and sea ice
This is defined as the ratio of density of a substance to the density of fresh water?
Specific gravity
What is the current depth record for scuba diving?
132 Meters
finding the titianic was a triumpth in the use of what?
modern technology
Which of the following will decrease the velocity of the longshore current
increased wave period
maximum sustainable yield
theoretical largest catch that can be taken from a stock over an indefinite period of time
when the sun and moon overlap one another, either at a full moon or when there is no moon in the sky, it is called

occurs at ____ week intervals
spring tide

Waves travel in groups called __ __, and as the leading wave moves forward it transfers half of its energy to the wave behind it. A wave train moves at half the speed of the leading wave. Therefore, the leading wave disappears as new waves form behind, cr
wave trains
according to the video noahs ark, how long ago did the black sea change from fresh water to salt water?
7540 years ago
What are the sponges 2 layers called
endoderm--inner layer
ectoderm--outer layer
Where did chris columbus land
bahamas in the caribbean
central american and south america
what are characteristics, ecological role, and occurrence of diatoms
silicate shells
they are poorly grazed and must have an abundance of silica in the water in order to be present
found in highly productive areas
creates a spiral until eventually water actually flows in the
opposite direction of surface water
Halite (table salt), anhydrite, and gypsum are examples of _______ sediment.

Halite, anhydrite, and gypsum form by evaporation of seawater and are examples of hydrogenous sediments.
HINT These minerals form by precipitating directly from the dissolved materials in seawater.
When does movement from the sandworm result?
When longitandinal and circular muscles located under the worms skin are contracted.
Like most flatworms a planarian is a...?
Hermaphrodite, contains male and female reproduction organisms.
What did he find in the Galapagos
giant tortoise and marine iguanas
How do phytoplankton get more nutrients
having a faster growth rate
larger surface area
smaller size: out compete larger
accessory pigments: leads to out competing species that have less pigments
storage of unused nutrients
What is the fastest current
western boundary because it is narrow, warm, and movees from the eq to the poles

it is not productive
ocean depths are routinely determined by ______.
sending sound through the water and determining the time required for it to return to the ship
What do all mollusks have
soft bodies composed of head foot and visceral mass(internal organs)
and either an internal or external shell
coelom and brain
which of the following statements is true for an eastern boundary current
eastern boundary currents are broad and slow
what are challenges for phytoplankton being productive?
-light: sinking out of the penetration range of light
-environment is very viscous which makes it hard to get nutrients and get rid of waste
-competition for nutrients
air circulation on earth is governed by
uneven solar heating and earth's rotation
The GPS system is a tool used for determining ocean __________________.

Earth-orbiting satellites transmit signals to Earth that can be picked up by GPS receivers, enabling a precise determination of latitude, longitude, and even surface elevation.
Why does a tapeworm not need a digestive system?
It attaches itself to intestinal lining of an organism and absorbs nutrients that way.
Explain profiles of total inorganic carbon in the open ocean
in both the atlantic and the pacfic, concentrations are low at the surface and increase with depth. This occurs due to detrius falling down the water column
All of the following are indicators of a mature texture in lithogenous sediment, EXCEPT
high clay content.

Maturity can be caused by increased time of transport from source to deposit.
Name a robot being used to study the bottom
Jason--no people on board--it is tethered
explain what would occur in atm circulation in a non rotating earth
the air masses would move from the poles (high pressure) to the equator (low pressure)
How does the leech attach to its host?
By two suckers, one located at the anterior (front), the other at the posterior (back)
can more water vapor be held in warm air or cool air
pressure being equal, warm air can hold more water vapor than cold air
what do you do to prevent these things ffrom happening?
breath normally on the way up and dont go too fast
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