Oceanography Food Chain Flashcards

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where does the man live
What do herring eat?
Herring eat zooplankton.
True or False? Crabeater seals stay with their mothers for years.
What does phytoplankton eat?
Phytoplankton uses photosynthesis to make energy.
What order consumers are salmon?
Salmon are tertiary consumers.
How many species of seals live in Antarctica?
What do scavengers do?
They eat dead plants and animals.
What are nekton?
Nekton are marine organisms that swim rather than drift.
Which concept governs the transfer of energy?
The 10% rule.
Approximately how many fur seals are there?
About 4 million.
What three things do seals usually eat?
Fish, squid, and krill.
What seal species was named after a famous explorer?
The Weddell seal.
What do elephant seals eat?
Elephant seals eat squid, octopus, fish and sometimes even small sharks.
Why do warm-blooded animals have special demands in cold seas?
They must maintain body temperature well above ambient sea temperatures. They also use a lot energy while chasing prey.
How fast does a killer whale swim while hunting prey?
25-30 Miles per hour.
Which shark preys upon most fish, and seals?
The Great White Shark.
Which seal eats baby Crabeater seals?
The leopard seal eats baby Crabeater seals.
How do anglerfish catch prey?
They use a fleshy "fishing lure" to catch their prey.
Which fish has a symbiotic relationship with the sea anemone?
The clown fish has a symbiotic relationship with the sea anemone.
What is the largest shark?
The great white shark is the largest shark ever.
Why do many marine plants live near the top of the ocean?
So they can perform photosynthesis.
What is the coloration of being white on top and black on bottom called?
This is called being counter-shaded.
Why are whales so large?
They are so large because they can eat a lot of krill and phytoplankton without spending a lot of energy.
What is the largest species of seal?
The elephant seal is the largest species of seal.
What is transfered through a food chain or a food web?
Energy is transfered through the food chain or web.
In the deep depths of the ocean what it is common adaptation?
Bioluminescence is common adaptation in the deep depths of the ocean
What is a food chain?
A food chain is a chain which shows the transfer of food energy from one organism to another.
What does the 10% rule explain?
Only 10% of the energy is passed on. 90% of the energy is lost through heat.
How far do the Sun's rays penetrate in the ocean?
The Sun's rays penetrate 100m deep.
Why is a killer whale black and white?
The coloration enhances the ability to hunt.
Where on the food pyramid is phytoplankton?
Phyoplankton are on the bottom of the food pyramid.
If hunting why would an ocean animal need to make a sound to its pack?
Maybe to signal it had found food.
What do sea lions and seals eat?
Sea lions and seals eat all kind of fish but mainly herring and salmon.
How are food webs and food chains related?
A food web is a series of interlocking chains.
Why can whales afford to be so large?
They feed very close to the bottom of the food chain and little energy is used capturing them.
Where is the greatest source of food located?
The source is located in the waters of the continental shelf.
The electricity in an electric eel is useful how?
The electricity can be used to kill or knock out prey or predators.
How many pounds of krill can a baleen whale eat in a day?
It can eat more than a thousand pounds of krill a day.
How does a ribbon shape help in the ocean?
This helps by being able to hide from predators and by helping ambush prey.
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