Oceanography: Vocab Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Water depth?
corpus luteum
releases progesterone
Microscopic animal-like organisms
Hot Spots
Hawaiian island chain
Abyssal storms
Affect bottom currents
Global Water Cycle
evaporation, transpiration, sublimation, condensation, precipitation, deposition, run-off and infiltration
-shrimp-like organism
-thrive in cold H2O
-potential food source
drifters, floaters, smallest organisms in the ocean
Chemical composition layers
crust, mantle, core
What is IRDS measured in?
rearing aquatic animals or cultivating aquatic plants for food
Temperature ________ as you descend through the water column
pericontinental sea
"around" flooded edge of continent
The amount of dissolved solids (including salt) in ocean water is referred to as
T/F: Seawater percolating through the fractured curst along ridge systems acts to add salts to seawater
Former glaciated valley now flooded with seawater
a strong lightweight form fitting external covering and support common to the animals of the phyla arthropoda. this is made up of partly chitin and may be strengthened by calcium carbonate
What causes seasons?
Tilt of the earth
transform wall
lateral slipping, caused by extension
What is a comet?
Dirty ice balls
Organisms in Trophic level 1
plants algae 2%
Wind belt located between the Equator and 30° N and S
in cnidarians, body structure with a mouth, tentacles, and digestive cavity, lives attached to a subtrate
composed of members of the domains archaea and bacteria, rely on compounds dissolved in seawater
Convergent boundaries
destructive margins- where crust is destroyed as one plate dives under another- subduction zones- deep ocean trenches
bulky open sided structures taking up more space than the freely moving unbounded molecules
the eckman spiral causes current speed to increase with depth
The moon revolves around the earth about (blank) days.
atoms of the same element having different numbers of neutrons
lunar tide
tide caused by gracitational inertial interaction of moon and earth
Freshwater Lid
When seawater's salinity becomes so low that it floats on the surface instead of sinking.
skimming whales feeding
swim with mouth slightly agape
the discovery and study of submerged contours
Creation of Atmosphere
Methane, ammonia, CO2, Water Vapor
-CO2 combines with water to form carbonic acid, this dissolves rocks, releases minerals (nutrients), essential building blocks of life
-Photosynthesis by bacteria evolved sometime during this period, green algae used CO2 for photosynthesis & added O2 unto the atmosphere
mid-ocean ridge
submarine mountain ranges that extend through the Atlantic, Indian and South Pacific oceans
one partner lives at the expense of the other. parasites obtain food and shelter by damaging hosts
West Wind Drift
This current circles around Antarctica ________.
Southern Ocean
seawater between 60 degrees S and Antarctica to be independent
organisms that live ON the surface of the sea floor
a sudden incease in animal or plant planktons' population
Eastern Boundary Currents
moves cold water equatorward, more diffuse, shallow and broad, slower
caudal fin of fast cruising fish such as tuna
deep currents
currents near the ocean bottom caused by differences in the water temperature
western boundary current
strong, narrow, deep currents on western side of ocean basin.
TS curve
a graph showing the relationship of temp and salinity with depth
What are seismic waves?
elastic distrubances, or vibrations, that are generated by earth quakes. 2 kinds. surface (slower) and body(moves faster0.
continental slope
A steep drop after the continental shelf consisting of deep canyons
the amount of time it takes one wavelength to pass a point
An accumulation of sand and gravel deposited down current from a headland. Sand spits often have a curl at the tips.
Sand Split
density, 52
property of a substance defined as mass per unit volume and usually expressed in grams per cubic centimeter or kilograms per cubic meter
Spring Tide
greatest tidal rangeoccur at full and new moon phases
the ability of objects to float in a fluid
Cusp beach
one of a series of evenly spaced cresent shaped depressins along sand and gravel beaches
great body of salt water or a major division of it which lies between the continents and occupues the ocean basin
when is...
summer solstice, winter solstice, vernal equinox, and autumnal equinox?
summer solstice- june 21
winter solstice- december 22
vernal equinox- march 21
autumnal equinox- september 23
sorting of waves as they move out from a storm center; occurs because long-period waves travel faster in deep water than short-period waves
is what the water vaspor given off by plants is called
tidal datum
avg. low tide over many years, 0 point
How fast does sound travel through water?
1500 m/ sec
T or F: The earths first oxygen was most likely generated by comet impacts
solar nebula
the diffuse cloud of dust and gas from which the solar system originated
4th Stage of OE
-most important invention was the chronometer
-first voyage with james cook & he regulated the diet and used the chronometor
-voyage of the beagle with charles darwin, wrote theory of evolution
-challenger voyage - more than 4,000 species discovered
-john murry (considered father of oceanography), depthary measurements etc.
-first attempts to dive 19th century
the coriolis effect
what causes winds to curve over great distances
submarine canyons are...
steep, v shaped canyons cut into the continental shelf or slope
in midlatitude waters maringe algae productivity ___ during spring bc __
increases, sunlight is getting better
which of the following landforms shows the greatest erosion rate along US coasts
The Mississippi River Delta
What are Totalitarians?
state under the power of one political leader
Who is considered the driving force that led to Oceanography being recognized as a science & developed the dredge?
Alexander Agassiz (late 1800s)
Clupeiformes, Gadiformes, herrring and cod
Two orders of fish that are particularly important to worldwide fisheries are orders _________ and __________. Species in these two orders include _____ and _______ respectively.
height increases as length decreases
in surf zone...waves slow b/c feel ocean floor height __________ as length _________ to compensate for lower speed
The transition zones between the shelf and the deep sea floor is
The continental slope and rise
what is seismic profiling?
Using an explosion and then waves are collected on different levels of the sea for evaluation (helpful in looking for oil).
-determined by a generating force
wave speed (c) and wave length are ____________ and depend on wave period (t) which is determined by ??
What is a beach?
a beach is a zone of loose particles that covers part or all of the showre. happens when sediment is transported to places for desposition. They are a constant state of change. the flatter the beach the finer it is.
Three locations of Deep Water Mass formation
Labrador Sea, Gin Sea, and Irminger Sea
where warm air rises is a __ pressure zone and where cold air sinks is a ___ pressure zone
rises = low-pressure
sinks = high-pressure
why do whales travel North in the summer
because they haven't eaten for 4 months
where in the ocean do you typically find euryhaline organisms? are fishes typically euryhaline?
near the coast (they can tolerate the changes in salinity)

no, most fishes are stenohaline
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