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honest communication
Physicians specialized in psychological disorders, can prescribe medication
(1950) emptying of institutions because of new attitudes and advent of drug therapy. It saved money and helped patients but led to an increase in homelessness
Fear-learning experiences can traumatize the brain by creating fear circuits within the
A. amygdala.
B. thalamus.
C. hypothalamus.
D. anterior cingulate cortex.
E. brainstem.
A. amygdala.
Free Association
Talking without self censorship
Apprehension, uncertainty and fear resulting from the anticipation of a realistic or fantasized threatening event or situation
Clozapine (Clozaril)
Treats schizophrenia, targets dopamine and seratonin
cognitive therapy
(cog. th.) Beck.... changing/ challnging thought patterns or beliefs about themselves. Emphasis on more positive thinking. Dr. Phils's methods are cognitively based
exposure therapies
behavioral techniques, such as systematic desensitization, that treat anxieties by exposing people to the things they fear and avoid
classical conditioning by Mary Cover Jones
an Unpleasant conitioned response is replaced with a pleasant one.
Ex) Charley is afraid of going ot the doctor and cries hysterically as soon as he enters the doctor's door. His mother might attempt to replace the conditioned repsonse of crying with contentment by bringing his favorite snakcs and toys with them
Anxiety Disorder
Excessive or inappropriate anxiety, may feel life-threatening
Use of medications to treat psychological problems
Unconditional Positive Regard
A caring, accepting, nonjudgmental attitude, which Car Rogers believed would help clients to develop self awareness and self acceptance.
Surgery that removes or destroys brain tissue in an effort to change behavior
secondary prevention
includes getting treatment for those at risk
ex: grief counseling- the gov't, offers counseling to war veterans
electroconvulsive therapy
a biomedical therapy for severely depressed patients in which a brief electric current is sent through the brain of an anesthetized patient
token economy
an operant conditioning procedure in which people earn a token of some sort for exhibiting a desired behavior and can later exchange the tokens for various privileges or treats
People should avoid back-to-back study times for learning Spanish and French vocabulary in order to minimize
A. the self-reference effect.
 B. long-term potentiation.
C. mood-congruent memory.
D. interference.
E. echoic memory.
D. interference.
Somatic Therapies
See the causes of psychological disorders in organic causes
Other Mental Health Professionals
Psychiatric social workers, psychiatric nurses, counselors
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Condition marked by repeated and lengthy (at least one hour per day) immersion in obsessions, compulsions, or both
Behavior Therapy
Focus on specific problem behaviors and current variables that maintain problematic thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Identify and assess the problem (behavioral assessment) then design and implement a strategy for behavior change
Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy
An anxiety treatment that progressively exposes people to simulations of their greatest fears, such as airplane flying, spiders, or public speaking.
antianxiety drugs
drugs used to control anxiety and agitation
Which of the following treatment approaches has received little or no scientific support?
B. exposure therapies
C. energy therapies
D. aversive conditioining
C. energy therapies
Manifest Content
What the patient reports during dream analysis
Systematic Desensitization
taught to relax as gradually exposed to feared object/situation in a stepwise manner
client centered therapy
(hum. th.) Rogers... in which the therapist accepts the client no matter what he says/ does (unconditional positive regard), shows empathy, uses active listening
A sense of being separated from your body and watching yourself with a sense of detachment is a symptom of
A. obsessive-compulsive disorder.
B. dysthymic disorder.
C. generalized anxiety disorder.
D. agoraphobia.
E. dissociation.
E. dissociation.
In which disorder do peole alternate between states of lethargic hopelessness and wild overexcitement?
A. conversion disorder
B. bipolar disorder
C. obsessive-compulsive disorder
D. schizophrenia
E. dissociative identity disorder
B. bipolar disorder
Chronic Under-Arousal
Require bigger and bolder steps to be motivated
The study of the effect of drugs on mind and behavior is called:
A. psychosurgery.
B. psychobiology.
D. psychopharmacology.
E. psychoanalysis.
D. psychopharmacology.
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