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Squamous cell carcinoma
Terms Definitions
Hereditary hypohydrotic ectodermal dysplasia is related to which developmental abnormality?
lower lip
Mucoceles, mucoepidermoid carcinoma and pleomorphic adenoma are found where?
Permanent hypomaturation of enamel with increased surface porosity describes which developmental abnormality?
Which disease am I?
Multiple hamartoma & neoplasia syndrome
PTEN mutation
multiple facial tricholemmomas
multiple oral papules (cobblestone mucosa)
acral keratosis (warty growth of hands)
Cowden Syndrome
Reticular hyperpigmentation on neck and face, dysplastic nails, thrombocytopenia, and aplastic anemia are all symptoms of this X-linked recessive condition that predisposes patients to mucosal bullae, erosions, leukoplakia, and finally SCC.
Dyskeratosis Congenita
(progression to SCC in 1/3 of cases)
- also AD and AR forms
upper lip
Canalicular adenoma, salivary duct cysts and pleomorphic adenoma are found most commonly where?
___ is an opportunistic, frequently fulminant fungal infection caused by saprobic organisms found worldwide growing on decaying organic materials.
Heck's disease
HPV 13, 32 cause what?
___ is an elongated pulp chamber.
What disease am I?
- fissured tongue
- facial paralysis
- chronic, firm lip swelling
Melkerson-Rosenthal syndrome
Which variant of pemphigus has affected areas similar to lupus (butterfly rash, back)?
pemphigus erythematosus
Sometimes the calcified material in Peripheral Ossifying fibroma allows it to be distinguished radiographically from which 3 clinically similar, benign lesions?
Irritation fibroma
Pyogenic granuloma
Peripheral giant cell lesion
monomorphic adenoma
Canalicular adenoma and basal cell adenoma are ___ ___.
___ syphilis presents with a chancre and lymphadenopathy. Resolves w/o tx in 1/3 of the cases.
Hand-foot-and-mouth disease
What does coxsackie virus A-16 cause?
___ is inflammation of bone medullary spaces. It usually arises from odontogenic infection or periodontitis.
Multiple vesicles or ulcerations that heal with scarring, except in oral cavity.
benign mucous membrane pemphigoid
What type of allergic contact stomatitis results from prolonged or frequent contact with cinnamon food additives?
What are the clinical presentations?
cinnamon-induced contact stomatitis
- adherent white oblong patches on buccal mucosa, along occlusal plane, w/ or w/out ulceration
-  may be present on lateral tongue, spreading to dorsum
- PLASMA CELL GINGIVITIS: fiery red gingiva, sea of plasma cells if biopsied
What is the clinical variant of leukoplakia most likely to be premalignant or malignant?
speckled variant/erythroleukoplakia
cheilitis glandularis
Clinical features of ___ ___ include: openings of ducts are inflamed and dilated, swelling and eversion of lip due to hypertrophy and inflammation of glands.
___ is the #2 fungal infection in North America. It is caused by soil contaminated by birds or bats.
False! HHV-4
T/F: Oral candidiasis is caused by HIV.
Turner Hypoplasia
___ ___ is caused by inflammatory lesions at apices of overlying deciduous tooth, interfering with enamel formation of permanent tooth.
Condensing osteitis
___ ___ is chronic periapical response to long-term pulpitis or pulpal necrosis. Mild inflammatory reaction stimulates bone formation usually in teens and young adults.
Forcheimer's sign are small dark red papules affecting the soft and hard palate in conjunction with skin lesions. In what disease are they found?
Rubella (German Measles)
- mild illness caused by togavirus
- can cause birth defects
In what type of Epidermolysis Bullosa would you be most likely to find microstomia, ankyloglossia, and loss of function due to healing of bullae with scarring?
- vesicles and bullae result from minor trauma
- recessive form may be fatal
- clefting below the lamina densa
The likely etiology of leukoplakia of the lower vermillion
UV radiation
- actinic cheilosis also on lower lip from UV radiation
(tobacco smoking most closely linked to leukoplakia in general)
Which autoimmune disease shows positive indirect immunofluorescence in the majority of cases?  
 Pemphigus vulgaris – direct immunofluorescence is also used.     Indirect immunofluorescence = pt’s blood on monkey tissue to show antibodies in blood     Both pemphigoid and erosive lichen planus require direct IF since there is not much circulating antibodies     in the blood to be detected by indirect IF.
What is the ultrastructural appearance of amyloid? 
  Beta-pleated sheet pattern
___ is caused by staph aureus or strep pyogenes. Fragile vescicles erupt to form honey colored crusts.
infectious mononucleosis caused by HHV-4 / EBV
Severe tonsillitis and palatal petechiae are characteristics of ____ ____.
Reversible Pulpitis
___ ___ is associated with sharp pain of short duration. It is intermittent and non-spontaneous.
Hyperplastic pulpitis
___ ___ is also called a pulp polyp.
What do the following drugs all have in common?
oral contraceptives
They produce oral pigmentation!
What staging criteria (T,N,M) represent stage IV cancer?
any of the following:
T4, N3, M1
T4 = invasion of deep adjacent structures
N3 = metastasis in node > 6mm
M1 = distant metastasis
What is the most common jaw site for the lateral periodontal cyst?    
Mandibular canine-premolar
False! It is usually bilateral.
T/F: Sialadenosis is not usually bilateral.
HPV 2, 4 and 40
Which HPVs cause verruca vulgaris (common wart)?
Gardner syndrome and Cleidocranial dysplasia
Which two syndromes are associated with hyperdontia?
A ___ is a raised, red mass of gingiva that can appear on skin if tract drains in that area. When pressure is applied to tooth, pus may express through opening.
Name the 6 categories of MUCOSAL FLAT LESIONS
A. Solitary Ulcers
B. Multiple Ulcers
C. White Plaques and Patches
D. Red Macules and Patches
E. Red and White Macules and Patches
F. Pigmented Macules and Patches
treatment and prognosis for adenoid cystic carcinoma
- solid histology pattern has worse prognosis than tubular/swiss cheese pattern
- worst prognosis for tumors arising in submandibular gland or maxillary sinus
- surgery and/or radiation therapy
- 5 yr survival rate is 80% but 20 yr is only 20%
What is a major complication associated with benign mucous membrane pemphigoid?   
Involvement of the eye (scarring) which can lead to blindness
True! But necrotizing sialometaplasia is most commonly found on the palate.
T/F: Squamous cell carcinoma is not usually found on the palate.
acute apical periodontis
In ___ ___ ___ is not sensitive to thermal since pulp is necrotic, but may have thermal sensitivity due to remaining pulp being vital (multi-rooted tooth).
Which part of the body is not typically affected by the necrotizing vasculitis of Wegener's granulomatosis?
- upper & lower resp. tract typically involved (ears, nose, throat, lungs)
- renal necrotizing glomerulonephritis not uncommon - renal failure often cause of death
What would you use to test for field cancerization in someone with oral cancer?
D. indirect mirror laryngoscopy and/or flexible fiberoptic laryngoscopy
D. indirect mirror laryngoscopy and/or flexible fiberoptic laryngoscopy
field cancerization = additional primary cancers in predisposed area of body
What kind of test(s) help(s) provide a positive diagnosis for myasthenia gravis?   
↑ serum AChR  (acetylcholine receptor ) antibody levels improved strength after edrophonium injection (cholinesterase inhibitor) Ice pack test: neuromuscular transmission improves w/ cold (test eye)
Hereditary hypohydrotic ectodermal dysplasia
___ ___ ___ ___ is the failure of development of 2+ ectodermally-derived tissues. Teeth, sweat glands, hair, and nails often hypoplastic/missing.
What are the first and second most common sites for dentigerous cysts?  
  mandibular third molar; maxillary canine
False! Mucoceles are NOT true cysts; they have no epithelial lining.
T/F: Mucoceles are true cysts with epithelial lining.
False! Osteomyelitis is most common in men and in the mandible
T/F: Osteomyelitis is most common in women and found largely in the maxilla.
. What causes the premature tooth loss in hypophosphatasia?   
  Lack of cementum on root’s surface
1. widening of apical PDL space, 2. resorption of apical lamina dura, 3. periapical radiolucency or opacity
What are the 3 radiographic signs of pulpal inflammation or death?
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