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Terms Definitions
609 B.C.
second telling
Genesis 15
Abrahamic Covenant
building the wall
What does 'exodus' mean?
Job 28
Discourse on wisdom
a local church community
prophet of unconditional love
reads right to left, hebrew
when did Solomon die
922 BCE
model with centralized power, extensive/systematice/accurate information, consistent goals, and orderly decision-making process?
arranged marriages
mentioned in patriarch stories
Zerubbable returned...
in 536 to rebuild temple
It narratates a prophet's unusual encounter with the Assyrians
know where tribes are on map.
Risk Factors
Recent viral infections
Lung disease
Heart disease
Swallowing difficulties
Drug Users
People suffering from stroke/seizure
Perceptual functions of memory
Visuospatial perception andInterpretation of sensory stimuli (tactile, visual, auditory, olfactory, gustatory)
What is the significance for the exodus event?
As their punishment, the builders of the tower lost their ability to....
Which city did Jeroboam establish as capital for the Northern Kingdom?
(persian) defeats babylon in 539 BCE, allowed jews back in jerusalem, rebuilt temple and faith
the name of Solomon's son who continued to reign in the Southern Kingdom after 931bc.
Isaiah is particularly know for its M______c prophecies?
Psalm 46 inspired Martin Luther to write "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God"
psalm titles provide
author, title and musical info
Which judge was the nephew of Caleb and overpowered Cushan-Rishathaim?
God commanded this prophet to marry a prostitute as a metaphor for God's love
King of Judah. Son of Josiah. Halted father's reformation. Strong opponent of Jeremiah.
It includes a detailed section on the rebuilding of the temple.
What was the name of the Philistine god that kept on falling down before the Ark of the Covenant?
In which book does God 'set eternity in the hearts of humankind'?
thheological wisdom
deals with life after death, the meaning of life, ect. Job and Ecclesiastes.
One of the 4 main groups surrounding Israelmain city: Tyre and Sydonwealthy
Joseph was sold as a slave and taken to
Of the 19 kings of Judah, how many initiated major reforms?
religious/political cycle during the judges
-sin, suffering and sorrow, supplication, salvation
-this occurred 6X
there was forgiveness but still consequences
who built the temple
Dan and Bethel
Where did Jeroboam I, first king of the northern kingdom built alternate worship centers?
6) What does your professor argue was the first part of the Bible ever written as Bible?
1. Ten commandments! Exodus 20
were joshua and his generation an example of disobedience?
no. they were obedient
"first commentary on the Scriptures"
1/2 Chronicles because the writer used biblical sources to show that God was still at work among His people
everyone loved david more he is disobedient to God
why does david fight goliath
god creates the world in _____ which means _______.
Ex nihilo, out of nothing
In what way are Lamentations and Deuteronomy 28 the \"theological bookends\" of the OT history of Israel?
Deuteronomy 28 predicts the calamity of the nation that does not keep the covenant and obey the Law. Lamentation marks the calamity after they have not obeyed.
The phrase "eye for an eye" teaches which of the following?
Sadducees believed in this Justice should be fair and balanced for both the offended and the offender
Is there any sense of inevitable destiny that cannot be affected by the choice of a single person or group?
No. The prophets specific gift is knowing the difference or contrast between the present in respect to Sodom and Gomorrah.
what are the 10 commandments?
1. no other gods before me2. no graven images3. dont take the lords name in vain4. keep the sabbath holy 5. honor your mother and father6. dont kill7. no adultery8. dont steal9. dont lie10. dont covet
The daughter of the Pharaoh of Egypt.
To whom was one of Solomon's most important political marriages?
How does the purpose of Isaiah 1-5 mesh with 6:9-12?
Isaiah 1-5 proves the nations sins, and Isaiah 6:9-13, the nation now faces God’s discipline because they did not listen to Isaiah.
what does god do to promise abram that he is here for him?
re-names him abraham and gives him kids
What is the purpose of Nehemiah? What two events stand out in the book
To explain the obedient response of the people to God’s faithful restoration of Jerusalem. 2 main events: Jerusalem’s walls are rebuilt under God’s guidance and protection; the people respond by rededicating themselves to keep the covenant of God.
why do the people want a king? who is chosen?
to be like other nations, to fight their battles. saul
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