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a mythological, fire-breathing monster, commonly represented with a lion's head, a goat's body, and a serpent's tail.
a conventionalized literary representation of this figure as a little old man who will reveal the location of a hidden crock of gold to anyone who catches him.
lion's body with female head
female body with fish's tail
a mythical monster generally represented as a huge, winged reptile with crested head and enormous claws and teeth, and often spouting fire.
a celebrated hero possessing exceptional strength: among his many adventures were the twelve labors performed in order to gain immortality
a monster, the offspring of Pasiphaë and the Cretan bull, that had the head of a bull on the body of a man: housed in the Cretan Labyrinth, it was fed on human flesh until Theseus, helped by Ariadne, killed it.
a fabulous creature resembling a griffin but having the body and hind parts of a horse.
a mythical creature resembling a horse, with a single horn in the center of its forehead: often symbolic of chastity or purity.
a conventional representation of such a being, in human form, with wings, usually in white robes.
a monster, usually represented as having the head and breast of a woman, the body of a lion, and the wings of an eagle. Seated on a rock outside of Thebes, she proposed a riddle to travelers, killing them when they answered incorrectly, as all did before
a Titan, brother of Prometheus, condemned to support the sky on his shoulders: identified by the ancients with the Atlas Mountains
any unexplained moving object observed in the sky, esp. one assumed by some observers to be of extraterrestrial origin.
horse's body with spiral horn on forehead
a ravenous, filthy monster having a woman's head and a bird's body.
any of three sister monsters commonly represented as having snakes for hair, wings, brazen claws, and eyes that turned anyone looking into them to stone. Medusa, the only mortal Gorgon, was beheaded by Perseus.
a creature, variously described as a serpent, lizard, or dragon, said to kill by its breath or look.
a signal horn operated by compressed air or steam.
a legendary monster with a deadly glance, supposedly hatched by a serpent from the egg of a cock, and commonly represented with the head, legs, and wings of a cock and the body and tail of a serpent.
a dog, usually represented as having three heads, that guarded the entrance of the infernal regions.
any of the beautiful maidens attendant upon Odin who bring the souls of slain warriors chosen by Odin or Tyr to Valhalla and there wait upon them.
a fabled monster, usually having the head and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion.
a two-legged winged dragon having the hinder part of a serpent with a barbed tail.
a Titan who taught humans various arts, said to have shaped humans out of clay and who stole fire from Olympus for humans in defiance of Zeus
a personification of the soul, which in the form of a beautiful girl was loved by Eros
a water or marsh serpent with nine heads, each of which, if cut off, grew back as two; Hercules killed this serpent by cauterizing the necks as he cut off the heads.
a winged horse, created from the blood of Medusa, that opened the spring of Hippocrene with a stroke of its hoof, and that carried Bellerophon in his attack on the Chimera.
a legendary monster with a man's head, horns, a lion's body, and the tail of a dragon or, sometimes, a scorpion.
one of a class of fabulous monsters, commonly represented with the head and breast of a woman and the body of a serpent, said to allure youths and children in order to suck their blood.
a daughter of Gaea and Poseidon, a monster mentioned in Homer and later identified with the whirlpool Charybdis.
(in folklore) one of a species of diminutive beings, usually described as shriveled little old men, that inhabit the interior of the earth and act as guardians of its treasures; troll.
Trojan horse
a gigantic hollow wooden horse; when the Trojans took it into Troy, Greek soldiers hidden within it opened the gates to the Greek army and conquered the city
a musician and poet, the inventor of melody and rhythm often identified with the harvesting or withering of crops and vegetation
a member of a people whom Odysseus found existing in a state of languorous forgetfulness induced by their eating of the fruit of the legendary lotus
a mountain nymph who pined away for love of the beautiful youth Narcissus until only her voice remained
(in Irish folklore) a spirit in the form of a wailing woman who appears to or is heard by members of a family as a sign that one of them is about to die.
a sea nymph who was transformed into a sea monster: later identified with the rock Scylla.
one of a race of monsters having the head, trunk, and arms of a man, and the body and legs of a horse.
a member of a family of giants having a single round eye in the middle of the forehead.
stymphalian birds
a flock of predacious birds of Arcadia that were driven away and killed by Hercules as one of his labors.
fenris wolf
a wolflike monster, a son of Loki and Angerboda, chained by Gleipnir but destined to be released at Ragnarok to eat Odin and to be killed by Vidar.
Golden Fleece
a fleece of pure gold, kept at Colchis by King Ae?tes from whom it was stolen by Jason and the Argonauts with the help of Ae?tes's daughter, Medea
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