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Terms Definitions
Sexual orientations
Painful menstrual cycle
External physiological sex characteristics for the male are?
motivational component that fuels romantic feelings, physical attraction, and desire for sexual interaction.
S- Specific
26 weeks...
can breathe outside womb
rubbing ones genitals against someone else's body or genital area
Sexuality stages:13-19
has opp. sex relationships,sexual fantasies, pregnancy increases.
This male sexual dysfunction is defined as the urinary meatus on the ventral side of the penis
gaining sexual pleasure from the humiliation of being abused
Sex Therapy
Highly specialized, in-depth treatment to help clients resolve serious sexual problems
In the ________ approach the acqusition of a homosexual gender orientation takes place garually over a long period of time
Attraction to members of both sexes- significant biological support for homosexuality
Intersexed (aka hermaphrodite)
ambiguous or contradictory sex characteristics
Hostile enviroment
workplace behviors of secual or genderbased nature create a hostile enviroment...jokes, pics, emails, innuendoes
Sex is a ______ _______ response.
Total body
rare conditions in which the vaginal opening closes tightly and prevents penile penetration. due to involuntary spastic contractions of the muscle at and around the vaginal opening and the levator ani muscles. causes may be physical, psychological, or both
the cessation of a women's menstrual activity, occurs between 45 and 55yrs
Varieties of sexuality
Sexual varieties include sexual orientation, gender identity, erotic preferences, and sexual lifestyles.
a class of female sex hormones, produced by the ovaries, that bring about sexual maturation at puberty and maintina productive functions.
The brief wait
getting settled before conceiving, getting to know eachother, common in middle class couples
Turners Syndrome
rare. presence of only one sex chromosome, an X.

-Normal female genitals, internal structures do not develop, no breast and unusually short
Sexuality stages:1-3 yrs
control over bowels, like fondling, identify gender, vocab. related to genitals.
forms of sexual expression
kissing, hugging, stroking, squeezing, breast stimulation, manual stimulation of the genitals,
a damaged or enlarged vein in the testis or vas deferens
Syphilis [men]
Chancre, usually on glans penis, which is painless and heals in 4-6 weeks; secondary symptoms-skin eruptions, low-grade fever, inflammation of lymph glands-in 6 weeks to 6 months after chancre heals.
More severe symptons than PMS
Premenstrual Dyshoric disorder (PMDD)
The primary areas reported as fundamental to the quality of a relationship
companionship, supportive communication, sexual expression
Lee's Styles of Loving (6)
1) Romantic
2) Game-playing (conquests)
3) Possessive (obsessive)
4) Companionate (affection & commitment)
5) Altruistic (selflessness & caring)
6) Pragmatic (rational practical criteria)
- Half of all pregnancies in US are unplanned
- Almost half of unintended pregnancies end in abortion
-size of a walnut, feel smooth and are freely movable within the scrotum
-produce sperm and the hormones necessary for the maintenance of male sex characteristics (main hormone-testosterone)
Adolescence [12 to 18 years]
Primary and Secondary sex characteristics develop. Menarche usually takes place. Develops relationships with interested partners. Masturbation is common. May participate in sexual activity. May experiment with homosexual relationships. Are at risk for pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease [PID]
Resulting in damage to the reproductive structure and possible infertitity.
After an egg as been fertilized, it takes how long to reach the lining of the uterus where it becomes implanted?
6 days
Sexual orientation definition
refers to the preferred gender of the partner of an individual.
sexuality transmitted diseases
more that 20 have been identifed. it is important to understand at least 5 key points about all STIs in this country today
1. STI's affect men and women of all backgrounds and economic levels
2. the incidence of STI's is rising, in part because in the last few decades, people have been sexuality active earlier, yet are marrying later on
3. most of the time, ST's cause no symptoms, particularly in women
4. health problems caused by STI's tend to be more severe and more frequent for women than for men, in part because the frequency of aymptomatic infection means that many women do not seek care until serious problems have arised
5. when diagnosed and treated dearly, many STI's can be treated effectively
Toddler [1 to 3 years]
Continues to develop gender identity. Able to identify own gender.
When are the internal and external anatomies complete by?
3rd month of pregnancy
Methods That Require a Health Care Provider’s Intervention
- Include hormonal contraception, IUDs, the diaphragm, the cervical cap, and sterilization
- Hormonal contraception alters the hormonal environment to prevent ovulation and thicken cervical mucus
- IUD makes the lining of the mucus less favorable for the implantation of a fertilized ovum
- Diaphragm
- Woman needs to be refitted after a significant change in weight (10 lb gain or loss) or pregnancy
- Cervical Cap
- Like the diaphragm but covers only the cervix
- Female sterilization
- Tubal ligation
- Involves cutting, tying, or otherwise ligating the fallopian tubes
- Male sterilization
- Vasectomy
- Vas deferens, which carries the sperm away from testicles, is cut and tied
Middle Adulthood [40 to 65 years]
Men and women experience decreased hormone production. The menopause occurs in women, usually anywhere between 40 and 55 years. The climacteric occurs gradually in men. Quality rather than ther number of sexual experiences becomes important. Individuals establish independent moral and ethical standards.
What is Erogenous zones/shared touching?
areas of the body causing sexual arousal on contact
Watts general levels of sexual history
sexual problem history obtained by sex therapist
Genital warts [condyloma acuminatum]
The infection is caused by the human papilloma virus [HPV] Single leasions or clusters of lesions growing beneath or on the foreskin, at external meatus or on the glans penis. On dry skin areas, lesions are hard and yellow-gray. On moist areas, lesions are pink or red and soft with a cauliflower like appearance
What are the childhood syptoms of gender dysphoria?
Have the desire to become the opposite sex and believe you will do so as an adult and are disgusted with your genitals.
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