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shay's rebellion
Kansas City
meatpacking center
settled in Provence
Lord's estate of land
Arabic term for God
extermination camp where 1,600,000 people died
small part or broken piece
Successfully resisted Soviet dominance in Poland after Khruschev's deStalinization speech. Spoke of there being "DIFFERENT ROADS TO SOCIALISM" and was a Polish nationalist and big supporter of the Roman Catholic CHurch - always been strong in Poland. Halted collectivization of agriculture. Khrushchev threatened military action but backed down. This created a freer atmosphere and helped to curb police terror. It stimulated a "would-be" similar development in Hungary.
written by Smilesself sacrifice, saving $ is necessary for economic freedomhard work = backbone of society
universal experience for German Jews when they came to America;traveling salesmen
Printing Press
Gutenburg, spread of New Ideas
New Deal
Financial Reform, Economic Recovery, Relief to the Needy
William I the Conqueror
*invaded England*crowned king
Popular Sovereignty
People express themselves through voting
The Cherokee Indians modeled their governmment after the New World government in hope to be left alone by the New World
Lord Dartmouth
British-appointed secretary of state for the American colonies to inform him of his belief that the British army should be evacuated from Boston to Rhode Island; tried controlling VA and shut down house of bugessess
Rene Descartes
17th century French philosopher; wrote Discourse on Method; 1st principle "i think therefore i am"; believed mind and matter were completly seperate; known as father of modern rationalism
19th amendment
women suffrage prohibits from denying any citizen the riht to vote based on gender
1920s new type of young woman; rebellious, energetic, and bold
king of Crete; promised peace with Athens if they sacrificed 7 young men and 7 maidens to him every nine years to feed to the Minotaur
William Paterson
Who wrote the New Jersey Plan?
the group of people in southeastern Europe who were the same ethnic group as the Russians
a 20th-century style of popular music developed mainly by African-American musicians
act concerning religion
maryland- religious toleration free worship for all christians
Isaac Singer perfected this invention:
the sewing machine
religion that believes in many gods who are all different aspects of one supreme being
study of how people think and react
Suez Canal
canal that connected Mediterranean to Indian Ocean
a powder, as finely powdered antimony sulfide, used as a cosmetic to darken the eyelids, eyebrows, etc.
group of corporations run by a single board of directors. Smaller companies yielded control of their stock "in trust" to a board.
An adherent to one of the main divisions of Islam. Also known as the Shiahs, the ________ represent the Persian (Iranian) variation of Islam and believe in the infallibility and divine right to authority of the Imams, descendants of Ali.
The National Assembly
name of 3rd Estate Representatives; 1st Government of the French Republic
95 theses
written by Martin Luther, criticism of indulgences
John Wilkes
Leader of opposition to British in England, He was probably less significant in what he actually did than the role he played in convincing the colonists they had support in England
The Pilgrims and the Puritans in the 1620s were...
the practice of making one person the property of another
justification by faith
while a priest, Luther discovered throguh Scripture studies that which of the following is true?
African Diaspora
The forced removal of Africans from their homelands to serve as slave labor in the Americas.
What countries belonged to Italy during the imperialism in Africa?
Libya, Ethiopia, Somalia
William Pitt
prime minister of england, made first british empire, led generals to capture fort duquesne and rename it fort pitt in french and indian war, led to recapture louisburg, made strategy for invasion of canada.
Article I. The most important branch of government because it most directly represents the People.
a platform or raised structure in a church, from which the sermon is delivered or the service is conducted.
payment made by one group or nation to another to show obedience or to obtain peace or protection
F.W. de Klerk
White South African prime minister in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Working with Nelson Mandela & the African National Congress, he helped to dismantle the apartheid system and opened the way for a democratically elected government that represented all South Africans for the first time.
Columbian Exchange
The three way exchange of crops and diseases between Africa, Europe, and the Americas due to exploration
Second Continental Congress
May of 1775, colonial leaders called the ________________ ________________ ________________ to debate their next move. Some delgates called for independence while others argued for reconciliation with Britain.
Dartmouth College V. Woodward (1819)
*Law of New Hampshire*Dartmouth College from a privately chartered college into a public institution*Argued that a contract for private corporation could not be altered by the state
Sons of Liberty
formed to protest the stamp act. Relied onn pamphlets, petitions, and public meetings to gather support.
What is the minoans word for double ax ?
Wagner Act
The 1935 Wagner Act, formally known as the National Labor Relations Act, created the National Labor Relations Board to supervise union elections and designate winning unions as official bargaining agents. The board could also issue cease-and-desist orders to employers who dealt unfairly with their workers.
Islamic Nationalism in Africa
reacted to western models of imperialism and exploration
used POW and foreign aid
ways congress convinced poeple that independence was good
Pax Romana
Latin for Roman Peace, it was a period of peace and prosperity for the Roman Empire. It lasted from the reign of Augustus Caesar (Octavian) to that of Markus Aurelius (that is, 27 BC to 180 AD). In this period, Christianity formed and rose in popularity.
Head of the U.S spy agency obtained Hitlers plan to ..
destroy Christian Churches
In response to the alien and sedition acts these two men wrote the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions
Jefferson and Madison
Bartholomue Dias
First person to go around the Cape of Good Hope
One Modern Feature Unique in Mohenjo- Daro
Sophisticated city planning with precise grid systems, citadel, and buildings of oven-baked bricks; plumbing and sewage systems
VA & Kentucky Resolutions
in response to the alien and sedition acts said that the government thinks they have to power to imprison them but they don’t
In a purely scientific sense, the uncertainty principle proposes that
It is impossible to specify simultaneously both the position and velocity of a subatomic particle
35 years old
How old do you have to be in order to be president of the United States?
The Great Compromise of 1850 (Henry Clay)
1. California = free state2. Utah Mexico, get to decide on slavery3. disputed lands go to new mexico4. US pay texas's debts5. slavery not abolished in district of columbia unless aproved 6 no salve trade in DColumbia 7. fugitive slave strictly enforced
Many people wanted to over throw Diaz because he was a very bad ruler.
What were the causes of the Mexican Revolution?
recklessly wasteful
Thomas Nast
Political Cartoon
growth of cities.
robber barons
Captains of Industry
stories of the gods
religion, arts, government, record keeping, labor, economy, people
complete separation of the races
workers disgruntled with the industrial revolution sought to destroy the machines themselves in the ___ movement
a serf or slave; bondman.
a meeting of heads of governments
Merchants were ____ peasants and artisans in the structure of society
annapolis convention
discuss interstate commerce issues involving Potomac River; agree to meet in Philadelphia to overhaul Articles of Confederation
Settled by tobacco farmers from Virginia
Republicans who wouldn't vote along party lines in the election of 1884.
belief that pure americans only understand greatness of gov't
backlash against immigrants
segwayed to revival of KKK
The ________ Treaty settled the disputed boundary between Maine and New Brunswick and demonstrated the growing Anglo-American economic dependence
a geological era; all of Earth's history that occured before the Paleozoic era
Organization formed in 1949 as a military alliance of western European and North American states against the Soviet Union and its east European allies. (See also Warsaw Pact.)(p. 832)
Royal officials who carried out the policies of Louis XIV were called ___.
Tokugawa arts
During this Japanese reign, literature became more popular to, and by, the people, and was often lighthearted and pleasing, while poetry was serious and reflective; a rise in plays led to a theater in Kabuki, which had dramas dealing with teahouses and dance halls (though the government, fearing the moral corruption, made male actors play both man and woman parts); the shogun's orders for daimyos to have a home in Edo led to stunning architectures with furnishings of gold foil, which gave light to dark castle rooms; pottery art was inspired from Korean techniques and designs, and many Japanese studied European medicine, astronomy, language, and painting
pictures or characters to used to represent words
Open Shop
*Endorsed by the National Association of Manufacturers adn the Chamber of Commerce. *Discourage workers from joining a union by allowing nonworkers the benefits won by the unions.
Believed that children should not be baptised, only adults
a document outlining the basic laws and principles that govern a nation
Pius IX
Pope; turned against most modern trends, inlcuding a federation of existing Italian states under his presidency
British prime minister who wanted to appease Hitler
progressive party
also known as bull moose;organized reform group w. roosevelt as candidate
a government where the power is within the hands of the nobles.
Pacific Railway Act
Federal legislation passed in 1862 authorizing the construction of a railroad and telegraph line across the country.
Sammuel Cartwright
was a physician who practiced in Mississippi and Louisiana in the antebellum United States.
John Burgoyne
the British general who captured Fort Ticonderoga from the Americans but lost at the battle of Saratoga
one who leaves the country of one's birth of citizenship to live in another, often out of a sense of alienation
purchased to serve 7 years then they would have to serve another 7 years
Getting around safely was a problem & cities struggled to keep up with the large population increase & outdated forms of transportation. Cable cars became popular at the time & horse drawn carriages were also around & soon to be out dated.
the act or process of producing; the creation of utility; especially : the making of goods available for use
Enforcement Act
Counter to KKKMilitary will take on police powers and take on KKKSubject to incarceration
Defense Mechanisms
Freud's postulation that much of human behavior is motivated by unconsious emotional needs whose nature and origins are kept from consious awareness by various mental devices.
Hartford Convention
New England's opposition of the war reached discussion of session
a group of people who occupy a definite territory and are united under one government
a document that gives the holder the right to organize settlements in an area
an ancient empire in SW Asia: greatest extent from ab. 750 to 612 b.c.
Hernando de Soto
traveled up the Mississippi River to Arkansas
Mary Wollstonecraft
Wrote A Vindication of the Rights of Woman; Founder of modern European feminism; Argued that the Enlightenment ideas of free and equal should also apply to women; thought that women had been excluded from the social contract - that they should have equal rights with men in terms of education and economic and political life
Stefan Dusan
Serbian emperor who led the Serbs as they battled the Byzantine Empire. He conquered Macedonia in the 1300s
Political unit made up of a city and the surrounding lands
South Carolina SCCapital - Columbiathe Palmetto state
The Articles of Confederation
Congress adopted these in November 1777. This was Americas first constitution. The document established a confederation - an association of independence, sovereign states with certain common goals. The articles had many weaknesses.p. 43 Chapter 2
Cash and Carry

requested by FDR to replace the neutrality act of 1936
allowed the US to sell supplies to the British as long as they paid in cash on the spot
helped the British in WWII and helped the US economy
significance- allowed the US to give aid to the British without technically being involved with the war
______ & _______compete to explore sea routes
Spain & Portugal
north pole
the region of a magnet toward which the lines of magnetic induction converge
Sui Dynasty
(589 - 618 AD) emperor Wen Di unites south and north china; divides public land for all families
gross national product
The total value of all goods and services produced in the nation.
Name three gifts the Europeans brought to Africa.
-The Gospel-Written Language-New Technology
the confederation government was successful with what?
Establishing a survey and statehood policy in western land; and setting up basic federal offices
who was elizabeth I's successor?
who was his mother?
janes I
mary queen of scots
Council of Trent
Called by Paul III to look over the Catholic Church and made reforms (reforms went completely against Luther)
Was the fist to set foot on the moon in 1969.
Neil Armstrong
(Christopher Columbus) What are the three G's?
God- wants to spread Catholicism, Gold-he wants to get rich, Glory-wants to be famous/put Sp[ain ahead of Portugal
Describe how the Japanese system of Feudalism worked.
The samurais would protect the daimyos. When the samurais succedded they would get land from the daimyos. Daimyos where nobles in Japan. Samurai who protected daimyo. Daimyos gave samurai land in return Samurai got protection peasents gave Samurai crops and bones
Alexander Hamilton & solutions for national debt
Pay off foreign debt, and to private citizens, and to issue bonds to cover old ones. Feds assume debt of states.
Who were mostly the employers in the mill and why?
The woman and children because they'd work cheaper then men
One main source of division in the abolitionist movemetn was
the right of women to speak at meetings
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