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Terms Definitions
Civil Liberties
Bill of Rights
Yellow Journalism
Exaggerated non-truthful journalism
Transfer of power from federal government to states.
Habeas Corpus
Right to a fair trial
Many different interest groups that influence the government
Have constitutional role of President increased since the founding?
Objective Journalism
Recording the facts of journalism
Iron Triangle
The relationship between Congress, Interest Groups and a Bureaucracy (ie veteran's of foreign war)
Charles Beard
Famous Historian who said constiution was protecting the rich founding fathers' land.
Establishment Clause
Prohibits the US government from favoring one religion over another.
Engel vs Vitale
Court throws out School prayer
What were the Progressive reforms?
Make more democratic
Collective good
Public good that's available to everyone; air
Which state has the most Electoral votes?
Has party line vote increased in recent years?
Policy Making role of the Congress
Law making
Rule of a few people or small groups
What policy area does US spend more than European nations?
The system that has most authority in a Government. (Sovereignty resided in Stalin)
What policy area do Europeans accept more than Americans?
Health Care
Free-rider problem
They benefit from the collective good but they don't contribute
What are the Constitutional requirements for the Presidency?
35 and naturalized citizen
What region of the nation receives the highest percentage of money from the Federal Government?
Southern States
What committees in Congress do most of the legislative work?
Stand-in committees
Distinguishing citizen's interest groups from economic groups
Citizen interest groups are public groups that pursue public goods like air, economic groups pursue domestic goods like oil.
Ex Post facto laws
Can't make something illegal and then try someone for violating new law.
What happens if no candidate for the presidency receives a majority vote in the Electoral College?
The House Decides
Who can introduce a Bill in Congress?
Elected member of congress
Common Carrier role of journalism
Using media for means of communication; Presidential press conferences
What role does the Bill of Rights play in restricting the power of the majority?
Press, Religion, Speech
Why has the President's role in foreign policy increased?
Post ww2, USA is world superpower/World leader
Why are Senators more independent from their leadership than House members?
More equality in senates; filibuster. The house works like a team (republican team, democratic team). Senate everyone's out for themselves.
What did the national government do to combat the Great Depression of the 1930's?
Government regulated economy in the interest of the consumer
Citizen United vs Federal Election Commission
Business and Labor can donate as much as they want to a political campaign
Define the Whig theory of the Presidency
Powers confined to those depicted in Consititution
What did the Framers want from the President?
Wanted strong leader; wanted someone that could carry out laws passed by Congress
How were U.S. Senators to be chosen according to the framers?
Selected by state legistaure in each of the states. Not elected.
What was the most significant issue of federalism?
Whether or not southern states would accept Federal authority.
How have CNN and MSNBC responded to FOX's ratings?
FOX is Republican and CNN and MSNBC have taken a more democratic stance.
Why did the nation not need a strong Presidency in the 19th century?
The government was small and did very little
Great Compromise
Created Bicameral Legislature
Idea of influencing groups
Settling conflict and allocating benefits by compromising
14th Amendment
Restricts states from depriving citizens from civil liberties
Fiscal Federalism
Federal Money going to states.
What political philosopher influenced the Declaration of Independence?
John Locke
Does the Constitution give any executive authority to the Vice-President?
Federalist Papers
Documents written to defend and explain the Constituion. (Letters)
McCulloch vs. Maryland
Federal Law > State Law
Necessary and Proper Clause
Talks about Implied powers
Government that is responsive to the pople. Vote for people to make laws
Totalitarian Government
Government w/ no limits (Hitler's Germany)
Limited Government
Government that is limited in power
John Locke
Political Philosopher who talked about natural rights and natural law
What're the most fully organized interest groups?
Economic/Business groups
Signaling role of journalism
Just reporting breaking news
What article in the Constitution creates the Presidency
2nd article
Exclusionary Rule
Any evidence illegally seized in a search of ones property is thrown out
Which President is associated with the Revolution of 1800?
Thomas Jefferson
10th Amendment
Powers not delegated to the Federal government resides in State.
Cooperative and Dual Federalsm
Cooperative = Together
Dual = Separate
Enumerated Powers
Powers in article 1 section 8 (Education isn't there)
Who conducts the trial if a President is impeached?
Which president lost the popular vote but still won the Presidency recently
George Bush
Pocket veto
Congress is not in session, President can veto
Issue Network
It's more informal than iron triangle and includes policy specialists ( economic policy environmental policy taxes budget specialists).
Edmund Burke's idea of trustee
Famous British writer. Developed trustee roles.
Standing commitee in the Congress
They put the legislature together
Conference committee
Takes bill from house and takes bill from senate and makes it one bill. If they can't, then bill is dead
Clear and Present danger test
Established that speech can be restricted if it's in the interest of protecting the nation
Source of most factions according to James Madison?
Unequal distribution of property
Second most powerful position in the Federal Government
Speaker of the House
Who said "You furnish the pictures and I'll furnish the war"
William Randolph Hearst
What reform to the Electoral College was made by Andrew Jackson?
Popular vote determines the Elected
Executive Office of the President
Office of management and budget and NSC
Why did the framers create the Electoral College to select the President?
They didn't feel the population was smart enough.
What is the most significant restraint imposed on the President by the Congress?
President can't make laws without it passing through congress.
What theory of the Presidency did Theodore Roosevelt advocate?
President should take command and be leading branch of government; not Congress
What is the most important factor for the presidency to succeed in achieving his policy goals?
Timing and Support of the population.
Why did the framers create a Federalist system of government?
To create a balance between States and Federal Government
How many members in house and in the senate?
435 in house 100 in senate
What did the framers try to do through the grants of power in the Constitution?
They tried to define and limit the powers of the new government
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