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Involves Glyclysis
Prokaryotes reproduce by
True/FalseFunctional genomics involves discovering the cellular role for a microbial DNA sequence.
________ 3. Pharyngoconjunctival feverA. Inflammation of corneaB. Diseases that may be congenitally acquiredC. Giant multinucleate cellsD. Enzyme assisting virus to release from host cellE. May cause fifth diseaseF. Sac containing fluid or gasG. Projectio
larger than traditional bacteria
Involves the Krebs cycle
True/FalseCell contact is necessary for bacterial conjugation to occur but does not occur for transduction.
True/FalseDNA sequencing suggests the human genome contains about 35,000 genes.
symptoms include a maculopapular rashA. TetanusB. Bubonic plagueC. Rocky Mountain spotted feverD. Anthrax
4. Woolsorter's disease is another name forA. anthrax.B. plague.C. tetanus.D. tularemia.
38. Characteristic signs of relapsing fever includeA. skin ulcers.B. recurring fever, headache, and shaking chills.C. intermittent fever without jaundice.D. buboes.
________ 10. RhinovirusA. Inflammation of corneaB. Diseases that may be congenitally acquiredC. Giant multinucleate cellsD. Enzyme assisting virus to release from host cellE. May cause fifth diseaseF. Sac containing fluid or gasG. Projection on viral enve
3. Antitoxin
Antibody that neutralizes toxin
has saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbon chains
observe a slive of bacterium
T/FPsychrotrophs grow in the mesophilic range but can also grow at cold temperature
Psychrophiles and thermophiles differ with respect to theira.oxygen requirements b.ability to tolerate saltc.pH requirementsd.best temperature for growth
The cytochromes are iron-contatining proteins involved ib the electron transport chain.
required electrons eventually be passed to NADPH
_____ involves unencapsulated bacterium becoming an encapsulated bacterium.A. ConjugationB. TransductionC. Transformation
One of the Streptococcus pneumoniae strains used by Griffith was called smooth because the cellsa.lacked pilib.lacked a cell wallc.had a gram positive cell walld.had a capsule
20. The causative agent of which disease below is a spirochete?A. LeptospirosisB. TetanusC. AnthraxD. Tularemia
True or false? Brill-Zinsser disease is the result of a relapse of an earlier case of typhus in which R. prowazekii lay dormant in the patient for many years. However, symptoms are usually milder.
10. The “second most powerful toxin known to science” is produced byA. Clostridium botulinum.B. Clostridium perfringens.C. Salmonella Typhi.D. Clostridium tetani.
may develop into septicemic and pneumonic stagesA. TetanusB. Bubonic plagueC. Rocky Mountain spotted feverD. Anthrax
6. The prospects for developing a vaccine for the common cold are not promising becauseA. viruses cannot be cultivated in tissue culture medium.B. many different viruses can cause the common cold.C. funds for this type of research are not available.D. the
28. The scientific name for measles isA. rubella.B. variola.C. varicella.D. rubeola.
________ 7. VesicleA. Inflammation of corneaB. Diseases that may be congenitally acquiredC. Giant multinucleate cellsD. Enzyme assisting virus to release from host cellE. May cause fifth diseaseF. Sac containing fluid or gasG. Projection on viral envelope
18. All the following are considered symptoms of herpes simplex exceptA. cold sores forming around the lips and nose.B. herpes keratitis.C. genital herpes.D. liver damage developing in young adults.
54. The gastrointestinal infection caused by Vibrio vulnificus is characterized by all of the following exceptA. septicemia.B. necrotic skin lesions.C. increased stomach acid production.D. severe abdominal cramps.
T/F the building blocks for disaccharides and polysaccharides are glycerol and fatty acids
A reference to the relative concentration of protons in a solution
Taxonomic group first associated with the work of Woese?
T/F All prokaryotes and eukaryotes have an organizational pattern separating the internal compartents from the surrounding environment but allowing for the exchange of solutes and wastes
Generally complex media such as nutrient agar and blood are more commonly than chemically defined media. Why is this so?a.complex media contain more sugarb.complex media have more vitamins and growth factorsc.chemically defined media has an alkaline pHd.a
Endospores are heat stable resting forms of all of the bacteria listed below excepta.bacillus anthracisb.escherichia colic.clostridium perfringensd.clostridum botulinum
Results in the formation of glucose.
T/FIn a cyanobacterium, ATP is produced in glycolysis, the krebs cycle, oxidative phosphorylation, and the light-fixing reactions.
In order for oxidative phosphorylation to take place, the environment must contain a certain amout of
You have carried out a conjugation experiment and discovered that the recipient cells have almost all become donors but that NO chromosomal genes have been transferred. The donor cell in the original mating was aA. F+ cellB. Hfr cellC. F- cell
_____ requires a pilus.A. ConjugationB. TransductionC. Transformation
True or false? The DTaP vaccine imparts immunity to diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus.
22. The flea is important to the transmission ofA. bubonic plague but not important in transmission of pneumonic plague.B. epidemic typhus but not transmission of murine typhus.C. anthrax but not transmission of tularemia.D. Lyme disease but not transmiss
33. Orchitis is a disease that may develop inA. children who have had influenza.B. adult males who have had mumps.C. animals who contract smallpox.D. pre-pubescent females who contract German measles.
43. A virus closely related to the smallpox virus causesA. chickenpox.B. cold sores.C. molluscum contagiosum.D. mumps.
58. ___ is characterized by intestinal lesions and skin spots.A. Typhoid feverB. BrucellosisC. BotulismD. Cholera
24. The staphylococcal enterotoxinA. is composed solely of carbohydrates.B. is very heat and resistant.C. is produced in the human intestine.D. is more potent than the botulism toxin.
Contains guanine ctosine uracil and adenine
Bucleic acid
T/F A decomposition reaction in which water serves as an intermediary is a hydrolysis reation
T/F the advantage of phase contrast microscopy for microorganisms is that one can see the specimen alive and unstained, whereas using brightfield microscopy it would be much more difficule
The ____ are included in Bergey's maual of Systematic Bacteriology.
Which of the following diseases are all caused by endospore forming Clostridia?a.botulismb.gas gangrrenec.tatanusd.all of the above
Which of the following statments about generation time is correct?a.under option conditions some prokaryotes have a very fast generation time of 20-30 minutesb.some organisms have much slower generation times of 20-30 hoursc.most organisms have much slowe
Which statement is true regarding log growth phase?a.the bacteria are dividing rapidly and the graph is rising in a straght lineb.disease symptoms are developing because the bacteria are causing tissue damagec.the bacteria are the most vulnerable to antib
In a complex growth medium the identity and quantity of each component is known but a syntheticmedium they are unknown
T/FRefrigerator temperatures are too cold for the growth of bacterial species
FalseNot too cold
Any process that releases energy is referred to as a _____ reaction
_____ involves F+ cells are donor cells.A. ConjugationB. TransductionC. Transformation
_____ involves a transfer of genes requiring contact between bacterial cells.A. ConjugationB. TransductionC. Transformation
_____ occurs when naked pieces of DNA are taken up from the environment.A. ConjugationB. TransductionC. Transformation
The work of Avery, MacLeod and McCarty is significant because ita.showed that mutations could occur spontaneouslyb.led to the discovery of restriciton enzymesc.introduced plasmids to genetic engineeringd.called attention to the involvement if DNA in hered
27. What is the form of wild plague that occurs in nature and is seen with prairie dogs?A. Bubonic plagueB. Common plagueC. Pneumonic plagueD. Sylvatic plague
α toxin hemolysin
Enzyme that destroys red blood cells
A. Herpes simplexB. InfluenzaC. MeaslesD. Chickenpox48. ___includes cold sores and genital infections.
84. True or false? Small crustaceans called copepods filter cholera bacteria out of the water and concentrate the bacteria in their gut, and thus, may be a reservoir for cholera.
34. Typhoid vaccines may be composed of the following exceptA. dead Salmonella Typhi cells.B. attenuated S. Typhi.C. capsular polysaccharides.D. attenuated exotoxins
55. All the following bacteria are recognized as causes of foodborne or waterborne infections exceptA. Bacillus cereus.B. Yersinia enterocolitica.C. Vibrio parahaemolyticus.D. Yersinia pestis.
smallest part of matter that can't be broken into smaller substnaces or chemically destroyed
A substance that donates H+ to water or to a solution
Sharing of electrons between two atoms igenerates this type of linkage
Covalent bond
Not a part of the cellular internal membrane system
An ocular lens with a magnification of 10X and an objective lens of 40X has a total magnification of
The capnophilic bacteria require an atmosphere high in nitrogen but low in oxygen
Falsehigh in C02
At what stage in the bacterial growth curve are there no cell divisions occurring becasue the bacteria are adapting to their new environment?a.lead phaseb.lag phasec.log phased.stationary phasee.Decline/death phase
________their range of pH may be 2.0 up to 6
ATP is the only source of cellular engery for the chemical reactions of a bacterium.
is common in cows and sheep but not poultry, dogs or cats.A. TetanusB. Bubonic plagueC. Rocky Mountain spotted feverD. Anthrax
86. True or false? At this writing, approximately 2000 cases of smallpox occur in the world annually.
94. True or false? Habits such as flossing each day and brushing with fluoride toothpaste are tools in preventing dental caries.
10. A disease reservoir would beA. the natural host or habitat of a pathogen.B. the agent of transmission of the pathogen. C. the infected and dying carrier.D. organisms unable to become infected with the pathogen.
19. Heating of food to ______ degrees Celsius for ten minutes will destroy botulism toxin.A. 30B. 50C. 70D. 90
87. True or false? The possibility of traveler's diarrhea may be reduced by careful hygiene and attention to the food and water consumed during visits to other countries.
75. True or false? Daily brushing and flossing, as well as professional cleanings, are helpful in reducing complications of gingivitis.
T/F Saturated fatty acids are those in which hydrogen atoms are missing and double bonds form between adjacent carbon atoms.
F unsat
In the formation of protiens,______ react with one another to form a linkage called a _____
amino acids, peptide bond
The smallest unit of size in the list below is the
Keep up the great work!! You will get a A+!!
ATP molecules are relatively unstable but ATP can be stored.
Falseand ATP can not
A mole of glucose contains about
690000 calories of energy
62. ___ may occur in dogs and farm animals.A. Typhoid feverB. BrucellosisC. BotulismD. Cholera
What do you get when an atom gains an electron?
The Gram stain technique is valuable in sistinguishing
diff types of bacteria
the energy fixing reactions and the carbon-fixing reactions reger to
The process of photosynthesis
ATP releases it's energy by
splitting into a phosphate and ADP
83. True or false? Inflammatory gastroenteritis can be differentiated from invasive gastroenteritis. Both have diarrhea and vomiting as symptoms, but the tissue damage caused during inflammatory gastroenteritis results in dysentery.
False Invaive gastronenteritis results in dysentery
How many electrons are ina neutral atom?
Same number as the protons
To be useful as energy sources proteins must first
be broken into amino acids
True or false? Anthrax cannot be treated with antibiotics because the bacteria form spores, which are unaffected by the antibiotic, at the infection site.
FalseAnthrax can be treated with antibiotic at the infection site.
What are the 6 most common elements needed in large amounts in living things??
Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Phosphorus, and Sulfur
the use of UV light to excite a dye is used with
Fluorescence microscopy
Enzymes speed up chemical reactions and thereby
Lower teh necessary energy input to get the reaction to occur
An acid is a chemical substance that
Releases protons in solution, has a sour taste, has a lower pH value
True/False An Hfr strain of a bacterium is one that undergoes transformation more frequently than usual.
FalseAn Hfr strain of a bacterium is one that undergoes conjugation more frequently than usual
89. True or false? Campylobacteriosis is due to a motile anaerobic curved gram-negative rod.
False It is due to a motile microaerophilic curved rod
79. True or false? Typhoid fever is one of the most widely encountered diseases in the United States, with annual cases exceeding 500,000.
Falseit is one of the least encountered with only about 400 eases annually reported
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