Drivers Ed 3 Flashcards

Driver's license
Terms Definitions
Tractions Control
Stops Skidding
Turn signal
100 ft
odd numbered highways (17)
regulates the flow of fuel
backing up, backlights turn on
Upright portion of your seat.
Safety glass was discovered by who?
_________driving is a sign that someone has been drinking
what sign has five sides
school crossing
the forward/ backward movement of the car
Weight transfer resulting from loss of traction to the rear is known as
percent of crashes occur while making a left-turn
TRUE OR FALSE there are restrictions on a provisional liscence.
how far ahead should you look?
10 seconds
30 minutes
Headlights must be turned on ______ after sunset or anytime visibility is less than 1,000 feet. They may be turned off ____ before sunrise.
Flashing red light
Stop. yeild totraffic and pedestrians. Go only when safe.
Flashing red light:
treat same as a stop sign.
yield right of way to vehicles on your
come to a full complete stop, look around
Licensed M/C Operator age 21 or over in sight
how far from the curb.
more then 12 in
BLind Zone.
areas not visible from the driver's seat.
flashing yellow light
slow down, proceed with caution, check before crossing the intersection
learn the 3 second rule.
i think you know it.
people who smoke marijuana and then drive tend to
make more mistakes
23.When are you fifteen times more likely to get in an accident?
When backing up
On a one-way street, what color is the broken lane marker
facing downhill,
set your parking brake and turn your steering wheel toward the curb.
Path of travel.
Intended direction of movement in the center of the lane.
In a crash, what's the fifth thing you do?
Notify Police.
How much is the fine for violation of any of the conditions of the GDL Permits or Probationary license?
$100.00 Fine.
two weeks
if you fail the road test you must wait ____________ before you can be retested.
when about to do a U-Turn, first think
"Is it legal?"
What is hydroplaning?
the layer of water between the tire and road
When parking downhill with a curb
turn the wheels towards the curb
reaction time, coordination, balance
after 2,3, or 4 drinks, alcohol begins to impair:
Where do you look when making a blindspot check to the right?
over your right shoulder
at least 30 feet
How far do you stop from a stopped school bus?
What is a blind spot?
A place you can't see while driving, even with the mirrors
5 keys to defensive driving
AIM high in steering... get the big picture... keep your eyes moving... leave yourself and out... make sure they see you
You are driving on a freeway posted for 65 mph. Most of the other vehicles are driving 70 mph or faster. You may legally drive: 70 mph or faster to keep up with the speed of traffic. Between 65 mph and 70 mph. No faster than 65 mph.
No faster than 65 mph.
What is usually the first evident effect of alcohol impariment?
over confident and unable to think clearly.
because less paths are crossed
a right turn is less hazardous than a left turn
You cannot pass on a road when
Two solid, double yellow lines divide the highway.
What shoudl you imeediately do after driving through a dep puddle?
Pump your breaks really hard and make sure they are working.
Yellow, diamond, and a squiggly line pointing ahead.
Describe the sign which warns you to slow down for a winding road
Walk around and check for everything around your car
What is the first thing you do before you enter car?
The safest way to exit an expressway is to?
Slow your car to the posted exit speed
You may pass on the ________ on a two lane road when the driver in front of you is ____________________________________________.
right/turning left and there is sufficient room on the right to pass
signs and lane markings that say "no passing zone" tell you
that you cant see far enough ahead to pass
What requirements must the holder of a validated GDL Student Learner's permit meet to obtain a Provisional License?
pass a road test, be 17 years of age, and have 6 months minimum of supervised driving
you must be in the far left lane nearest the curb before you turn
you are on a one way street and wish to turn left at the corner.
established June 1965
Assess, Prepare, Execute
driving right of privilege?
2nd intermed. license
6 mo. suspension
19.What is the middle lane?
Motoramus Fidgetus
Competitive, selfish, drives, fast, tailgates, prone to road rage
tailgating means:
following a car too closely
recreational and cultural interests
brown signs indicate
damage by hit and run, etc.
motorist service signs
provide information about motorists services.
When securing the vehicle, the parking brake should be set before placing the vehicle in park
visual search
larged single category of error envolves...?
these signs warn motorists of hazards that are difficult to see. They are usually yellow or orange.
put the car in a lower gear
rear view mirror
helps in looking into blind spots
a powerful light with reflector in the front of your car
roadway marking
lines, words, or arrows that give warning or direction
express highway
means a state or interstate highway especially designed for through traffic
allows the wheels to roll, stopped in traffic
LOFS 21 or over vehicle above Class B
sudden loss of air pressure in a tire
On-road driving test
Driving over a predetermined route containing a variety of traffic situations to demonstrate your safe driving ability.
Road work Signs
alert motorists of a variety of temporary roadway conditions.
200 feet
When driving behind a vehicle at night you should dim your bright head lights approximately how far from the vehicle?
basic speed law
any speed under the absolute limit that is safe for existing road, weather, or traffic condition.
36.What is the number one killer of teenagers?
Car accidents
Passing on a two-lane, two way roadway is ________ in an area marked for no passing by a _____ yellow line in the middle of the road.
ILLEGAL; solid
emergency flashers
Also called "hazard lights". All four signal lights turn on at once and flash to let people know to you are stopped or moving slowly.
speed limit
maximum speed at which a vehicle is legally permitted to travel, as within a specific area
t/f, the amount of alcohol in a 12 oz can of beer, 4 oz glass of wine and 1 oz shot of 80 proof whiskey is the same
a flashing yellow light means
slow down and check both ways
if you host a party, and one of your guest leaves, after having been drinking, could you be charged if there is damage or death? yes or no
NJ Seat Belt Law
Motorists chances of surviving are 3 to 4ntimes better if wearing a belt and shoulder strap.
Which of the following statements about blind spots is true?
A. They are eliminated if you have one outside mirror on each side of the vehicle.
B.Large trucks have bigger blind spots than most passenger vehicles.
C. Blind spots can be chec
B. Large trucks have bigger blind spots than most passenger vehicles.
The first thing to do when moving your vehicle into traffic is to
plan your move
With a blood alcohol concentration of .08% or more
You are under the influence
there is no curb,
set your parking brake and turn your steering wheel toward the edge of the road. This way, if your vehicle starts to roll, it will roll away from traffic.
What are the driving hours of a GDL Examination Permit or Provisional License (under 21 years of age) restricted to?
5:01 AM to midnight
42.What is the number one cause of death in accidents?
Being thrown from the car
What should you do if you don't know whether the engine started or not?
Jump start your car
one way sign means
traffic can only go one way on a street
The meaning of a hand signal when a drivers hand and arm are upward is?
They're making a right turn
are in the shape of a diamond
signs warning of hazardous or unusual conditions
True or False: Collisoions occur most frequently far from home.
False: most accidents happen within 25 miles of home because you are not paying as much attention.
Which convistions will reuslt in a an insurance Surcharge.
A motorist caught with a passenger under 18 years of age
Where are you supposed to stop your car when driving?
1.) At a stop line;
2.) Behind crosswalk or sidewalk (if no stop line)
3.) Before entering an intersection. (if no cross/sidewalk)
With your first DUI (over age 21), what are the penalties?:
1 year loss of license, $2,500 fine, possibly 1 year in jail.
It must be reported to the Driver License Office within 30 days.
To what agency in within what time period must a change of address be reported for driver licensing purposes?
It is illegal for a person under 21 years of age to drive with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) that is ____ or more
0.01% - One hundredth of one percent
24.How should you complete a left lane change?
A)Make sure you have plenty of room in front B) Left blinker C)Look in left mirror D)Look back over left shoulder E) Turn looking straight ahead F) Move tires slight left while keeping up speed
you are nearing the top of a hill on a two lane country road. as you approach the top of the hill, you should
slow down and be ready to stop
Why is it a good practice to keep a space cushion between your car and others?
So you have enough time to react to an emergency and avoid an collision.
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