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RGB color model
Terms Definitions
_________________________ adjustments include special effects or blends.
A(n) ________________________ determines the number of colors and combinations or colors used to display and print the image.
Color mode
A(n) _________________________ menu displays commands relevant to the active tool, selection, or palette.
The _________________________ setting is a percentage determining the smoothness of the transition between color bands in a gradient.
A(n) _________________________ color is one that cannot be created by mixing other colors in the gamut of a given color space.
The _________________________ color is the original color in an image when you use a blending mode with gradients.
Channels are created automatically when you open a new image.(T or F)
Applying or committing a transformation tells Photoshop that you are finished resizing.
A(n) _________________________ is a small visual display of the layer in the Layers palette.
In Photoshop, the word _________________________, refers to making physical changes to a selection.
The _________________________ tool selects a rectangular or square portion of the image or photo.
Rectangle Marquee
A(n) _________________________ is the way the light reflects in the gradient.
Gradient style
The disadvantage of downsampling is ____.
Bridge replaces previous file browsing techniques and can be used with any of the software programs in the suite.
The _________________________ button in the Photoshop toolbox is used to move or make other changes to selections.
Move Tool (V)
By default, layers are named alphabetically.
A shape is usually a(n) _________________________ object, like the one shown in the accompanying figure, which means it does not lose its crisp appearance if it is resized or reshaped cleanly.
Photoshop uses four basic type tools.
A(n) _________________________ mask is a layer mask created by making a selection in the layer.
Selection layer
When using the Elliptical Marquee tool, you can further specify blending by selecting the _________________________ check box to adjust the blocklike, staircase look of rounded corners.
To choose a transformation command, you can click Transform Selection on the shortcut menu that is displayed when you right-click the selection.(T or F)
selects similarly colored pixels
Magic Wand Tool
The Dissolve blending mode paints each pixel in the transparent part of a layer.(T or F)
Most digital cameras create a(n) ____ file.
The ____ command creates a specified number of tonal levels for each color in the color mode.
Smoothing a border adjusts the radius of the pixels at the inner corners of the border and adds them to the selection, resulting in a rounded, rectangular border selection.
The ____ palette records each change or new state of the file on which you are working.
When you create composite images, it is important to choose images that closely match or complement color, lighting, size, and perspective.
The default blending mode value is Normal, which is sometimes called the _________________________.
A higher percentage in the Exposure box reduces the effect of burning or dodging.
Selecting a snapshot lets you work from that version of the image unless you have chosen the Allow Non-Linear History option in the History palette options.
If you have more than four layers—the number of reserved colors for coding layers—you can group layers that have similar characteristics with one color.
When using the Rectangle Marquee tool or the Elliptical Marquee tool, you can click the _________________________ box arrow to choose how the size of the marquee selection is determined.
At anytime while you are using Photoshop you can get answers to questions through Adobe Help.(T or F)
Pressing the ____ key toggles the display of palettes, Tools palette, and options bar on and off.
Activating the Move tool by pressing the ____ key on the keyboard allows you to move the selection border and its contents by dragging them in the document window.
– is the interface standard for Windows and Macintosh that allows imaging hardware devices (such as scanners and digital cameras) to communicate with image processing software.
To end an open path without completing it, you can press ALT+click at a location away from the path.(T or F)
The RGB color mode is independent of the type or device or media, and may be used for either display or printing.(T or F)
____ modes are the ways in which pixels in an image are affected by a color.
The Zoom Tool (Z) button displays a microscope icon in the Photoshop Tools palette.
The Magnetic Lasso tool tries to find the edge of the object by looking for the closest color change and attaches the selection to the pixel on the edge of the color change.
The name of the active layer displays in the status bar in Photoshop.
In a mask, areas you create in _________________________ are hidden because the mask is in front of the layer.
The Only Web Colors box configures the Select stop colors dialog box to display only _________________________ colors.
With a type layer selected, click Find and Replace Text on the Edit menu to locate or change specific characters or words.
A spot color channel value of ____ simulates an ink that completely covers the inks beneath.
An action is created in a manner similar to that of a tape recorder.
You cannot make tonal changes to the pixels of a layer itself; you first must create an adjustment layer that is applied over the top.
To activate the Add to selection button, you can click it on the options bar or hold down the ____ key while dragging a second selection.Answer
When you quit Photoshop, a dialog box may display asking if you want to save the changes.(T or F)
The initial state of the document is displayed at the bottom of the History palette.(T or F)
You would _____ click the line between two certain layers to create a clipping group.
A convenient way to select and edit colors is to use the _________________________, which is usually docked below the Navigation palette in the workspace.
Color palette
The Hand tool can be used to change the size of a photo.
The ____ tools are used to draw a freehand selection border around objects.
To create a layer group, click a layer in the Layers palette and then ____ additional layers.
The Move Grid (M) Tool button is used to drag the grid lines to any position to help align edges within an image.
If you want to limit the layers that display to only a single layer, click the visibility icon next to the background and all layers other than the desired one to turn off their display.
No data is lost. Compression process is reversible. RLE, LZW, Huffman, ZIP
A positive number in the H box skews the selection to the left.
The Magic Wand tool lets you select a consistently colored area without having to trace its outline.(T or F)
When a ______ is active on an image, only that area is editible – the rest of the image is protected. The _______ tools are used to edit areas or to cut, copy and paste images to different layers of the file.
On the left side of the workspace is the Photoshop _________________________, which includes the Move Tool and the Dodge Tool, for example.
tools palette
As shown in the accompanying figure, the ____ button on the options bar allows you to distort type in a variety of shapes, such as waves and arcs.
Create warped text
distort type + variety of shapes = Created warped text
If you make a mistake while creating a mask, you can press the ____ key on the keyboard to toggle to the default foreground color and paint to unmask the error.
A. X
You can press the CTRL + or CTRL - shortcut keys to zoom a photo.(T or F)
A path must be converted into a ______ before pixels can be filled on a layer.

A. Group
B. Mask
C. Selection
D. Saved Selection
C. Selection
If you have a text-only document to scan, use the _________________________, or black and white, setting.
text-only document to scan + black and white = grayscale
All of the following are options in the Unsharp Mask dialog box except ____.
Unsharp Mask + except = Resolution
paths or bezier curves (vector)
A _________ is a curved line or path defined by mathematical equations. It was named after Pierre ________, a French mathematician and engineer. Most graphics software includes a pen tool for drawing paths with ______ curves. The most basic ________ is made up of two end points, called “anchor points”, and control handles attached to each node.
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