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A(n) _________________________ adjustment is one way to make tonal changes to the shadows and highlights in a layer or to the entire image.
Clicking a(n) _________________________ button in the Gradient Editor dialog box accesses the Select stop color dialog box.
Color stop
A(n) _________________________ command does not currently display on a menu.
The _________________________ palette is used to create and manage channels.
A(n) _________________________ plate is an extra part of the separation printing process that applies a single color to areas of the artwork.
Spot color
The _________________________ displays the active open file.
document window
Adjustment layers are nondestructive, which means you can try different settings and re-edit the adjustment layer at any time.
_________________________ distortion in perspective occurs when an object is photographed from an angle.
distortion in perspective = Keystone
While Photoshop allows background editing, the Background layer cannot be moved.
The _________________________ button allows you to draw a new marquee.
New selection
Close tracing while creating selections, and careful placement of moved selections, will prevent unwanted layering.(T or F)
The higher the percentage of anti-aliasing for the Brush tool, the cleaner the edge appears.(T or F)
Alpha channels created from selected areas use black paint to mask and white paint to reveal, by default.(T or F)
Snapping is a permanent magnetic hold.
After you are finished making transformations, you _________________________ changes by pressing the ENTER key, for example.
Displaying thumbnails of each layer allows you to see easily what the layer looks like and helps you to be more efficient when editing a layer.
The _________________________ in the Gradient Editor dialog box has stop buttons for opacity above it and for color below it.
color bar
A(n) _________________________ is a folder that can be opened or expanded by clicking the triangle to the left of the set.
action set
The PSD format maintains the appearance of blended layers.
Photoshop layers portions of images when you move them.
To choose a transformation command, click the ____ menu, point to Transform, and then click the desired transformation.
Move Tool
Select to move elements and layers
Color modes directly affect the file size of an image.(T or F)
Selecting a snapshot lets you work from that version of the image unless you have chosen the Allow Non-Linear History option in the History palette options.(T or F)
Magnification changes the size of a photo physically.
The Feather box is useful for selecting the extra corners of an L-shaped object or for shapes that do not fit within a single rectangle or ellipsis.
To display the Transform options bar, create a selection and then press ____.
You can choose another tool before having committed a transformation.
Pressing ____ on the Eyedropper Tool button in the Tools palette assigns the color to the background.
The people who design typefaces are called typographers.
In addition to the default color channels, extra channels, called _________________________ channels, are used for storing and editing selections as masks.
After recording an action, you can delete image-specific steps and then insert an action stop using the palette menu.
Creating a selection in the document window is essentially the same as selecting the layer.
Making multiple copies of an original file is useful if you want to make and save several different versions of a layout.
Adobe Bridge is a file exploration tool similar to Windows Explorer.(T or F)
The Photoshop ____ consists of a variety of components to make your work more efficient and photo documents more professional.
If you select Allow Non-Linear History box in the History Options dialog box, deleting a state deletes that state and those that came after it.(T or F)
GIF file format
"Graphics Interchange Format," ___ images use a compression formula originally developed by CompuServe (which is why you see the term "CompuServe GIF" in Photoshop) and are based on indexed colors, which is a palette of at most 256 colors. ___ files are great for small icons and animated images, but they lack the color range to be used for high-quality photos
Every Photoshop image has one or more _________________________ that store information about color elements in the image.
With the Paint Bucket tool, as with the Eraser and Magic Wand tools, lower tolerance values fill a wider range of colors.(T or F)
Snapshots are saved when you close a file.(T or F)
A(n) ____ separates a file name and its extension.
Computer systems use the file size to help users open the file with the appropriate software.
If you predefine a selection area by dragging a marquee, the Paste command pastes to the center of the document window.
If you work with large numbers of layers when compositing, you are unlikely to want to group layers.
If you want to rearrange your layers in order to change their visibility or to better organize them, simply drag the layer up or down in the Layers _________________________.
The ____ tool samples color in a graphic or palette to assign a new foreground or background color.
When converting an original image to a digital copy, any loss of resolution is unusual.
You can use the History palette’s _________________________ command to create a new document from a state.
New Document
The name of the active layer displays in the status bar in Photoshop.
On the Style box arrow, the _________________________ allows you to specify exact pixel values for a marquee’s height and width.
Fixed Size
____ modes are the ways in which pixels in an image are affected by a color.
A Use tablet pressure to change pen width button on the Magnetic Lasso options bar is used to change the pen width when using graphic drawing tablets instead of a mouse.(T or F)
raster image
a grid of individual pixels (rasters or bits) in rows and columns (called a bitmap). _____ files are resolution dependent which is usually determined when you scan, photograph or create the file originally.
To make composite layer from several other layers without merging layers, you must have only those layers visible - be selected on one of those layers - then Select All - and go to Edit > Copy - Edit > Paste.

A. True
B. False
C. Almost
D. Maybe
B. False
On the Actions palette menu, the ____ command opens a dialog box so you can navigate to the location of the desired action set.
Load Actions
A printed version of a photo is also called a soft copy.
Each time you apply a change to an image, the new ____ of that image is added to the bottom of the History palette.
The ____ key on your keyboard is used to increase the size of the eraser.
It is uncommon to edit or create an image in Photoshop and then export it to a page-layout program.
As shown in the accompanying figure, a hollow lock indicates that a layer is _____.
d.Partially locked
Photoshop: psd, pdf (portable document), eps (encapsulated postscript), tiff (tagged image file format), gif (Compuserve Graphic Interchange Format), jpg or jpeg (joint photographic experts group), bmp (Windows bitmap), png (portable network graphic)
When you have a print copy of a picture that you wish to use in Photoshop, rather than a digital file stored on your computer, it sometimes is necessary to digitize the picture using a ____.
To create a grid, you turn on the ruler display and then drag from the horizontal ruler at the top of the document window or from the vertical ruler at the left side of the document window.(T or F)
The single key command for duplicating a selected area of a layer and copying it to a new layer is _______

A. Command Y
B. Command J
C. Command D
D. Command C
C. Command D
When you point to many objects in the Photoshop window, such as a tool or button, Photoshop displays a ____.
tool tip
The ____ tool repairs imperfections across larger areas but does not allow for brush size selection.
not + brush = Patch
PS CS4 Workspace
Tools Panel: Tools are organized by function.
If you do not make any changes to a photo since the last time you saved it, when you quit Photoshop, you will be prompted to save the photo nevertheless.(T or F)
A path in Photoshop can be filled with a color or pattern.

A. True
B. False
C. Only if it is closed
D. Only one imported from Adobe Illustrator
B. False
As shown in the accompanying figure, the Character palette offers the _________________________ option, which is a special form of tracking related to pairs of adjacent characters that can appear too far apart.
tracking related to pairs = kerning
In ____ mode, you can enter and edit characters and perform limited menu commands, but other operations require that you first commit changes on the options bar.
perform limited menu commands = edit
drag selection with an image in it, no copy left behind
hold CTRL while dragging selection
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