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Terms Definitions
_________________________ literally means one color, but the term is common to images that use various shades of a color, such as gray, to create a black-and-white image.
Selecting the _________________________ means selecting everything in the image except the previous selection.
The _________________________ palette helps you manage actions you have created and those predefined actions that come with Photoshop
The three _________________________ buttons found on the Background Eraser options bar are used to erase colors continuously as you drag, only the areas containing the color you first click, and only areas containing the current background color.
The _________________________ command automation feature converts an action into a standalone program with its own icon.
A(n) _________________________, like the one shown in the accompanying figure, is a selection that displays with a flashing or pulsating selection border sometimes described as marching ants.
The _________________________ measures how much color information is available for displaying or printing each pixel in an image.
Bit depth
The Auto Contrast command automatically assigns the black point to the darkest pixel and the white point to the lightest pixel in an image, clipping shadows and highlights.(T or F)
In Photoshop, the word _________________________, refers to making physical changes to a selection.
The _________________________ bar allows you to set the style, blending mode, and other attributes for a gradient fill.
gradient options
A(n) _________________________ is a series of commands that you play back on a single file or a batch of files.
Flattening composite images increase the file size.
A(n) _________________________ is a selection that displays with a flashing or pulsating selection border sometimes described as marching ants.
A shape is usually a(n) _________________________ object, which means it does not lose its crisp appearance if it is resized or reshaped cleanly.
Performing color adjustment using the Layer menu allows you to experiment with color and tonal adjustments first, before committing them to the image.(T or F)
All photos lend themselves to resizing.
In Photoshop, unlike in other applications, you cannot use the Cut, Copy, and Paste commands from the Edit menu to make changes to selections.
the nontransparent part of the layer
A shape can be a(n) _________________________ object, like the one shown in the accompanying figure, which is composed of a fixed number of individual pixels and cannot be resized or reshaped.
If documents are typewritten and easily legible, some scanners can produce digital text files.
The Curves command makes nonlinear adjustments via control points to make highlight, midtone, and shadow adjustments.
What is Photoshop's native file format?
The _________________________ button allows you to draw an adjacent rectangle or ellipsis to expand a selection.
Add to selection
To deselect a previous selection, click the document window away from the selection.(T or F)
Photoshop layers portions of images when you move them.(T or F)
In graphics software, the ______ command is used to increase or decrease the size and/or resolution of a bitmap-based image. An image is _____ to increase the resolution by adding new pixels. An image is down______ to decrease the resolution by throwing out pixels. _______ an image usually results in a loss of image quality
A printing press can reproduce about ____ levels of gray per ink.
The number of default color channels in an image depends on its file size.(T or F)
Photoshop keeps track of all your edits in the ____ palette.
Resizing works best for small changes where exact dimensions are critical.
Selecting a state and then changing the image eliminates all the states in the History palette that came after it.
With the right adjustment, a layer seems to meld into the image and maintains a consistency of appearance for the overall composite image.
There are ____ colors that display solid, non-dithered, and consistently on any computer monitor.
In sharpening, the _________________________ setting specifies how different the sharpened pixels must be from the surrounding area before they are considered edge pixels and sharpened by the filter.
how different the sharpened pixels = threshold
Photoshop provides a set of extended type tools in the Character palette.
Pressing ____+ arrow nudges an object by 10 pixels.
On the Background Eraser options bar, you can use the resolution setting to control the range of the transparency.
Made up of lines and curves; mathematically defined; scalable without distortion
Unique to the Magnetic Lasso options bar is a text box to enter the contrast that Photoshop will consider in making the path selection.
Some palettes display by default as stacked tabs in small windows on the right side of the workspace. (T or F)
The Magnetic Lasso tool is very effective for making selections on images with a busy background or images with low contrast.(T or F)
Lasso Tool
Freehand selection tool - clicking on bottom right arrow reveals the Magnetic Lasso tool
A work path is temporary unless you save it.(T or F)
To create a spot color channel, press ____ and then click the Create new channel button.
To play back a recorded action, it must be saved with the image, or its action set must be loaded into the image.(T or F)
If you turn off the computer, the document in memory is lost.
The grid is useful for laying out elements symmetrically.
Layers palette
lists all layers, groups, and layer effects in an image
A fully locked layer displays a hollow lock.
The ____ check box creates a smooth edge that can apply to both selecting and erasing.
Like the Healing Brush tool, the Patch tool matches the texture, lighting, and shading of the pixels.
The solution to halos around the edges in an image is to use Defringe matting.
The selected layer is referred to as the _________________________ layer in the Layers palette.
A raster image is a digital image represented by a matrix of pixels.
Layer ____ help you organize and manage layers, and reduce clutter in the Layers palette.
C. Groups
As shown in the accompanying figure, ____ is the technique photographers, designers, and artists use to create the illusion of three dimensions on a flat or two-dimensional surface.
C. Perspective
Photoshop CS3 is part of the Adobe ____ Suite.
The Magic Wand options bar has a(n) _________________________ box that allows you to enter a value that determines the similarity or difference of the pixels selected.
marquee tool
is the tool used to create simple-shape selections. These selection shapes are usually rectangular, elliptical, a single row of pixels, or a single column of pixels. Holding the shift key while dragging a ______ will make a perfectly constrained selection shape.
Graphic designers who create a lot of free-hand brush strokes sometimes use a(n) _________________________, which is an input device that uses a stylus to draw on a tablet surface.
Graphics tablet
A ____ is an individual dot of light that is the basic unit used to create digital images.
When you first begin to drag with the Move tool, the mouse pointer changes to an arrow with a knife indicating a cut from the original position.
Each time you insert a layer in an image, the new layer is added to the bottom of the palette.
As shown in the accompanying figure, the Character palette offers the _________________________ option, which is the process of adjusting the general spacing between characters.
 general spacing between characters = tracking
The Eraser tool options bar displays a ____ box in which you can choose a shape for erasure.
C. Mode
If you press and hold the ALT key before dragging, you _________________________ or move only a copy of the selected area, effectively copying and pasting the selection.
PSD supports files up to 2 MB.(T or F)
Photoshop allows users to create, customize, and save keyboard shortcuts for ____.
All of the above
line art
an image made up entirely of 100% solid areas. Usually black and white only.
A higher number in the Flow box on the Brush options bar applies paint more slowly.(T or F)
Palette options
allows you to change the view and size of the thumbnail related to each layer
____ are considered to be primary colors in the art world.
Red, yellow, and blue
On the left side of the Transform options bar, Photoshop displays the _________________________ button; each of the button’s nine squares corresponds to a point on the bounding box.
Reference point location
lines per inch (lpi)
is the number of halftone dots produced in a horizontal or vertical linear inch by a high resolution imagesetter in order to simulate the appearance of continuous-tone color
While you are typing text, you are working in _________________________ mode.
typing text = edit
You can give a state a new name called a(n) ____.
C. Snapshot
dots per inch (dpi)
is the number of dots produced by an output device (ie. laser printer) in a single line of output. Dots per inch is sometimes used interchangeably (although incorrectly) with pixels per inch.
Tools Panel: Small triangle in upper right corner means...
Other HIDDEN tools. Right click or hold down to display hidden tools. Click
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