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RGB color model
Terms Definitions
Each _________________________ contains a list of commands you can use to perform tasks such as opening, saving, printing, and editing photos.
Actions may include _________________________, or places in the series of steps that pause during playback.
The nontransparent or _________________________ areas of a layer are solid and eclipse lower layers.
The _________________________ command on the Adjustments submenu produces a grayscale image but leaves the image in the same color mode, usually rendering a flat, uninspiring version.
_________________________ softens the edges of the selection for blending into backgrounds.
A(n) _________________________ is a graphic effect consisting of a smooth blend, change, or transition from one color to another.
The _________________________ is a matter of how bright the white is and how dark the black is
The _________________________ tool allows you to select an ellipsis, oval, or circular area.
Elliptical Marquee
The _________________________ measures how much color information is available for displaying or printing each pixel in an image.
bit depth
By default, bitmap, grayscale, duotone, and indexed-color images have one channel.
The _________________________ palette allows you to work with up to five cloning sources at the same time.
Clone Source
The _________________________ button allows you to draw a new marquee.
New selection
The Swatches palette stores frequently used colors for use with various Photoshop tools.(T or F)
Photoshop allows you to convert directly from RGB to Lab color mode; however, using the intermediary CMYK mode gives you more flexibility in color changes and contrast.(T or F)
The default setting for file extensions in Photoshop is to use a three-letter extension.
In transformation mode, the bounding box displays a solid line on the bottom and right, and a pulsating line on the top and left.
an image superimposed or separated from other parts of the document
A(n) _________________________ is the range of colors that can be displayed or printed.
color gamut
Chromatic aberration appears as a color fringe along the edges of objects caused by the lens focusing on different colors of light in different planes.
Photoshop uses a resampling method that assigns a new color value to pixels by taking a sample of the surrounding ones.
Which Graphics are used with Photoshop's native file format?
Keyboard shortcuts assigned to menu commands will display on the right of the command in the menu system.
making overlapping selection
press SHIFT + ALT
Pressing the ALT key while dragging with the Pen tool creates a line in one direction rather than both.(T or F)
A grayscale image printed with only black ink can look very coarse compared to the same image printed with two, three, or four inks.(T or F)
Photoshop uses the Image Size dialog box to make choices about the number of pixels, the document size, and the resampling method.(T or F)
Image editing software refers to computer programs that allow you to create and modify _________________________, or pictures in electronic form.
digital images
Specifying or isolating an area of your photo for editing is called making a selection.
When using the Rectangle Marquee tool or the Elliptical Marquee tool, you can click the _________________________ box arrow to choose how the size of the marquee selection is determined.
To hide or view several contiguous layers, drag through the eye column in the Layers palette.
The ____ blending mode paints each pixel to make it the result color.
For severely damaged documents, professional restorers now are using ____ to recover faded, burned, or even erased text.
ultraviolet fluorescence
For severely damaged documents =
ultraviolet fluorescence
The Spot Healing Brush options bar contains settings for the blending mode of the repair and the sampling methods.
The bilinear interpolation method is a slow but precise interpolation method based on an examination of the values of surrounding pixels, which applies more complex calculations to produce smoother tonal gradations.
After clicking the Clone Stamp Tool (S) button on the Tools palette, you press and hold CTRL while clicking in the portion of the picture that you wish to copy.
Plug-in Modules
Allow for adding commands and filters
Selecting a state and then changing the image eliminates all the states in the History palette that came after it.
Magnification changes the size of a photo physically.(T or F)
When you click the _________________________ button on the Transform options bar, the aspect ratio of the selection is maintained.
Maintain Aspect Ratio
the color “space” or document type which is defined with either on (white) or off (black) pixels.There are no shades of gray. This has one “channel” or level of color information.
An advantage of a vector object is that it occupies a smaller file size than a raster object.(T or F)
To constrain a line angle to a multiple of 45 degrees, hold down the ____ key as you drag.
A spot color channel value of ____ simulates an ink that completely covers the inks beneath.
When you display an alpha channel at the same time as a color channel, the alpha channel appears as a transparent color overlay in the document window(T or F)
Photoshop does not allow you to save composite images.
All steps are recorded in the History palette.
small visual display of the layers in the layers palette
In the TIF Options dialog box, the Pixel Order command writes the TIF file with the channels data interleaved or organized by plane.
The Eraser tool options bar displays a ____ box in which you can specify how quickly the erasure is performed.
The Paragraph palette contains buttons to change the formatting of columns and paragraphs, also called ____ blocks.
blocks = text
The Patch tool is essentially the same as a copy and paste mechanism.
You can organize sets of actions for different types of work, such as online publishing or print publishing, and then transfer sets to other computers.
When using the Clone Stamp tool from one image to another, both images cannot be in the same color mode.
A fully locked layer displays a hollow lock.
To reposition the selection border and its contents, you use the ____ tool.
A. Move
The only file formats that support all of the Photoshop features are PSD and TIFF.(T or F)
JPG file format
Joint Photographic Experts Group," is the name of the committee that developed the format. ___ is a file saving format that can compresses large colorful files by eliminating a small amount of information. However, if the image is compressed too much, the graphics become noticeably "blocky" and some of the detail is lost, or “lossy”. ____ doesn’t support transparency.
If you create a shape and later decide it should be larger or smaller, simply press ____ to display the shape’s bounding box, and then resize the shape by dragging the sizing handles and then press the ENTER key.
The options bar changes to reflect the tool currently selected on the _________________________.
tools palette
Once you press the ENTER key to commit a transformation change, you cannot change your mind.
If you want to limit the layers that display to only a single layer, click the visibility icon next to the background and all layers other than the desired one to turn off their display.
In sharpening, the _________________________ value specifies how much of the sharpening effect to apply to the image.
how much of the sharpening effect = Amount
You can press the CTRL + Z shortcut keys to undo a small erasure.
PDF: Portable Document Format
Designed for Paperless office.Read with Adobe Acrobat ReaderRepresents both Vector & Bitmapped graphics.Contains electronic document search and navigation features and also hypertext links.Can be created from almost any application.Cannot be edited except with Adobe AcrobatMaintains formatting, fonts, colors, etc., across platforms
On the Style box arrow, the _________________________ style sets a height-to-width ratio using decimal values.
Fixed Aspect Ratio
A printed version of a photo is also called a soft copy. (T or F)
The term ____ refers to the ability of objects to attach, or automatically align with, a grid or guide.
RGB color mode
the color “space” or document type which is defined by three channels of red, green and blue produced by the color monitor. It is created by combining different intensities of each of the three colors. This type of color producing is called “additive primaries” because the light of the monitor display is added together to make the color you need. Most monitors have a “gamut”, or range, of 16.7 million colors. If you mix the colors you’d get white.
If you decide to use a shape tool in Photoshop, you can draw in one of four different shape modes: shape layers, paths, fill pixels, and raster layers.(T or F)
Areas you create in ____ in a mask are visible.
If you need to move a shape or layer by just a little bit, you can select the Move tool and then press a function key on the keyboard to nudge the object by 1 pixel.
A small ____ point is displayed in the center of a selection when you choose a transformation
B. Reference
alpha channel
is a special type of channel used in graphics software for saving selections. Most bitmap editing software allows you to save multiple ____ channels with an image when it is saved in the program's native file format. Any of the ____ channels can be reloaded as a selection or mask at any time, even after closing and reopening the image.
The Healing Brush options bar has a(n) _________________________ setting to sample pixels continuously, without losing the current sampling point, even if you release the mouse button.
pixels continuously = Aligned
Which of the following may display in the message area?
All of the above
Pixels can __________________.

A. be scaled to any size and printed at any resolution without losing detail or clarity.
B. be converted to vector shapes allowing for sharp, smooth-edged layered images.
C. lose detail and appear jagged if they are scaled
C. lose detail and appear jagged if they are scaled on-screen or if they are printed at a lower resolution than they were created for.
To create a layer, you can do any of the following EXCEPT ____.
isolate a portion of the image and then paste a layer copy
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