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RGB color model
Terms Definitions
The Photoshop _________________________, located below the menu bar and options bar, is arranged to help you focus on creating and editing photos.
The _________________________ palette is used to create and manage channels.
Clouds is a(n) _________________________ filter that purposefully distorts the colors in a layer or mark to simulate clouds in the sky.
A(n) _________________________ channel is similar to a new layer in that it is used to edit or mask parts of an image.
_________________________ refers to placing visual elements into a pleasing and readable arrangement.
The _________________________ color is the color being applied with the painting or editing tool when you use blending modes with gradients.
The _________________________ mode of the Actions palette is used for quick playbacks.
the active layer
the selected layers
In addition to the _________________________ gradient that creates a solid color spectrum transition through the gradient, you alternately can choose the noise gradient.
The Auto Contrast command automatically assigns the black point to the darkest pixel and the white point to the lightest pixel in an image, clipping shadows and highlights.
Lossless & Lossy
In _________________________ mode, the Transform options bar is displayed and the associated shortcut menu displays the transformation commands.
Clicking in the Color palette’s color ramp automatically sets the current foreground or background color.(T or F)
Layer masks create more permanent masks than alpha channels. (T or F)
Metadata is divided into four categories: file information, image usage, image creation data, and optimization options.
Pressing ____ while drawing a selection starts from the center and constrains the proportions.
the nontransparent part of the layer
The _________________________ dialog box allows you to choose a color from the color field or define the color numerically.
select stop color
Type designers are responsible for designing the layout of the printed word and blocks of text on a page.
With multiple versions come inevitable color mode, tonal adjustments, and sizing issues.
UNDO & Step Backward/Forward
Snapping is a permanent magnetic hold.
Optimization is the process of changing a photo to make it most effective for its purpose.(T or F)
The Anti-alias check box selects colors using data from all visible layers.(T or F)
Switch background and foreground colours
press X
With the Brush tool, dragging using the SHIFT key, creates strokes of color that may include corners, curves, and arcs.(T or F)
CMYK is considered an additive color mode because its colors are created when light strikes an object or image and the wavelengths are absorbed.(T or F)
A saved action displays a file extension of ____.
Pressing the ____ key toggles the display of palettes, Tools palette, and options bar on and off.
Rulers help you position images or elements precisely.
By default, the History palette lists the previous ____ states.
Because TIFF files are supported by virtually all paint, image-editing, and page-layout applications, it is a versatile format for cross platform applications.
Each color mode uses a numerical method called a color __________________________, which describes the color.
The _________________________ tool subtly changes the color saturation of an area.
subtly changes + saturation = Sponge
An Exposure box on the Dodge/Burn options bar allows you to specify a percentage of dodging or burning.
Turning off the display of thumbnails can have a negative impact on performance.
You can choose another tool before having committed a transformation.
* Preview multiple files* Grouping files (Ctrl+G)* Ungrouping files - select and drag out of group* Assign Keywords: Events, People, or places* Filtering Files (Type, Keywords, Date)* Add your most used folders to favorites
Photoshop immediately warns you if you have chosen a keyboard shortcut used somewhere else in the program.
You can activate Adobe Help by pressing F1.(T or F)
Unique to the Magnetic Lasso options bar is a text box to enter the contrast that Photoshop will consider in making the path selection.(T or F)
The process of converting a vector image into a bitmap image
The Only Web Colors box configures the Select stop colors dialog box to display only _________________________ colors.
The Gradient tool can only be used with the Bitmap or Index color modes.(T or F)
When you toggle ____ controls off, the playback runs through the steps seamlessly without any visible dialog boxes.
When you use the Print One Copy command to print a document, Photoshop prints the photo automatically using preset options.
When you drag a newly defined marquee, the image inside the marquee moves along with the marquee.
One of the keys to successful image compositions is finding the best source material with contrasting lighting situations and tonal qualities.
To access the eraser tools after using a different tool, press the ____ key.
The _________________________ tool is used to lighten areas of an image.
lightens areas = Dodge
In images that do not support layers, Photoshop converts text elements to bitmaps and embeds them in the image.
The Lab color mode tries to emulate the colors viewable by the human eye.
A special kind of mask is a(n) _________________________ mask that masks the layers above it.
To display the Transform options bar, create a selection and then press ____.
A Use tablet pressure to change pen width button on the Magnetic Lasso options bar is used to change the pen width when using graphic drawing tablets instead of a mouse.
A shortcut menu sometimes is known as a(n) ____ menu.
The grid is useful for laying out elements symmetrically.(T or F)
The positioning of a stack of images relative to other stacks of images. ______ are like clear acetate sheets; opaque where there is imagery and transparent where there is no imagery
The Mode box arrow displays a list of _________________________ modes, which are the ways in which pixels in the image are affected by a color.
The colored box in the Navigator palette is called the ____.
proxy view area
A positive number in the H box skews the selection to the left.
A pattern is an image that is repeated when you use it to fill a layer or selection.
Most flash mechanisms only have a range of approximately ____ feet.
mechanisms = 10
On most layers, the Eraser tool simply erases the pixels or changes them to ____.
A. Transparent
Zoom In (CTRL +)Zoom Out (CTRL -)Fit in Screen (CTRL 0)Type percentage in Zoom LevelZoom Tool, Navigator Panel
To create a grid, you turn on the ruler display and then drag from the horizontal ruler at the top of the document window or from the vertical ruler at the left side of the document window.
If you select a state and change the image by accident, you can use the ____ command on the Edit menu to restore the eliminated states.
PSD file format
this is the native format for photoshop. It saves all the data in the photoshop file. It can be quite large including all layers, channels, effects and resolution. More and more programs are accepting ___ as a importable file format
To create a gradient, you select an area of an image and then click the _________________________ button in the Tools palette.
Gradient Tool (G)
To create a layer mask, Photoshop provides a(n) ____ button in the lower part of the Layers palette.
C. Add layer mask
____ are useful when the part of an image or photo that you wish to select fits into rectangular or elliptical shapes.
C. Marquees
blending mode
allow you to adjust how one layer or color mixes with the colors in the layers below. _________ are most often used with layers in your graphics software, but they can also come into play with painting tools where the blending mode of the painting tool affects how the colors mix with the existing colors on the same layer where you are painting.
As shown in the accompanying figure, the Character palette offers the _________________________ option, which is the process of shrinking or stretching text to change the width of individual characters.
process of shrinking or stretching text = scaling
When you click the _________________________ button on the Transform options bar, the movement of the selection is relative to the current location of the selected reference point.
Use relative positioning for point of reference
how can you lock a layer?
on the options bar above the layers palette
A visible link icon of a layer set (between the image and the mask) provides ___________.

A. that the attributes of the Layer Mask will be hidden.
B. that the mask and the image will act independently when moved with the move tool.
C. that the mask and t
C. that the mask and the image will move together when you move either one with the move tool.
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