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Terms Definitions

Resource Requirements
Inputs Create WBS
Organizational Process Assets
Project Scope Statement
Project Scope Management Plan
Approved change requests
Inputs Create WBS

Conditional Diagramming Methods
Parametric cost estimating involves:
A. Calculating individual cost estimates for each work package.
B. Using rates and factors based on historical experience to estimate costs.
C. Using the actual cost of a similar project to estimate total project cost
Project Communications Management
(monitoring and controlling)
Report Performance
The coordinated undertaking of interrelated activities directed toward a specific goal that has afinite period of performance isa. Project charterb. Projectc. Milestoned. Set of project objectivese. Program
ommunications between individuals while talking may also involve nonverbal communications, or body language. Body language is most commonly associated with ________.
A. twisting and shrugging
B. gestures and facial expressions
C. toe tapping and foot shuf
Answer: B
Empathetic listening entails understanding another person's frame of reference. To exhibit empathetic listening skills, a project manager should
A. Mimic the content of the message
B. Probe, then evaluate the content
C. Evaluate the content, then advise
Answer: D
Components of the "Triple" Constraint (6)
-Customer Satisfaction
Formula for Schedule Variance (SV)
'The process of preparing for
Communication Barriers
Obstacles that impede communications. For example: limited communication channels, distance, noise, cultural differences, organizational climate, perceptions, limited information, withholding of information, terminology, number of communication links, manipulation (hidden agenda), etc
Inputs Activity Sequencing
Project Scope StatementActivity ListActivity attributesMilestone listApproved change requests
Quality planning is
A. identifying which quality standards are relevant to the project and determining how to satisfy them.
B. monitoring specific project results to determine if they comply with relevant quality standards and identifying ways to eliminat
Answer: A
Response development is sometimes referred to as
a. Response planning & risk mitigation
b. Reponses planning and risk control
c. Risk control and response mitigation
d. Risk mitigation and response control
Answer: a
Estimated at Completion is determined by:
D. A and C
E. A and B
. Project Procurement Management includes:
A. Procurement planning
B. Solicitation planning
C. Solicitation
D. All of the above
Answer: D
Statistical Decision Making includes Pareto Analysis as a means of reducing errors in the total project process. Pareto Analysis ________.
A. is a method of rejecting errors or variances from standards following self-inspection
B. is a procedure for ranki
Answer: B
_____________ is developing an approximation of the costs of the
resources needed to complete project activities.
A. Resource planning
B. Cost estimating
C. Cost budgeting
D. Cost control
Answer: B
Defining the activities, activity sequencing, and activity duration estimating are inputs to:
A. project charter creation.
B. WBS creation.
C. schedule development.
D. project development.
management by projects
This approach characterizes organizations that manage their operations as projects. These project-centric entitites could manage any level of their work as a project. Such organizations apply general business skills to each project to determine their value, efficiency, and ultimately, their return on investment
Starting a subsequent activity before its predecessor has finished. Like in relay race.
steering committee
responsible for project review, selection, and prioritization. Usually senior and midlevel managers
'Sampling Frequency'
'(f) - The sampling frequency
Human Resource PlanningAcquire Project TeamDevelop Project TeamManage Project Team
PCommM Processes
control account
a management control point where scope, budget, actual cost and schedule are integrated and compared to earned value for performance measure.
The most significant problem area in project integration management is (are):a. Behavioral problemsb. Quantitative analysisc. Budget problemsd. Schedule updatese. It depends on the type of project
Quality Planning Outputs?
Outputs: (1)Quality Management Plan, (2)Operational Definitions, (3)Checklists, (4)Inputs to Other Processes
Budgeted Cost for Work Scheduled. Now PV (Planned Value)
Performance reports are used to provide information to stakeholders on project scope, schedule, cost, and quality. Which statement most accurately describes this process?
A. The configuration control board receives performance reports and generates change
Answer: B
. Self-inspection by the individual performing the work is used to achieve quality in a product. The advantages of self-inspection include ________.
A. immediate feedback to permit adjustments to the process
B. early identification of errors prior to furt
Answer: E
Preparation of the Scope baseline involves the:
a. Project Manager and sponsor
b. Functional team
c. Project Manager and project office
d. All of the above
Answer: d
The most important element necessary for project control is
A. Upper management commitment
B. Responsibility over resources
C. A labor distribution reporting system
D. Clear requirements
E. Sufficient management reserve
Answer: D
Financial compensation is the primary motivational tool for which of the following management theories or programs?
A. Zero Defects program
B. Theory X management
C. Theory Y management
D. Quality Control Circles
E. A and C
Answer: B
The Award phase includes the
A. requirements, requisition and award cycles
B. award and contractual cycles
C. requisition and solicitation cycles
D. solicitation cycle
E. cycles required for the contract
Answer: D
An expressed warranty
A. Is provided by the sales manager
B. Is a statement of the characteristics of the product
C. Covers a longer period than the implied warranty
D. Is the best guarantee to the buyer
E. Can be sold separately
Answer: B
____________ devises and maintains a worktable scheme to accomplish
the business need that the project was undertaken to address.
A. Development process
B. Scoping process
C. Planning process
D. Information development process
Answer: C
Project sponsors have the greatest influence on the scope, quality, time, and cost of the
project during the:
a. concept phase.
b. development phase.
c. execution phase.
d. closeout phase.
Answer: a
In a projectized organization, the project team
a. Reports to many bosses
b. Has loyalty to the project
c. Will not always have a home
d. B & c
Answer: d
Project managers must strive to improve communications within the project team as well as with external elements. The project manager can improve communications by removing ________ of the information.
A. delays, impediments, and barriers
B. filtering, di
Answer: B
The requirement to complete the project in three months using only four resources is an example of:
A. constraints.
B. earned value analysis components.
C. benefit cost ratios.
D. law of diminishing returns.
What are the organization types?
Matrix - Strong, Weak or balanced
Time Management Processes - Schedule Control
Schedule Updates
Network diagram
A method of diagramming project activities to show sequence and dependencies.
projectized structure
Any organizational structure in which the project manager has full authority to assign priorities, apply resources, and direct the work of persons assigned to the project.
'A description of a condition or capability to which a system must conform; either derived directly from user needs
'Cost Plus Percentage of Cost Contract (CPPC) - Provides reimbursement of allowable cost of services performed plus an agreed upon percentage of the estimated cost as profit.'
What is the WBS
The Work Breakdown Structure
Process Group- Planning Group
Integration- Develop Managment Plan
Scope- 1. collect requirements
2. Define Scope
   3. Create  WBS
Time Management-     1. Define activities
2. sequence activities
3. estimate activity resources
4. Estimate Activity resources
5. Estimate Activity Duration
6. Develop Schedule
Cost Management 1. Estimate Costs
2. Determine budget
Project Quality 1. Plan quality
HR 1. Develop HR plan
Communications 1. Plan communications
Project Risk Mang. 1. Plan Risk Mang
2. ID risks
3. Perform Qaulitative 
4. Perform Quanative
5. Plan Risk Responses
Procurment 1. plan procurements
Privity of Contract
The legal relationship that exist between the parties to a contract that allows either party to enforce contractual rights against the other party and seek remedy directly from the other party
Which of the following are most often “skipped over” in terms of formalities?a. Planning and executionb. Execution and closingc. Initiation and Monitoring/Controllingd. Closing and planninge. Initiation and execution
A technique that explores the accuracy of assumptions and identifies risks to the project from inaccuracy of the assumption.
Assumptions Analysis

(Risk Identification)
Which of the following contract types places the greatest risk on the seller to control costs?
A. Fixed-price with economic price adjustment
B. Fixed-price incentive (firm target)
C. Firm-fixed-price
D. Cost-plus-award fee
E. Cost-plus-incentive fee
Answer: C
Originally a project had four team members. Now the scope has expanded, and there are a total of six people on the project team. How many communication channels does the project have?
A. 6
B. 9
C. 12
D. 15
Which terms are used to describe contested changes when the seller and project management team disagree on compensation for the change? I. Appeals II. Mediation III. Claims IV. Disputes V. Arbitration
A. I and III only
B. II and IV only
C. IV and V only
Answer: D
A market demand, a business need, and/or legal requirements are examples of:
A. reasons to hire a project manager.
B. reasons projects are authorized.
C. reasons people or businesses become stakeholders.
D. reasons to sponsor a project.
Monte Carlo analysis is
a. Not accurate
b. Rarely used
c. The basis for most schedule simulations
d. Is an estimate of the probability that a given risk will happen within a certain time frame.
Answer: c
While the project is being completed, management requests a change. What is the FIRST thing the project manager should do?
A. Comply with the request if possible
B. Obtain a complete understanding of the scope of the change
C. Tell the customer that a cha
Which of the following is best for handling cross-functional project needs for a large, complex project?
A. A strong matrix organization
B. A project coordinator
C. A project expeditor
D. Direct executive involvement
E. A functional organization
Two people are arguing about what needs to be done to complete a task. If the project manager wants to know what is going on, she should pay MOST attention to:
A. what is said.
B. what is being discussed according to those arguing.
C. physical mannerisms.
In their pure state, project reports are a method to:
A. plan communications.
B. distribute information.
C. report performance.
D. manage resources.
The project manager who adopts the shareholder manager leadership style
A. Solicits little or no information from his or her team and makes decisions alone
B. Solicits input fro the team and makes decisions alone
C. Invites team members to share in projec
Answer: D
The process of conferring with others to come to terms or reach an agreement is called
A. Win-win
B. Getting to yes
C. Negotiation
D. Arbitration
E. Confrontation
Answer: C
The most critical aspect of selecting a contractor and awarding a contract is the proposal evaluation (or bid review) process. The evaluators must be aware of the need to balance fact versus judgment, objective versus subjective reasoning, work tasks vers
Answer: D
Setting up a cost control system requires matching the work packages to the cost accounting system. The direct mapping of the work packages to the accounting is accomplished by establishing a ________.
A. work package cost/price
B. work breakdown structur
Answer: E
The cost estimate with the most precise estimate (i.e., the smallest range of error) is the ________ estimate.
A. engineering
B. budget
C. concept
D. definitive
E. contingency
Answer: D
PERT uses three time estimates to arrive at a single "best" estimate for each activity. This is assumed to better account for uncertainty in the estimating process. The formula for computing the "PERT estimate" is ________. (Note a = o
Answer: C
"I cannot test the software until I code the software." This expression describes which of the following dependencies?
A. Discretionary
B. Soft
C. Preferential
D. Mandatory or hard
E. Regulated
Answer: D
A quality program within a project should be based on ________ of errors to improve productivity along with quality levels.
A. early detection
B. early correction
C. late detection
D. late correction
E. prevention
Answer: E
In order to achieve long-term quality improvements, management must do the following
A. Motivate the employees with seminars, contests, and institution of programs such as "Quality Improvement" day
B. Create a quality control department and give
Answer: C
The purchasing cycle consists of all the following elements except?
A. Defined Need
B. Transmit Need
C. Inspection
D. Price & Terms
Answer: C

From this point forward, how much MORE do we expect it to cost to finish the project?
work breakdown structure
The WBS is a deliverable-oriented collection of project components. Work that isn't in the WBS isn't in the project. The point of the WBS is to organize and define the project scope.
High level pints in schedule used to track and report progress. Usually have no time associated with them.
Cost Management Processes - Cost Estimating
Activity Cost Estimates
Procurement Management Processes - Plan Purchases & Acquistions
Procurement Management Plan
Contract SOW
Project Statement of Work (SOW)
describes the project/service/result the was undertaken to complete
'Dependency Diagram'
'Another name for a network or precedence diagram that shows the dependencies (precedence) between tasks.'
'Action to decrease the duration of an activity or project by increasing the expenditure of resources.'
Reasons for Initiating Projects
- Market Demand
- Strategic opportunity/business need.
- Customer request
- Technological advance
- Legal Requirements
contingency reserve
the amount of funds, budget or time needed above the estimate to reduce the risk of overruns of project objectives to a level acceptable ot the organization.
Schedule Performance Index (SPI)
The schedule efficiency ratio of earned value accomplished against the planned value. The SPI describes what portion of the planned schedule was actually accomplished. The SPI = EV divided by PV
Cost Budgeting Tools and Techniques?
Tools and Techniques: (1)Analogous Estimating, (2)Parametric Modeling, (3)Bottom-up Estimating, (4)Computerized Tools, (5)Other cost estimating methods
. Cost estimates include all of the following resource categories EXCEPT
A. Labor
B. Materials
C. Supplies
D. Inflation allowances
E. Time allocations
Answer: E
Project Closeout must ensure that the terms of the contract have been met.
Documentation enables the project team to:
a. Reflect revised or as-built conditions
b. Verify that the budget has been met.
c. Verify that no cost accounts have been exceeded.
Answer: A
Kerzner 608-609
Of the five tools and techniques for performance reporting, which one integrates cost and schedule information as a key element of its approach?
A. Performance reviews
B. Variance analysis
C. Trend analysis
D. Earned value analysis
E. Information distribu
Answer: D
You are sampling items from a batch and plotting the results on a control chart. How will an increase in the number of items in the sample affect the value of the standard deviation used to set the control limit?
A. increase it.
B. Decrease it.
C. No effe
Answer: B
Which of the following is not a principle of modern quality assurance?
a. Increased expenditure on inspection
b. Total quality control
c. The cost of quality
d. Continuous improvement
Answer: a
In the earned values system, the focus is on "cost of work," which is divided into "scheduled" and "performed" work. This is further defined as "budgeted" and "actual" work. The formula "BCWP - BCWS&q
Answer: B
The concept of warranty is based upon one party's assurance that the product or service will meet certain standards of quality, including ________.
A. function, performance, durability, and desirability
B. appearance, desirability, reliability, and mainta
Answer: D
It is critical for your company to offer its products on the Internet to increase its market
share. The company has no previous experience in this area, but it believes that knowledge
is needed rapidly. As you have shown an interest in the Internet, you a
Answer: b
. Rebaselining may be an output of cost control when
A. CVs are severe, and a relaistic measure of performance is needed
B. Revised cost estimates are prepared and distributed to stakeholders
C. Corrective action must be taken to bring expected future per
Answer: A
What is the major aspect of scope verification?
A. It ensures the project deliverable is completed on time.
B. It makes sure the project is on track by ensuring the customer's acceptance of the deliverable.
C. It shows the deliverable meets specifications
the day-to-day work that gos on in the organization
Quality Processes - lie in which process groups?
-Planning (1)
-Executing (1)
-Monitoring & Controlling (1)
Quality Management Processes - Perform Quality Control
Quality Control Measures
Validated Defect Repair
'Benefits Management Plan'
'A project statement of who is responsible for achieving the benefits
'Imposed Finish'
'A finish date imposed on an activity by external constraints.'
Team Development- Tuckman- forming
high dependence on leader for guidance and direction. little agreement on team aims other than received from leader. Individual roles and responsibility are unclear. PM direction
Quality is one part of the three major parameters of a project. When the quality in a project exceeds the specifications, that is called ________.
A. excellence
B. superior quality
C. deviation plus quality
D. gold plating
E. silver plating
Answer: D
The time of delivery for a contract is often specified to ensure that both parties, the buyer and seller, understand the need for the product, service, or system on or before that date. When a time is not specified in a contract, it is assumed that perfor
Answer: E
A project can best be defined as:
A. Series of non­related activities designed to accomplish single and
multiple objectives.
B. Coordinated effort of related activities designed to accomplish a goal
without a well­established end point.
C. Cradle­
Answer: D
triple constraints of project management
time/cost/scope - quality is affected by the balance of thes three components. Also known as the "iron triangle"
'Punishment of the Innocent'
'A humorous reference to what is perceived to happen when projects go wrong and scapegoats are found.'
Project - Life Cycle Structure
- Starting the project
- Organizing and preparing
- Carrying out the project work
- Closing the project
bottom up cost estimate
highly detailed and uses the WBS to create the activity estimates for cost.
Once a logic of a network is laid out, the project manager will conduct a forward pass and then a backward pass thru the network. Doing this will provide information on the ___________ and identification of the _________.
a. Slack for each activity, criti
Answer: a
Earned Value Formulas - Schedule Variance (SV)
The difference between where we planned to be and where we are in the schedule.
'Management by Methods'
'(MBM) - Level 2 of a five level Dynamic Baseline Model in which those proficient in MBR build on their knowledge base
Formula for Variance
[(P - O)/6 ]squared (P = Pessimistic / O = Optimistic)
Earned Value Formulas - Schedule Performance Index (SPI)
The rate at which the project performance is meeting schedule expectations up to a point in time.
Name the 2 Planning Processes for Procurement
Plan Purchases and Acquisitions, Plan Contracting
What are the Inputs to Creat WBS in Planning
Organizational process assets, Project scope statement, Project scope management plan & Approved change requests
Which of the following is not an input into organizational planning?
A. Recruitment practices
B. Project interfaces
C. Staffing requirements
D. Constraints
A: Recruitment practices is an input of Staff Acquisition.
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