PMP 11 Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Process Groups
Monitoring & Controlling
Inputs Scope Planning
Enterprie enironmental factors
Organizational Process assets
Project Charter
Preliminary project scope statementProject Management Plan
Inputs Scope Planning
Project Charter Inputs
Project Statement of Work
Enterprise Environmental Factors
Organizational Process Assets
Project Charter Inputs
Cost Performance Index. CPI=EV/AC

Resource pool description
• ?
Pareto Diagram
specialized histogram, frequency distribution. Shows how many results were generated by each identified cause.
Initiation Outputs?
Outputs: (1)Project Charter, (2)Project Manager ID/Assign, (3)Constraints, (4)Assumptions
A significant difference between independent estimates and proposed pricing could mean that:

A. The independent estimates are most likely incorrect and the proposed pricing correct
B. The SOW was not adequate
C. The prospective seller either misunders
Inputs Activity Definition
Enterprise environmental facgtors
Organizational process assets
Project scope statement
Work breakdown structure
WBS Dictionary
Project Management Plan
Inputs Activity Definition
Cost Estimating Output
Activity cost estimates
'Graphical Evaluation and Review Technique (GERT) - A network analysis technique that allows for conditional and probabilistic treatment of logical relationships (i.e.
HR plan inputs
activity resource requirements, enterprise enviromental factors, organziational process assets.
Outputs Scope Definition
Project Scope StatementRequested ChangesProject Scope Management Plan Updates
Most accurate cost estimating technique?
Bottom up
Effective communication is critical for project success. Scope changes, constraints,
assumptions, integration and interface requirements, overlapping roles and responsibilities, and
many other factors all pose communications challenges. Communication ba
Answer: d
Determining activity durations require developing estimates. Typical input to consider in developing an estimate includes which of the following?
A. Resource requirements
B. Resource capabilities
C. Project team knowledge
D. Past project files
E. All of t
Answer: E
Characteristics of project phases are:
A. Milestones
B. Deliverables
C. Activities
D. All of the above
Answer: D
Close Project - Outputs
Administrative Closure Procedure
Contract Closure Procedure
Final Product, Service or Result
Org. Proc. Asset Updates
Procurement Processes - Monitoring & Controlling
Contract Administration
'Remaining Float - The difference between the early finish and the late finish date.'
Leadership- Delegating
follower decides when leader is involved.
Impact Analysis
The mathematical examination of the nature of individual risks on the project, as well as potential arrangements of interdependent risks. It includes the quantification of their respective impact severity, probability, and sensitivity to changes in related project variables, including the project life cycle
Outputs Activity duration estimating
Activity duration estimatesActivity attributes updates
Cost Control Outputs?
Outputs: (1)Revised Cost Estimates, (2)Budget Updates, (3)Corrective Action, (4)Estimate at Completion, (5)Project Closeout, (6)Lessions Learned
Scope baseline once established and approved is used:
a. As the basis for making future decisions..
b. To accomplish verification measures.
c. To evaluate potential changes.
d. All of the above.
Answer: d
A comprehensive definition of Scope management would be:
a. Approval of Scope baseline
b. Approval of detailed project charter
c. Configuration control
d. Managing a project in terms of its objectives thru all life cycle phases and processes.
Answer: d
When actual costs exceed estimated costs without any change in the scope of work, the project is experiencing
A. Accelerated costs
B. Cost growth
C. Schedule compression
D. Cost overrun
E. Cost risk
Answer: D
Statements such as "It's never been done before" or "It will cost a fortune" are examples of
A. Feedback
B. Communication blockers
C. Conflict generators
D. Forcing
E. Facilitation
Answer: B
As a project communication management process, administrative closeout consists of verifying and documenting project results to formalize acceptance of the project product by the customer. The output generated from administrative closeout activities consi
Answer: A
A specification that describes the buyers requirements with special dimensions, tolerances, or features, such as chemical or electronic requirements and that is accompanied by engineering drawings, is called a
A. Design specification
B. Functional specifi
Answer: A
In the project environment, the individual ultimately responsible for quality control is
A. The line workers who must strive "to do things right the first time' to avoid quality problems
B. The company's quality control manager who must work with the
Answer: D
The Japanese Quality Control (QC) Circle movement motivated its participants in many ways. Which of the following represents the most important motivation for the QC circle participant
A. Improving the performance of the company
B. Self-improvement
C. Fin
Answer: A
Generally speaking, compensation to a contractor in a cost contract is based on
A. Actual costs incurred based on the contractor's best efforts
B. The amount of time required to complete the contract
C. Delivery of the goods and services stipulated in the
Answer: A
. Procurement documents should have all of the following attributes EXCEPT
A. Facilitating accurate and complete responses
B. Including a complete statement of work
C. Describing the desired form of response
D. Including the list of potential bidders/resp
Answer: D
. Information typically required to determine project communications requirements include
a. Project organization and stakeholder responsibility relations
b. Disciplines, departments, and specialties involved in the project
c. External information need
Answer: d
__________ is a narrative description of the work to be accomplished or resource to be supplied.
A. Purchase order
B. Level of effort work
C. Scope of work
D. Contract stipulation
Answer: C
Some organizations today are using "six sigma", to set the upper and lower limits on control charts rather than the traditional sigmas, which are?
A. two
B. threes
C. four
D. five
E. twelve
Answer: B
Examples of team building activities include:
a. Establishing ground rules for dealing with conflict.
b. Regular progress reviews.
c. Periodic social events for team members.
d. All of the above
Answer: d
The work breakdown structure is created by:
A. the team.
B. the project manager.
C. management.
D. the functional manager.
The project manager's role during execution of the project can BEST be described as a(n):
A. director.
B. integrator.
C. coordinator.
D. leader.
Outputs Create WBS
Project Scope statement (updates)
Work Breakdown structure
WBS dictionary
Scope baseline
Project scope management plan updates
Requested changes
Outputs Create WBS
Time Management Processes - Activity Duration Estimating
Duration Estimates
Procurement Processes - Executing
-Request Seller Responses
-Select Sellers
'Project Log'
'A project diary. A chronological record of significant occurrences throughout the project.'
Project Management
PM is the application of knowledge,skills, tools and techniques to project activities to meet project requirements.
Change Control Board
A formally constitued gorup of stakeholders responsible for reviewing , evaluating approving, delaying or rejecting changes to a project
Project Closeout
The full completion of a project signed off by all responsible parties and the finalization of all paperwork. Contractually concluded by a consultant's total performance Certificate
A key difference between a project and a program:a. A project has a clear start point, a program does notb. A project consumes resources, a program does notc. A project will usually consist of several programs; a program is part of a project
Method of estimating a component of work from the lowest, more detailed pieces of work and then aggregating the resource/cost needs upwards into a total quantity for that component.
Bottom-Up Estimating
(Activity Resource Estimating)
(Cost Estimating)
Inputs to Team Development include all but
A. Project staff
B. Reward and recognition systems
C. Performance reports
D. Project plan
Answer: B
A project team is having difficulty communicating over long distances. There are 13 team members from two countries when five people from India are added to the project. How many communication channels are there?
A. 153
B. 180
C. 324
D. 362
A project manager on a multinational web site implementation project is at a party and talks to friends who will be heavy users of this new web site when the project is complete and the site is rolled out. They convey some annoying aspects with the curren
When should a project baseline be changed?
A. When a major delay occurs
B. When an official change is made
C. When a cost increase occurs
D. Changes should never be made in the baseline.
Inputs to cost estimating include the following
a. Work breakdown structure, resource requirements, resource rates, activity duration estimates,
estimating publications, scope statement, and organizational policies
b. Work breakdown structure, resource
Answer: d
One of the outputs of risk identification is
a. Potential risk events
b. Corrective actions
c. Alternate strategies
d. Alternative action
Answer: a
There have been numerous changes on your project. All approved changes should be reflected in the:
A. performance measurement baseline.
B. change management plan.
C. quality assurance plan.
When should the project baseline be changed?
A. When should the project baseline be changed?
B. Only for changes that have been approved by the change control board
C. At each project team meeting
D. At each project team meeting
The project manager is working to clearly describe the level of involvement expected from everyone involved in the project in order to prevent rework, conflict and coordination problems. Which of the following BEST describes the project manager's efforts?
What percent of time do project managers spend communicating?
A. 90
B. 20
C. 70
D. 25
You provide a project cost estimate for the project to the project sponsor. He is unhappy with the estimate, because he thinks the price should be lower. He asks you to cut 15% off the project estimate. What should you do?
A. Start the project and constan
The control points in the work breakdown structure that are used for assignments to work centers are referred to as:
A. work packages.
B. subtasks.
C. tasks.
D. integration points.
Linear programming is an example of what type of project selection criterion?
A. Constrained optimization
B. Comparative approach
C. Benefit measurement
D. Impact analysis
Which one of the following factors should be considered in the make or buy analysis?
a. Direct & Indirect costs
b. Possible use by other projects and /or operations of the asset under consideration
c. a & b
d. None of the above
Answer: c
A project manager may issue a "waiver" on items received from a vendor because the items are less than the purchase order specified. If the project manager knowingly accepts faulty material, the vendor is usually ________ any damages that the ma
Answer: B
The purchasing cycle consists of all the following elements except?
A. Defined Need
B. Transmit Need
C. Inspection
D. Price & Terms
Answer: C
. Net present value is the
A. After-tax value of working capital
B. Value today of future cash flow
C. Total budget as of today
D. Total budget as of today plus management reserve
E. Future value of present cash flow
Answer: B
A fundamental tenet of modern quality management holds that quality is most likely to be achieved
A. by planning it into the project.
B. by developing careful mechanisms to inspect for quality
C. by developing prestigious products and processes.
D. by str
Answer: A
When errors that affect quality are discovered, the procedure to improve the situation should be to ________.
A. identify the specific error
B. correct the specific error
C. determine the root cause of the error
D. correct the root cause of the error
E. a
Answer: E
The following activities are in a network diagram
activity Predecessors Duration (days)
A. Excavating none 5
B. Pouring foundation A 2
C. Installing outside plumbing A 6
D. Framing B 8
E. Installing inside plumbing D 2
F. Wiring D 3
In the network outline
Answer: B
Which of the following practices is NOT an important element of effective contract administration?
A. Preparing contract change documentation
B. Processing payment vouchers
C. Establishing the appropriate contract type
D. Implementing a contract change co
Answer: C
When a product or service completely meets a customer's requirements
A. quality is achieved.
B. cost of quality is high.
C. cost of quality is low.
D. the customer pays the minimum price.
E. a and b.
Answer: A
SV = EV – PV

(-) defines behind schedule.
(+) defines ahead of schedule.
A deliverable is the outcome of a project or project phase; a deliverable of a project can be a product or service.
Cost Control - Outputs
Cost Estimate Updates
Cost Baseline Updates
Performance Measurements
Forecasted Completion
Requested Changes
Recommended Corrective Actions
Organizational Process Updates
Project Management Plan Updates
Integrated Change Control - Inputs
Project Management Plan
Requested Changes
Work Performance Info
Recommended Preventative Actions
Recommended Corrective Actions
Recommended Defect Repair
Scope Management Process Outputs - Scope Definition
Project Scope Statement
cost benefit analysis
compares cost to produce the product/service/result to the benefit (revenue generally)
'Organizational Breakdown Structure'
'(OBS) - A hierarchical structure designed to pinpoint the area of an organization responsible for each part of a project.'
'Cost Avoidance'
'An action taken in the present designed to decrease costs in the future.'
The type of contract that transfers most of the cost risk to the seller is:a. cost plus award fee.b. fixed incentive fee.c. cost plus fixed fee.d. fixed price.
Answer: d
HR plan tools and techniques
Organizational charts and position descriptions, networking, organizational theory.
Precedence Diagram Method (PDM)
A network diagramming technique in which activities are represented by nodes. Activities are linked by precedence relationships to show the sequence in which the activities are to be performed. Also called Activity-On-Node (AON).
Scope Planning Tools and Techniques?
Tools and Techniques: (1)Product Analysis, (2)Benefit/Cost Analysis, (3)Alternatives ID, (4)Expert Judgement
To a project manager, what is a disadvantage of progress reports over watching what is going on in a project, asking questions, and assisting team members?
A. Progress reports include information from all the team
B. Progress reports include information f
The SPI, which is used to forecast project completion date, is calculated by using which formula?
Answer: D
In preparing the time estimates for a project, the general rule is to use the ________ to estimate each activity.
A. engineers who will be working on the project
B. planners who are preparing the schedule
C. knowledgeable supervisory personnel
D. customer
Answer: C
An output of scope definition is:
A. Work breakdown structure
B. Scope statement
C. Scope management plan
D. Corrective action
Answer: A
Which of the following is best for handling cross­functional project needs
for a large, complex project?
A. A strong matrix organization
B. A project coordinator
C. A project expeditor
D. Direct executive involvement
Answer: A
All of the following are outputs of scope change control EXCEPT?
A. Change requests
B. Scope changes
C. Corrective action
D. Lessons learned
All of the following are tools for scope verification EXCEPT?
A. Product reviews
B. Audits
C. Walk through
D. Sensitivity analysis
A project is scheduled to be completed in a set number of days, weeks, or months. The schedule can often be impacted to the extent that work activity must be accelerated by the increase of people and equipment. The most frequent reason for acceleration is
Answer: A
Two months into a design project, the customer requested a modification to the product. The change was made without notifying the project manager. During the final testing phase, results were different then what was planned for. This scenario is an exampl
Overview of Sr. Mngt.
Prioritize projects
make sure the PM has the proper authority
strategic plans and goals and isure projects are aligned
resolve conflicts
Cost Budgeting -When Performed
After Schedule development and Cost Estimating.
Net Present Value
Similiar to Discounted Cash flows but does the calculation in every period instead of in one big lump
'Referent Power'
'The ability (of a project manager) to gain support because project personnel feel personally attracted to the manager or the project.'
'Readiness Assessment'
'A meeting or series of meetings by selected members of the customer C/SCSC review team at a contractorÍs plant
'A path in a network closed on itself passing through any node more than once on any given path. The network cannot be analyzed
Define Project cost management
One of the 9 Project Mnagement kknowledge areas. Estimating, budgeting and controlling project expenses.
Effort applied to project work that is not readily divisible into discrete efforts for that work, but which is related in direct proportion to measurable discrete work efforts.
Apportioned Effort (AE)
A network can have minus float on the critical path but never positive float (under optimum scheduling). Some common causes of negative float are that ________.
A. a fixed end date for the project prohibits the schedule from moving beyond a set date
B. fi
Answer: E
When is MOST of a project's budget is expended?
A. Project planning
B. Project execution
C. Project control
D. Project closing
Which of the following is / are true about quality costs when quality management principles are applied?
a. Prevention costs may actually rise over time
b. Prevention costs and failure costs (internal and external) are directly related.
c. Prevention cost
Answer: d
Which is not a factor in choosing a contractor?
A. Complexity of requirements
B. Price competition
C. Competency
D. Capacity
E. none of the above
Answer: E
A customer has given you a scope of work for a complex, eight-month project that has a few unknowns. The customer has asked you to just "get it done" and only wants to see you at the end of eight months when you deliver the finished project. Und
What is a workaround?
unplanned responses to risks that were previously unidentified or accepted
Outputs of the Risk Monitoring & Control Process
Acquiring and motivating team members
Motivating team members to do work
'Actual and Scheduled Progress'
'A comparison of the observable work done at a given time with the work planned up to that time.'
Rule of 7 in stability anaylsis
seven consecutive data points on either side of the mean , may indicate an out of control situation
The process that is not a part of time management is:
A. Activity Definition
B. Resource Planning
C. Schedule Development
D. Activity Sequencing
Answer: B
Cost Processes - lie in which process groups?
-Planning (2)
-Monitoring & Controlling (1)
scoring models/weighted scoring models
criteria for a project is assigned a weight and then each project is given a rating (for example between 1 and 5) in those criteria areas. Higher the number the better
What are the Inputs to Scope Planning (Planning Process)
Enterprise Environmental Factors, Organizational Process Assets, Project Charter, Preliminary Project Scope Statement & Project Management Plan
Cost Control Tools - Performance Measurement Analysis
Earned Value - EV
Planned Value - PV
Actual Cost - AC
Estimate to Complete - ETC
Estimate at Complete - EAC
Cost Variance - CV
Schedule Variance - SV
Cost Performance Index - CPI
Schedule Performance Index - SPI
Cumlative CPI (CPIcum)
What are the Tools and Techniques to Activity Sequencing in Planning
Precedence Diagramming Method (PDM), Arrow Diagraming Method (ADM), Schedule Network Templates, Dependency Determination, Apply Leads and Lags
How is a project initiated?
By a person or group whon notices a problem or opportunity and takes action to complete the problem.
What occurs when a project is not well-managed?
It will not produce a successful outcome
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