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Terms Definitions
Process Modules
Monitoring and Controlling
Outputs Activity Sequencing
Project schedule network diagrams
Activity list updates
Activity attributes updates
Requested changes
Outputs Activity Sequencing
HR plan outputs
HR plan
Project Charter Outputs
Project Charter
'Facilitating and accelerating progress by the removal of obstacles.'
Initiation Inputs?
Inputs: (1)Product Description, (2)Strategic Plan, (3)Project Selection Criteria, (4)Historical Information
Fast-tracking requires more sophisticated schedule and control methods because it is a practice that ________ the schedule to place the system in operation at ________.
A. increases; a later date
B. stabilizes; an earlier date
C. increases; minimum cost
Answer: E
Develop Project Management Plan Outputs
Project Management Plan
Develop Project Management Plan Outputs
Schedule Compression - Types
Fast tracking
'Burst Node'
'In a network diagram
may have PM plan signoff responsibilities, verify scope and deliverables, may be part of the change control process, provides requirements.
Outputs Activity Sequencing
Project schedule network diagramsActivity list updatesActivity attributes updatesRequested changes
Parametric Modeling?
Top down mathematical estimating technique used to estimate cost.
According to current quality management thinking, which of the following approaches to quality improvement is least likely to produce positive results ?
A. increased inspection
B. Continuous improvement
C. Quality circles
D. Statistical quality control
Answer: A
Inputs to communications planning include all the following EXCEPT:
A. communications requirements.
B. technology available to transfer information.
C. constraints.
D. description of information to be distributed.
In managing project communications, what should the project manager keep in mind?
A. Communication skills are most important during the execution phase.
B. The receiver is responsible for making sure communications are clear.
C. Only the team members need
Outputs of administrative closure include all of the following EXCEPT:
A. project archives.
B. formal acceptance.
C. lessons learned.
D. a risk management plan.
Group brainstorming encourages all of the following except:
A. Team building
B. Analysis of alternatives
C. Convergent thinking
D. Uninhibited verbalization
Recognition of personnel achievements is an important building block to the attainment of a superior quality program. The form of recognition should be ________.
A. an annual bonus increase paid at the end of the year
B. an immediate cash award that is co
Answer: C
Communications between the project manager and a team member take many forms, but it would not include a ________.
A. memorandum announcing a meeting of the team
B. letter of commendation to a team member
C. performance appraisal for a team member
D. news
Answer: D
Project Integration Management
A. Describes the processes required to ensure that the project includes all
the work required to complete the project successfully
B. Describes the processes required to ensure timely completion of the
C. Descri
Answer: C
Constructive team roles include:
a. investigator, clarifier, and closer.
b. compromiser, blocker, and closer.
c. initiator, encourager, and gatekeeper.
d. investigator, recognizer, and summarizer.
Answer: c
A rolling-wave budget provides
A. Maximum assurance that management's oals are reasonable and attainable because supporting details are included
B. A full-period projection that uses a top-down, unsupported budget along with a fully supported, bottom-up b
Answer: B
Project Charter Inputs
Project Statement of Work
Enterprise Env. Processes
'Quality Audit'
'A systematic and independent examination to determine whether quality activities and related results comply with planned arrangements and whether these arrangements are implemented effectively and are suitable to achieve objectives.'
Forcing conflict resolution
my way or the highway
Active Listening
Is engaged listening. It requires patience, self-control, empathy, and a willingness to understand the other person’s perspective. Helps facilitate the development of mutual trust, respect, and good working relationships thus improving the overall performance of the team
Of the following “steps” in the project management planning process group, which is usuallyaccomplished last:a. Identify project objectives.b. Identify/develop the critical path.c. Develop the resource plan.d. Develop the Work Brea
Quality Assurance Inputs?
Inputs: (1)Quality Management Plan, (2)Results of Quality Control Measurements, (3)Operational Definitions
The concept that states "the optimal quality level is reached at the point where the incremental revenue from product improvement equals the incremental cost to secure it" comes from
A. quality control analysis.
B. marginal analysis.
C. standard
Answer: B
3. Mgmt. has decided to "crash" a project in order to avoid penalty payments for late deliveries. Additional costs are expected. To crash the project, either overtime or additional resources should be assigned to:
a. All activities
b. Those acti
Answer: b
Fixed price and incentive type contracts place responsibility for performance and financial risks associated with delay or non performance on the
A. Contractor
B. Owner
C. Lending Institution
D. Project Manager
Answer: A
The Award phase includes the
A. requirements, requisition and award cycles
B. award and contractual cycles
C. requisition and solicitation cycles
D. solicitation cycle
E. cycles required for the contract
Answer: D
. ____________ sometimes, called risk symptoms or warning signs, are indications that a risk
has occurred or is about to occur.
a. Assumption analysis
b. Delphi technique
c. Risk
d. Triggers
Answer: d
During negotiation, the seller takes exception to the buyer's terms and conditions and proposes different terms and conditions. Which negotiation technique is the seller using?
A. Recommendation
B. Rejection of offer
C. Separate offer
D. Suggestion
E. Cou
Answer: E
__________ is based on information gathered and analyzed about demand and supply. This forecast provides a prediction of short and long term prices and the underlying reasons for those trends.
A. Sales forecast
B. Consumer Price Index
C. Production foreca
Answer: D
During your assignment as project manager you add a new member to your project team. This
new team member was recently hired from a competitor and offers to share a substantial
amount of proprietary information from his previous company. This informatio
Answer: d
. Inputs to procurement planning include
a. Scope statement, Product description, Procurement resources, market conditions, other
planning outputs and expert judgment
b. Scope statement, Product description, Procurement resources, market conditions, ot
Answer: b
_____________ is ensuring all features and functions are included in a
product or service
A. Project scope
B. Project verification
C. Project control
D. Product scope
Answer: B
Statistical sampling methods are valid for most projects, regardless of the lack of repetitive processes, because ________.
A. projects rely on external vendors for products that must meet contractual specifications to conform to the requirements
B. purch
Answer: A
The contractor (seller) accepts all liability for engineering errors, poor workmanship, and consequential damages under a(n) ________ contract.
A. letter
B. incentive fee
C. cost-plus
D. fixed price
E. variable production
Answer: D
Operations and projects share many characteristics.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A
The technical performance of the project is derived from the quality program instituted by the project manager. Quality control is one part of the quality program that ________.
A. defines requirements and performance standards
B. measures results of oper
Answer: E
Which item is most over budget?
<tr><th>Item <th> BCWS <th> ACWP <th> BCWP
<tr><td>1 <td> 10,000 <td> 11,000 <td> 10,000
<tr><td>2 <td> 9,000 <td> 8,000 &l
Answer: E
Decoder" is not synonymous with "receiver" because
A. the decoder interprets based on his or her frame of reference
B. the decoder is not a position on the team
C. the decoder evaluates, uses assumptions and self-interest while the receiver
Answer: E
Standard Deviation - (Used in Activity Duration Est.
Integration Processes - Initiating
-Develop Project Charter
-Develop Preliminary Scope Statement
Negative float
Activity's finish date happens before its start date. Says that the schedule has problems.
formal recognition that a project or next phase in an existing project should being and resources should be committed
'Return on Investment (ROI) - The financial return for a given outlay
'Conditional Risk'
'Risk that occurs under certain conditions or is accepted provided that certain conditions are met.'
'Fast Tracking'
'Compressing the project schedule by doing some or all of certain activities in parallel that would normally be done in sequence (such as design and construction).'
'Effort-Driven Activity'
'An activity whose duration is governed by resource usage and availability. The resource requiring the greatest time to complete the specified amount of work on the activity will determine its duration.'
Best manager authority
Expert and reward, worst is penalty.
A legal document of purchase or sale which is binding on both parties. When entering into a contract, the people involved must have legal capacity to do so. (the definition of legal capacity varies from state to state). Consideration must be provided to both parties (in other words, there must be sufficient cause to contract). There must be mutual assent
Project Plan Development Inputs?
Inputs: (1)Other Planning Outputs, (2)Historical Information, (3)Organizational Policies, (4)Constraints, (5)Assumptions
A person is writing a document identifying the business need for a project and is including a description of the product created by the project. She provides objectives and goals for the project in his document. What is the role of this person on the proj
A project manager had a complex problem to solve and made a decision about what needed to be done. A few months later, the problem resurfaced. Most likely what did the project manager not do?
A. Proper risk analysis
B. Confirm that the decision solved the
The preparation of the scope baseline involves the:
A. functional managers.
B. project team.
C. all the stakeholders.
D. project expediter.
What describes the process of creating a coherent, consistent document that can be used to guide both project execution and control?
A. Risk management
B. Project plan development
C. Project plan execution
D. Project initiation
Scope verification is normally done in parallel with:
A. quality control.
B. activity sequencing.
C. quality assurance.
D. time management.
Which of the following describes the BEST use of historical records?
A. Estimating and life-cycle costing
B. Risk management, estimating, and creating lessons learned
C. Project planning, estimating, and creating a status report
D. Estimating, risk manage
A tool and technique of quality control that keeps errors from reaching the client is
a. Corrective action
b. Inspection
c. Product scope management
d. Product quality management
Answer: b
In the quality area, process control is becoming an important element of the manufacturing to rigorous specifications to provide a consistently uniform output. The control of a process is divided into controlling temperatures, pressures, flows, ________ ,
Answer: D
If the level of conformance directly increases as a result of new processes. different resources, or changed methods. the required cost of monitoring is likely to
A. increase as well.
B. remain the same.
C. decrease.
D. decrease initially then increase sl
Answer: C
When errors that affect quality are discovered, the procedure to improve the situation should be to ________.
A. identify the specific error
B. correct the specific error
C. determine the root cause of the error
D. correct the root cause of the error
E. a
Answer: E
When is it BEST to perform administrative closure?
A. At the end of project planning
B. During project closure
C. At the end of each project phase
D. At the beginning of the project with verification throughout the project
Which is closest to the Juran's definition of Quality?
a. Conformance to requirements
b. Fitness for use.
c. customer focus
d. continuous improvement of products and services.
Answer: b
The project manager has changed the scope without communicating the change to the rest of the project team. The project is now over budget. What action would prevent this from happening in the future?
A. Adjust the resource allocation
B. Improve budget es
Answer: C
In negotiations, what is a fait accompli tactic?
A. Accomplishing the phase before the other side is ready
B. Pretending to accept the other side's offer
C. Claiming an issue has already been decided on and cannot be changed
D. Acting in good faith
E. Pro
Answer: C
Which type of contract provides the highest risk to the Owner (Buyer)?
A. Cost Plus Percentage of Cost
B. Cost Plus Fixed Fee
C. Firm Fixed Price
D. Fixed Price Plus Incentive Fee
E. Cost Plus Incentive Fee
Answer: A
Project financial audits are used to determine the current status of the financial health of a project, but ________ is/are not an area for financial audit.
A. a project budget system
B. a project computer system
C. a project change control
D. a project s
Answer: B
To relieve pressure on the project schedule, Diane decided to fast-track and hire a contractor to do part of the work. Which form of contract(s) should she consider?
A. None. Fast-tracking is a very poor time to consider a contractor.
B. Fixed lump sum
Answer: E
_________ defines when the work is ready for or is being used for the purpose intended and is so certified.
A. Final Completion
B. Substantial Completion
C. Final Acceptance
D. Mechanical Completion
Answer: B
The cumulative cost curve for planned and actual expenditures
A. Shows the cumulative expenditures for the project
B. Is also knows as a S-curve
C. Helps to monitor project performance at a glance
D. Shows the difference beeetween planned and actual expen
Answer: E
. Project financing is critical to large projects where neither the owner (buyer) or contractor (seller) has sufficient funds available to cover the costs incurred during project implementation. In such cases, a third party must provide the necessary capi
Answer: E
The degree of uncertainty (lack of information) in a project affects the ability of cost estimators to make precise estimates to determine the total cost. One method to resolve the uncertainty is influence diagramming, which is used to evaluate ________.
Answer: B
An assignable variance tells us
A. our equipment is becoming obsolete.
B. top management should initiate increased worker training.
C. there is an identifiable problem that must he fixed.
D. schedule variances will be reduced.
E. ours use of quality circl
Answer: C
The zero defects concept
A. Is a performance standard for management
B. Is a motivational technique that promotes "doing it right the first time".
C. Is used by management to communicate to all employees that everyone should do things right the
Answer: D
PMI suggests which of the following behaviors as part of contract negotiations?
A. Protocol, probing, scratching
B. Sniffing and smelling (olfactory)
C. Touching and caressing (tactile)
D. Mind-reading and extra-sensory perception
E. None of the above
Answer: A
What is system?
Incorporates all formal procedures and tools put in place to manage something
Procedures, checks and balances, processes, forms software, etc...
Expert judgement
A method of estimating in which experts are asked to provide input into schedule.
Cost Management Processes - Cost Budgeting
Cost Baseline
Funding Requirements
Acquiring adequate resources
Determine when resource trade-off can be made, when more resources are necessary, and how to acquire them
'Hammock Activity'
'An Activity that spans between two points in a network. It has no duration of its own but derives one from the time difference between the two points to which it is connected.'
'Free Float'
'The maximum amount by which an activity can be delayed beyond its early dates without delaying any successor activity beyond its early dates.'
'Risk Quantification'
'Process of applying values to the various aspects of a risk.'
Define Enterprise Environmental Factors
Internal or external factors which surround or influence a projects success ...They are used as inputs for most planning processes
Team Development- Tuckman-performing
team is strategically aware . Team knows clearly why it is doing what it is doing.
Quality Control Tools and Techniques?
Tools and Techniques: (1)Inspection, (2)Control Charts, (3)Pareto Diagrams, (4)Statistical Sampling, (5)Flow-Charting, (6)Trend Analysis
A source of variation on a control chart that would be considered normal and within limits and is predictable.
Common Cause
. Earned value can best be defined as
A. The value of the equipment that has been installed as of the data date
B. The sum of the labor costs, which have been incurred on the project ot date
C. A method of measuring project performance
D. A method of meas
Answer: C
A project team member tells you that she went to her project manager with a good idea for a useful change to the project. Instead of giving her approval to make the change, the project manager asked her to write a report describing the benefits of the cha
Cost overruns on a project have major impacts on the profitability of operations, but ________ do(es) not necessarily contribute to cost overruns of a project budget.
A. a change in contract scope
B. delays in schedule
C. lack of work force experience
Answer: A
A key barrier to team development is:
A. When team members are accountable to both functional and project
B. A strong matrix management structure.
C. When major problems delay the project completion date or budget
D. When formal t
Answer: A
Which of the following is considered a cost of prevention?
a. Rework costs
b. Mass inspection
c. Creating quality control charts
d. All of the above.
Answer: c
A contractor is working on a fixed price contract that calls for a single, lump sum payment
upon satisfactory completion of the contract. About halfway through the contract, the
contractor's project manager informs their contract administrator that financ
Answer: b
You are managing a project where your team is physically located with client personnel at a remote location. There is a high level of interaction between your team and client personnel, and client satisfaction is considered very important. Since the clien
FFP is an acronym for
A. Free Flow Performance
B. Fundamentally Fixed Price
C. Firm Fixed Price
D. Free Form Project
E. Fixed File Procurement
Answer: C
The success of a project is often unknown until completion because there was little or no planned evaluation of the realistic progress and trends for the future. Determining whether a project will finish on time is best accomplished by ________.
A. compar
Answer: A
Your company has just assigned you to a large multi-year project. You are given a project specification from management and told to complete the scope of work. One of the FIRST things you should do is:
A. start work on writing the scope of work.
B. create
In abstract theory, a contract is not essential to the performance of a project. Contracts are, however, useful when the performance involves ________ , particularly when they are interdependent.
A. personnel, money, and material
B. cost, schedule, and qu
Answer: D
Which is not an element of procurement management?
A. Purchasing
B. Expediting
C. Acquisition
D. Marketing
E. C and D
Answer: E
Which of the following is done during scope verification?
A. Verify product correctness
B. Create work breakdown structure
C. Inspection
D. Performance measurement
During what phase of the life-cycle is the project scope statement created?
A. Initiation
B. Planning
C. Execution
D. Control
The cost of investing in a particular project and, therefore, forgoing the potential benefits of other projects is known as
A. Variable cost
B. Total cost
C. Fixed cost
D. Indirect cost
E. Opportunity cost
Answer: E
You have been assigned to manage the development of an organization's first website. The site will be highly complex and interactive, and neither your project team nor the client has much experience with website development. The timeline is extremely aggr
he documentation of a project is a form of communication even when the document is completed and placed in a file for future reference. This latent form of communication serves a purpose by recording the facts for future use. Latent communication is often
Answer: E
Three Point Estimate

Pessimistic + (4 x Realistic) + Optimistic / 6
Monitor & Control Project Work - Outputs
Recommended Corrective Actions
Recommended Preventive Actions
Requested Changes
Recommended Defect Repair
What organizational influences affect project management?
Organizational values, beliefs, and expectations; structure of the organization. The organization's project philosophy
'Calendar Unit'
'The smallest unit of time used in scheduling the project. Calendar units are generally in hours
'Expert Power'
'The ability (of a project manager) to gain support because project personnel perceive the project manager as possessing special knowledge or expertise (that functional personnel consider important.)'
'Management Styles - Intimidating'
'A project manager that frequently reprimands employees for the sake of an image as a tough guy
Triple constraints of project management
Iron Triangle ...Time, Cost, Scope must be managed to ensure Quality outcome
Integrated Change Control Tools and Techniques?
Tools and Techniques: (1)Change Control System, (2)Configuration Management, (3)Performance Measurement, (4)Additional Planning, (5)Project Management Information System(PMIS)
The ISO 9000 series is
A. a set of instructions for preparing control charts.
B. a set of guidelines for quality.!
C. a set of forms and procedures to ensure quality. .
D. an international standard that describes a recommended quality system.
E. intended
Answer: D
Which of the following is not one of crosby's four absolutes of quality?
a. Quality is measured by the cost of conformance.
b. Quality comes from prevention.
c. Quality is measured by the cost of non-conformance.
d. Quality means conformance to requiremen
Answer: a
The CEO of the company has assigned a project manager to a project that the CEO has wanted to do for a long time. What should the project manager do?
A. Assist the CEO in putting together a cost benefit analysis to show the need for the project
B. Work wi
A project is ending one of its phases. What should be done before moving on to the next phase?
A. Team meeting
B. Scope verification
C. Management meeting
D. Scope management
Cost Estimating Types - Reserve Analysis
Reserve monies, also called contingency, is added as a buffer against slippage. Reserve analysis looks at whether reserve is sufficient.
'Free Slack'
'The amount of time a task can slip without delaying another task. For a task without successors
Name Develop Preliminary Project Scope Statement Tools and Techniques
Expert Judgement, Project Management Methodology, Project Management Information System
A WBS is BEST described as a tool for tracking:
A. the schedule.
B. resources.
C. cost.
D. scope.
Cost Control - What is it?
Concerned with cost variance, either positive or negative. Keeping costs in line with plan.
What attributes characterize a project?
Projects are unique and projects have a purpose have a life cycle, have interdependancies
What are the Inputs to Activity Sequencing in Planning
Project Scope Statement, Activity List, Activity Attributes, Milestone List, Approved Change Requests
. A contract is a promise to do or not do something in exchange for some form of consideration. A negotiated contract is one where both participants agree on the basis for principal considerations
A. the period of performance and the specifications for th
Answer: C
What are the five steps of the project management process?
initiating, planning, controlling, executing, and closing
What three issues must be addressed when staffing the project?
What resources are required for the job 2) Determine of resources come from within or outside of the organization 3) The type of organizational structure that a project adopts must be determined.
Earned Value Formulas - Estimate to Completion
Projecting how much will be spent on the project, based on past performance.
What is the difference between a weak and a strong matrix organization?
Strong -- one that is similar to a pure project organization
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