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Senate Majority Leader
Harry Reid
Participation in midterm congressional elections has traditionally been higher than in presidential elections
Who take over and the provisions for his power
The mutually beneficial relationship that develops among a government agency, a congressional committee, and a special interest group is called an _______ _________.
Iron Triangle
a hospital that treats many different kinds of diseases
independent expenditures
Political activity intended to assist or oppose a candidate made without cooperation, approval or direct knowledge.
A primary election, in which only voters who have registered with a particular party may vote in that party's primary, is called a(n)_____ primary
a person of great and varied learning.
How many members does the Senate have?
100 (2/state)
The tasks performed by local Social Security or Internal Revenue Service offices are
Field services
a person who knows how to speak, read, or write many languages
Federalist 10
an essay by James Madison and the tenth of the Federalist Papers, a series arguing for the ratification of the United States Constitution.
What is the length of term for a member of the Senate?
6 years
Many of the nation's independent regulatory commissions were created by Congress during
The Franklin D. Roosevelt administration
Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission (2010)
Supreme Court ruling that corporate funding of political broadcasts in candidate elections cannot be limited under first amendment.
Previous Commander In Chief activities:
When to Pull out of Iraq
Dont Ask, Dont Tell
Bail Outs
The 2002 legislation passed by Congress to improve the methods of voting in the United States provides money to help states
Purchase new or upgrade their old voting systems.
Extensions of statesFacilitates coalitionMore information, reduces uncertainty
First World
wealthy, industrialized countries that share varying forms of DEMOCRATIC politicial instituions and developed market economies
Global South
Describes less developed states located primarily in the Southern Hemisphere ...It is used instead of "Third World"
Neocolonialism(neoconomize your ass!)
ECONOMIC rather than MILITARY domination of foreign countries
transfer of jobs by a corporation usually headquartered in a Global North state to a Global South state to supply trained workers at lower wages
Development(develop my needs)
economic and political processes through which a country develops to increase its capacity to meet its citizens BASIC HUMAN NEEDS and RAISE their STANDARD OF LIVING
Decolonization(decolonize to soverntize)
Acheivment of SOVEREIGN INDEPENDANCE by countries that were once colonies of the great powers
Indigenous Peoples
the native ethnic & cultural inhabitant populations within countries ruled by a government cnontrolled by others referred to as the "FOURTH WORLD"
Why the Security Council FailedGlennon
American unipolarity eroded credibilityUS will do what it wants regardlessRules must flow from way states do behave, not how they should
Spheres of Influence
Modernization(Mo production, mo technology, mo education means MO MONEY)
View popular in the GLOBAL NORTHS LIBERAL DEMOCRACIES that wealth is created through efficient production, free enterprise and free trade, and that countries relative wealth DEPENDS on TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION and EDUCATION more than on natural endowments such as climate and resources
Dependancy Theory(Global Capitalism SUCKS)
Says that less developed countries are exploited because global capitalism makes them dependant on the rich countries that create EXPLOITIVE RULES for trade production
Classical Liberal Economic Theory(liberate when you regulate)
Adam Smith's idea that about the forces of SUPPLY and DEMAND in the marketplace focusing on the benefits of MINIMAL government regulation of the economy and trade
The Promise of Democratic PeaceRice
Fundamental norms more important than distribution of powerDemocracy guarantees freedom and justiceUS wants to end tyranny
Gross National Income (GNI)
Measure of the production of goods and services within a given time period- measures production by a states citizens or companies, regardless of where the production occurs
For a Democratic Peace of MindShalohm
Intention of democratic peace has become force for warPoli sci oversimplifies things
Least Developed of the less Developed Countries (LLDC)
These are the most IMPOVERISHED countries in the Global South
On the Incidence of Civil War in AfricaCollier Hoeffler
Motivation: greed, grievanceHigher per capita income: less warConflict not about history, instead about economics
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