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Terms Definitions
logrolling (p. 363)
cartoon exaggerates political map
conference committee
temporary and legislative
AMerica's third great political ideas, is the principle that people are the ultimate source of governing authority and must have a voice in how they are governed.
A _______________ would advocate:- Intervention to improve quality of life and to protect civil rights- Redistribution of wealth
an unreasonable and unfavorable opinion, especially of a hostile nature against a racial, religious, or national group
Yakov Mali
Soviet Ambassador to the UN
philosohy that evaluates and empowers the individual as opposed to a religious, hereditary , governmental or authority
Declaration Of Independance
Thomas Jefferson "all men="
unailienable rights (life, liberty and the pursuit of hapiness)
Executive Agreement
An international agreement between chiefs of state that does not require legislative approval
Mo State Treasurer
-custodian of state funds
-responsible for depositing state money into Mo banks
heightened scrutiny
the intermediate test for discrimination when the burden is on the gov't to show that its classifications serves "important gov'tal objectives" and is substantially related to those objectives.
helps the president decide which agencies need funding and which have to tighten their belts
British Empire
N. America & CaribbeanJamestown, VA 1607Boer War 1892-1902 - Britain rounded up Boer families and placed them in concentration campsEnded: British eventually became economically exhausted (bankrupt) and couldn't afford to keep its colonies
March 1965
Johnson orders major increase in troops; an additional 80,000 troops
apportionment of voters to give an unfair advantage to one racial or ethnic group or political party
- Fahrenheit 911- Flight 93These are examples of ________________ in the Media.
The legal process of acquiring citizenship for a person who was not born a U.S. citizen is known as __________________
Mcculloch Vs. Maryland
broad interp.of supremacy clause & nec. and prop. clauses
Agenda Setting
The process by which potential problems come to the attention of policy-makers.
What did the Virgina Plan favor?
Large States
Mo Senate
-34 members
-4 yr terms
-can serve up to 8 yrs (2 terms)
Stewardship theory
president should have a strong, assertive role confined only by the points specifically prohibited by the constitution(1901: Teddy Roosevelt)
white primary
tactic of southern Democrats which disenfranchised black coters by denying them participating in the only viable election in the all-Democratic south.
Political Conflict
A state of opposition, usually involving groups and the state, over something government is doing or proposes to do.
The situation of already holding the office that is up for reelection
- Television- Newspapers- Movies- Internet- Radio- These are examples of ________________.
Types of media
Ottoman Empire
Major force for more than 500 years14th-18th centuries - conquered Constantinople, most of mid-eastBrought economic means, but didn't innovate (like England or France did)Dissolved after WWI
rules committee
5% face the rules committeetime for debate and other rules (open or closed)
Guest Workers
1950-1973: expected to work until not needed and then return back to homeland
In socialist economies, what controls economic decisions?
The government
Direct Democracy
system in which ordinary people make all the laws themselves
Separation of Powers
A basic feature of presidential systems in which the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government are separate from each other with each having different personnel and different bases of authority.
The visibility to the public of the governmental decision-making processes.
Race to bottom
States have more welfare benefits which cause higher taxes and other states to do the same and be like the state with the high welfare benefits
-states follow each other as benefits are lowered . Compete on a benefit level
Impeachment process
Formal charges are brought to the official in question. The House votes to authorize Judiciary Committee to begin impeachment inquiry. JC may conduct hearings and draw up articles of impeachment. House must vote on articles of impeachment, which could send the case to Senate for trial. Senate conducts trial and takes a vote at the end.
What was the American Revolution based on?
Universal Principles
Suicide Bombings
1) Strategic behavior- usually part of larger campaign by organized group to achieve specific political goal- subject to stop and go timing rather than random. 2) So far, only used against democratic targets and usually focused on encouraging withdrawl of military forces from perceived national homeland. 3) Islamic groups are only source but Israel primary target
taking a peson suspected of a crime into custody
Guerilla warfare
A form of highly political warfare built around lightly armed irregulars who oppose a government and use hit-and-run tactics and political work to take power.
Advertising credit claiming and position taking
help congressmen win re-election
Primal scream format
Loud, anger argument characteristic of many television and radio talk show.
__________ refers to the rush to try and have a state's primary held early so the result will have a bigger impact
January 1968
NVA/Viet Cong Tet offensive (Test is a major holiday in Chinese lunar calendar); in battle terms, the US repelled and very nearly decimated the NVA/VC, but Americans and the American media perceived that we lost badly
Homicide rates in the US were at their peak in the period
An example of the agent of political socialization of ________________ would be Young Americans for Liberty. (A Student Libertarian Group)
Peer Groups
Presidential Veto
The ability to prevent the passage of a bill. For example, the president of the US has the authority to veto laws passed by Congress, although this veto can be overridden by a two-thirds majority in each House of Congress.
Jim Crow Laws
System of laws seperating races in schools, public accomodations and other aspects of daily life
War Powers Resolution
limits the president's ability to wage undeclared war (Vietnam)
Seperation of Powers?
an essential principle of the first American state constitutions and the US Constitution which seperated the powers into 3 branches legislative, executive, and judicial
hot pursuit
the act of chasing a criminal or suspected felon
Progressive Movement
1800's, shift in power from elites to the public, helped clean up government, gave responsibility to people
Proportional Representation System
An electoral system in which the proportion of seats a party receives in the legislature reflects of the proportion of cotes it has obtained.
Rational abstention thesis
A theory that some individuals decide the costs of voting are not worth the effort when compared to the benefits
A ____________ is when the media and politicians fight each other.
Adversarial relationship
veto vs. pocket veto
veto- returns unsigned within 10 days pocket veto- congress adjourned during 10 day period
The Pew Research Center shows that Young people get their information primarily from ________________.
the internet and television
Policy Entrepreneur
Someone who is ready to push a pet policy proposal whenever an opportunity arise.
What is law?
defines the rules of conduct within a political system, ie. whats legal and whats not legal
Why don't people vote? (3 main reasons)
-Declining personal benefits-Declining levels of mobilization (only two clear winners nowadays)-Declining social connectedness (more focus on the individual)
Office-block ballot
A type of ballot that arranges all of the candidates for a particular office under the name of that office.
military power, but wars powers act (1973)
highest ranking military authorityhead of intelligence network1973- struggle b/w president and congress
Politicians and media react towards one another through _______________.
a series of symbiotic relationships, adversarial relationships, or a combination of the two
The Civil Rights Act of 1964
Title 7-No discrimination based on race and gender in housing educations emphasis
Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD)
a system of deterrence in which both sides posses the ability to survive a first strike and launch a devastating retaliatory attack. In terms of the cold war, this means a NUCLEAR retaliation
George Kennan's policy of containment
was intended to resist aggression on the part of the communist countries
The absolute number of people in poverty
declined in the 1960's under president Kennedy and Johnson and then remained low through the 1970s.
-Party Identification-Perception of the Candidates-Policy Choices-These factors determine __________
Why People Vote as They Do After they are politically socialized
Ex post facto law?
a law that makes an act criminal after it was committed or increases teh penalty after the fact
Three main sources of federal revenue
income tax social security taxes and borrowing
A valence issue is an issue __________________.
on which most voters and candidates share the same position
The post Cold War world is
fairly unstable, and a number of new challenges, including terrorism, free trade, and the environment, require creative responses on the part of policymakers
The job of a conference committee is to
reconcile House and Senate versions of a bill
Which of the following is true about the Congress of 2006?
The median age of members of Congress is higher than the median age of the US population
Women gained the right to vote by a strategy of ________________________________.
gaining the right to vote in states where they had support and expanding their support over time
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