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plain text format
Terms Definitions
TWMTraditional Media
Direct Mail
Using the _________________________ feature in PowerPoint, a user can form and modify diagrams using shapes such as arcs, arrows, cubes, rectangles, stars, and triangles
Click the ________________________ button in the Picture Styles gallery to expand the gallery.
PowerPoint Presentation
also called Slide Show
Bitmap graphics can be ungrouped.
white matter (outside)
axon bundlesnerves- PNSTracts-CNS
22. To check a presentation for spelling errors, click the _____ button on the Standard toolbar
d. Spelling
Click the ____________________ button in the content placeholder to display the Clip Art task pane.
Clip Art
URL stands for ________________________.
Uniform Resource Locator
Office Button
Click the _________________________ to access the Print menu.
The Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that defaults when accessing a chart in a slide contains sample data that cannot be replaced.
brain surgeon who described the homunculus
3. The _____ feature in PowerPoint allows you to create bulleted lists, find and replace text, combine words and images, and use multiple fonts and type sizes
b. word processing
The most often used commands are located on the ____ tab.
The ____________________ of a SmartArt graphic consists of two areas: the text that appears in the SmartArt graphic and the portion that gives the name of the graphic.
Text pane
Contrast and brightness can be changed by predefined percentage increments.
(T or F)
PowerPoint outlines can contain up to ____ levels.
In a Microsoft Excel worksheet, column numbers display above the grid and row letters display on the left side of the grid.
split brain
corpus callosum- massive fiber bundle when corpus callosum is split, so is brain
1933 by 16 yr old Philo Frarnsworth
Costs more than radio
Immediacy factor
entertainment medium
15. When the Language bar is _____, it is hidden permanently until it is enabled
d. closed
The _____ feature in PowerPoint allows you to create bulleted lists, combine words and images, find and replace text, and use multiple fonts and type sizes.
Word processing
The plain text format file type is used to transfer formatted documents between applications, even on different platforms.
(T or F)
Items snapping to guides can be turned off.
(T or F)
You can set the speed of slide transitions.
The plain text format file type is used to transfer formatted documents between applications, even on different platforms.
used for title text, body text and other objects. also help to keep design layout and formatting consistent within a presentation
IAAProduction services:
Manages and oversees the details of producing finished advertisements for all media used by the client
To hide the Getting Started task pane in the accompanying figure, click the _____ in the task pane.
Close button
The SHIFT key can be used instead of the mouse to display a Key Tip badge.
(T or F)
What can fill effects add to a slide background?
When you copy a table from Excel or Word to PowerPoint, it is copied to the PowerPoint Clipboard.
(T or F)
The Thesaurus button is located on the ____________________ tab.
Review tab
Screen Tip
is the box displaying an object's name and sometimes a brief description
Methods of Setting the Budget:
Percent of Sales
Objective and task
Expenditure per unit
All you can afford
13. The status bar consists of a message area and a(n) _____.
b. presentation design template identifier
What is the selected image in the bottom-right corner of the slide called?
An action button
click the chart
How do you open the original Excel spreadsheet associated with a chart once it has been closed?
What function does family and motherhood serve?
Serve emotional, biological, social and political purposes
When a second slide is added to a presentation, a _____ appears on the right side of the Slide pane to allow users to move forward or backward through the presentation.
Vertical scroll bar
What is main text?
Main text- (body text) is a large text box in which you type a bulleted or numbered list
What ways are available to access PowerPoint Help? (2)
Click the Microsoft office PowerPoint Help button
Click F1
Why might formatting changes that you created not appear in a Text pane?
Not all formatting changes are evident in the text pane
Why did the Format tab appear automatically on the Ribbon?
Because the text in the placeholder is selected
What happens when you click a hyperlink during a presentation?
the Web browser will open a new window and display the Web page
A picture style can be added to a picture but not to a clip.
Which of the following is FALSE about applying picture styles?
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