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5. _________________________ allows you to organize your thoughts in a structured format.
13. A PowerPoint slide _________________________ specifies the arrangement of placeholders on a slide.
15. Objects in _________________________ have widths that are greater than their heights.
landscape orientation
27. A(n) _________________________ is displayed at the top of a sheet of paper or a slide.
11. Business and sales presentations usually focus on summary information and use three levels of body text on a slide.
Text panes automatically include bullets.
PowerPoint can automatically open Microsoft Office files.
50. A presentation can be e-mailed directly from within PowerPoint
18. The _________________________ is a collection of drawings, photographs, sounds, videos, and other media files shared with Microsoft Office applications.
microsoftclip organizer
4. To start and customize PowerPoint, Windows must be running.
22. A printout of the presentation _____ often is used as an audience handout.
b. outline
9. PowerPoint formats a title style and eleven levels of body text in an outline.
All WordArt must have an outline.
scanned picture
bitmap pictues with jagge edges.
Which of the following SmartArt graphic layouts shows a continual process?
6. To start PowerPoint, Windows must be shut down.
8. PowerPoint assumes the first slide in a new presentation is the subject slide
25. By default, PowerPoint uses a(n) _________________________ whenever it saves a presentation, saving only the changes made since the last time the presentation was saved.
fast saves
20. The closing slide can remain on the screen at the end of a presentation, during a question and answer session.
6. The three panes – tabs, slide, and notes – are shown when the user is in normal view; however, when using the Outline tab, only the tab pane is displayed.
24. One way to review a presentation and assess whether slides have an attractive design and adequate content is to switch back and forth between slide sorter view and normal view.
3. _________________________ are media files of art, animation, sound, and movies
3. Clips [PPT 84]
converts a graphic file into a readable format.
5. A slide containing at least one picture is the most common type of PowerPoint presentation.
44. One way of animating clip art is to select options in the Custom Animation dialog box.
8. A slide icon displays when an insertion point or paragraph reaches the
a. first level
27. header [PPT 112]
26. notes or comments [PPT 112]
24. The _________________________ of an object is the relationship between the object’s height and width.
24. aspect ratio [PPT 108]
with SmartArt
Where can you find a Text pane?
8. The file extension RTF stands for _________________________.
rich text format
20. PowerPoint will provide a placeholder for two clips displayed vertically on the left side of the slide if you select the _____ slide layout.
a. Title, 2 Content and Text
40. To save a full copy of a complete presentation when the Save option is chosen, click Options on the Tools menu, click the Save tab, and remove the check mark in the Allow fast saves check box.
10. Developing a presentation on the Outline tab is quick because you type the text for all slides on one _________________________.
10. screen [PPT 88
6. An outline uses indentation to establish a(n) _________________________, which denotes levels of importance to the main topic.
6. hierarchy [PPT 85]
12. In PowerPoint, slide show view restricts the user’s evaluation to one _________________________ at a time
12. slide [PPT 95]
What is the set of three blue boxes with circles inside and the arrow across them known as?
21. PowerPoint can import picture files saved in many different formats; many can be imported directly, but some require _____.
c. separate filters that are shipped with the PowerPoint software
2. The technique of using an outline to create a presentation is the same as creating a presentation in the slide pane in normal view
2. F [PPT 84]
2. Regardless of how you build a presentation, PowerPoint automatically creates the _____.
2. d [PPT 84]
double-clicking the circle picture icon
What procedure accesses the Insert Picture dialog box?
9. You can show or hide a task pane by clicking the Task Pane command on the View menu.
23. A header or a footer may contain _____.
d. all of the above
17. To create a text slide with a multi-level bulleted list on the Outline tab, demote or promote the insertion point to the appropriate heading level and then type the paragraph text.
17. b [PPT 97
12. It is wise to save a presentation _____.
12. d [PPT 94]
1. In the Outline tab, PowerPoint creates a presentation as you type the outline, by evaluating the outline structure and displaying _____.
b. a miniature view of the current slide
25. The Type a question for help box on the right side of the Menu bar _____.
b. lets users type free-form questions
click the title and drag it
How can you move the Format Backgrond dialog box (for example) out of the way if it is covering part of a slide?
because the text in the placeholder is selected
Why did the Format tab appear automatically on the Ribbon?
11. A(n) _________________________, such as the one shown in the accompanying figure, gracefully ends a presentation.
closing slide
28. A(n) _________________________ is displayed at the bottom of a sheet of paper or a slide.
31. A(n) _________________________ is a special effect used to progress from one slide to the next in a slide show.
slide transition
17. _________________________ offers a quick way to add professional-looking graphic images to a presentation without creating the images yourself
clip art
bitmap graphic
created by digital cameras.
34. The _________________________ in the Print dialog box contains options for printing slides, handouts, notes, and an outline
print what list
34. PowerPoint can insert a picture directly into a presentation no matter what format the picture is saved in.
14. Using the _________________________, you can choose a slide layout from layouts grouped in four different areas.
slide layout task pane
15. Slide layouts have _____ arranged in various configurations for containing text or visual content.
c. placeholders
47. During the development of a lengthy presentation, it often is easier to review the outline in print rather than on the screen
16. Objects in _________________________ have heights that are greater than their widths
16. portrait orientation [PPT
Which of the following SmartArt graphics show nonsequential information?
31. Clip art images in the Microsoft Clip Organizer can be accessed by entering their ID number and file format, along with a password, in the Search text box on the Clip Art task pane.
35. No graphics files can be imported into a PowerPoint presentation without installing a special filter first.
39. A 3-by-5-inch object scaled to 50 percent would become a 6-by-10-inch object
22. The _________________________, which is one of the six tabbed sheets in the Format Picture dialog box, contains options for changing a clip’s size.
22. Size sheet [PPT 108
Disassembling a clip art picture is known as ____.
____ graphics are creadted by digital cameras.
PowerPoint can produce slides based on an outline created in all of the following EXCEPT
7. The basic unit of a PowerPoint presentation is the template
38. Once clip art is inserted into a slide, it can be repositioned
24. PowerPoint groups its preset animation schemes into three categories:
b. Subtle, Moderate, and Exciting
32. If a slide layout does not contain a clip art region or placeholder, clip art cannot be inserted onto a slide using that layout.
36. The Automatic Layout Options button is a smart tag
36. T [PPT 106]
drawing object
When an image is ungrouped in PowerPoint, it becomes a(n) ____.
The Slide Number button is located on the ____ tab.
29. One way to add clip art to a PowerPoint presentation is to select one of the slide layouts that includes a content placeholder with instructions to open the Microsoft Clip Organizer to add content
30. One way to add clip art is by clicking the Insert Clip Art button on the Drawing toolbar to open the Clip Art task pane
3. An outline is a summary of thoughts, presented as _____.
b. headings and subheadings
19. The _________________________ allows you to search for clips by using descriptive keywords, file names, and media file formats
19. Clip Art task pane [PPT 100]
28. If objects are in landscape orientation, PowerPoint automatically sizes them to the height of the placeholder.
28. F [PPT 97
One dot on a computer screen or a printer is a ____.
11. Professional speakers design the closing slide of a presentation using _____.
d. any or all of the above
26. Distributing a copy of the outline of a presentation to an audience provides them with paper on which to write _________________________.
28. footer [PPT 112]
sizing handles
The small blue circles on each part of the image are known as ____.
document properties
You can add your name and class name as ____.
17. Using slide layouts eliminates the need to resize objects and adjust the font size, because PowerPoint _____.
b. automatically sizes the objects and text to fit in the layout
7. On the Outline tab, the slide icon is blank when a slide does not contain ________________________
7. objects [PPT 86]
30. PowerPoint provides a variety of _________________________ that determine slide transitions and effects for the title and body text.
30. preset animation schemes [PPT 114]
in the Office Collections group
Where the Microsoft Office 2007 clip art images automatically installed?
23. When a check mark appears in the _________________________ on the Size sheet in the Format Picture dialog box, the height and width settings of a clip change to maintain their original relationship.
lock aspect ratio check box
9. The 7 x 7 rule recommends that each line should have a maximum of seven words, and each slide should have a maximum of _____ lines.
9. c [PPT 91]
7. One way to add a new slide on the Outline tab is to put a paragraph on the first level by clicking the _____ on the Outlining toolbar until the paragraph is displayed at the first level.
7. c [PPT 89]
not all formatting changes are evident in the Text pane
Why might formatting changes that you created not apear in a Text pane?
the Group button will be available
How can you know if you have clicked in the appropriate place to regroup an image?
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