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Slide pane
Terms Definitions
move cursor
_________________________ are the properties or characteristics of an object.
Guides cannot be moved.
Additional Powerpoint features
Word processig outling
The WordArt ____________________ is the exterior border surrounding each letter or symbol.
ipsilateral- contralateral
same side- other side
The _________________________, which may be located at the bottom of the slide pane, allows a user to display a portion of the slide when the entire slide does not fit on the screen.
horizontal scroll bar
What does a specific theme include?
The ____________________ button on the Insert tab displays the action buttons.
A(n) ____________________ is a box that identifies each slide of a pie chart.
how long are sleep cycles
90 mins
Microsoft PowerPoint is a complete _____ program that allows you to produce professional looking slide shows.
c. presentation graphics
The default setting for the Undo command reverses up to the last ____ changes.
All WordArt text must have an outline.
(T or F)
All of the following EXCEPT ______________________ are border names.
Around Border
Antonyms are part of the Thesaurus feature.
The shortcut menu commands are always the same.
guy who they removed his hippocampus by accident. He could have a perfectly normal conversation but every day you had to reintroduce yourself to him
The number of different people exposed at least once to the message within a specific time.
9. A(n) _____ is a particular value for a variable that PowerPoint assigns initially
a. default setting
The _____ view is the default view when a user opens PowerPoint.
Locations for new clips can include My Collections, Shared Collections, and Web Collections.
(T or F)
If an action button is copied to another location, the settings of the action button are retained.
(T or F)
Once selected, the arrow keys can move an object incrementally.
Clustered Column
The default chart type in PowerPoint is a _________________________ chart.
Body Text
text in the body of the slide
Share of Expenditure
shows what you're spending in relationship to competing brands. Tells your total ad expenditure (%) in relation to the overall expenditures (you + competition).
When a slide layout is set to _________________________, the slide height is greater than its width.
portrait orientation
A paragraph is a portion of text with the same format and at the same level when you press the ENTER key in a placeholder.
(T or F)
It is best to change the view to Normal view when altering slide layouts so that the results of the changes easily can be seen.
(T or F)
To resize a column or row, drag a column ____________________ until the column or row is the desire width and height.
When running a slide show and you want to display a hidden slide, press the ____________________ key.
a pointer in the shape of an uppercase "I" that is used to position the insertion point
Competitive Spending
setting the budget in relation to the amount of money spent on advertising by competing brands.
A(n) _____ is a particular value for a variable that PowerPoint assigns initially
default setting
With the insertion point in the bottom-right cell, how would you add another row?
Press the TAB key
the Office clipboard
If you have copied a table from Microsoft Word and plan to paste it into a slide, where does it copy to?
What is femiphobia?
the fear and distain of the female expressed in the verbal abuse and protracted resentment of women
When a line of text is too long to fit in a placeholder, the text is automatically line wrapped.
(T or F)
Slides and Outline Pane-OUTLINE TAB
shows only slide titles and listed text with bullets. also allows you to enter just your text without modifying the slide itself
25. The Type a question for help box on the right side of the Menu bar _____.
b. lets users type free-form questions
Why is slide four selected?
It is the current slide in the Slide pane.
How can you know if you have clicked in the appropriate place to regroup an image?
The group button will be available
How was the Insert Table dialog box accessed?
By clicking the Insert Table button in the content placeholder
hold the left mouse button and drag the sizing handle
How do you resize a graphic with a sizing handle?
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