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Dialog box
Terms Definitions
across the page
A(n) _________________________ contains a list of commands or items that relate to the item to which you are pointing when you right-click.
Shortcut menu
Click the ________________________ button in the Picture Styles gallery to expand the gallery.
The _________________________ command finishes the Slide Show view and returns to the same view as when you clicked the Slide Show button.
End Show
When you _________________________ a clip art picture, PowerPoint breaks it into component objects.
topographical representation of brain with accurate sizes to represent how much sensory space in brain
Bulleted list
List of Paragraph by bullets
Elements such as lines, arrows, callouts, and banners that can be added to a slide are known as ____.
The Hide Presentaion command hides supporting slides.
(T or F)
Bitmap graphics describe a picture mathematically as a set of instructions.
can rotate almost any powerpoint object by dragging the green rotation handle thta appears at the top of a selected object
TWM:Media Geographical Classifications
Designed Market Area (DMA)
Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA)
Principal Metropolitan Statistical Area (PMSA)
Consolidated Metropolitan Statistical Area (CMSA)
City Zone and Retail Trading Zone
1. Microsoft PowerPoint is a complete _____ program that allows you to produce professional looking slide shows.
c. presentation graphics
Information that you would like to share with your audience but not appear on the slide can be written in the ____ pane.
Each SmartArt graphic has a(n) ____________________ with bullets that function as an outline.
Text pane
The green ____________________ is used to change the direction and angle of an object.
rotation handle
increase body text's indent lever by moving it to the right
association cortex
neither sensory nor motorbroca and wernicke's area- language prefrontal- planning, seeing the future
to diminish the contribution of any individual or race to society in general.
picture toolbar
Use the Picture toolbar to quickly make changes to the selected image. The Picture toolbar appears as a floating toolbar whenever you have an image selected.
What button is used in the Spelling dialog box after you have selected a word from the list and want to include it in the presentation?
What button expands the choices in the SmartArt Styles group?
When and action button is selected, use the ____________________ command on the shortcut menu to display the Action Settings dialog box.
Edit Hyperlink
Keyboard shortcuts can be used in Text panes.
The Theme Colors button is on the ____________________ tab.
the first step in saving a document, and can be up to 255 characters long
AOSMoral Myopia/Muteness
myopia: the inability to see clearly ethical issues when they arise.
muteness: the unwillingness of advertising practitioners to acknowledge and discuss ethical problems.
17. To raise a paragraph from a lower level to a higher level, click the _____ button on the Formatting toolbar
b. Decrease Indent
There is a Save As button located on the Quick Access Toolbar.
(T or F)
If you point to a background on the Background Styles gallery, a(n) ____________________ with the background’s name appears.
When you want to include a picture on a slide and have located the picture file in the Insert Picture dialog box, click the _________________________ button to include it on the slide.
To resize a column or row, drag a column ____________________ until the column or row is the desired width or height.
notes pages
print view that puts one slide per page with the notes you wrote
Heart of an ad campaign...
Creative strategy and creative executions: communication that drives the ad.
What is the area with ‘Slide 1 of 5’ and “Flow” known as?
Status bar
Which of the following are options in the Replace dialog box?
Find Next
Replace All
When an object is close to a guide, it automatically _________________________ to attach to it.
infant experiments
if you can do it before any learning has occurred it must be innate*depth perception- tested animals on a visual cliff*face perception- observed how babies like faces more than geometric shapes*Voice perception- Measured how infants respond to human voice over other sounds
Where can handouts be selected to print in the Print dialog box?
In the Print What list
Gross Domestic Product

 GDP is the
market value of new, final goods and services
produced year within the nation’s borders in a given time period.

If you type, "www.nutrition.org" in an Address text box, why does http:// display automatically?
PowerPoint realized you typed a URL
I want to change the background color.
I want to create a connection to a Web page of Beverly Beach.
I want to find a synonym for "good".
I want to improve the visual appearance of a table.
I want to show only slides 3-10 in a particular slide show.
I want to change the background color.Design tab, Theme colors 
I want to create a connection to a Web page of Beverly Beach.Insert tab, Hyperlink

I want to find a synonym for "good".Review tab, Thesaurus

I want to improve the visual appearance of a table.Design tab, Table Styles gallery

I want to show only slides 3-10 in a particular slide show.Slide Show tab, Set Up Slide Show button

I want to add another slide to my presentation.Home tab, New Slide button

I want to include a rotated, wide solid border around an image of a sunrise.Format tab, Picture Styles gallery

I want to create a line chart.Insert tab, Chart button

I want to change my pie chart to a bar chart.Design tab, Type group

I want to locate an image of a sunrise.Insert tab, Picture button
How can you make a line width of more than 6 points?
click the More Lines option
Why does the mouse pointer change shape after clicking the Text Box button?
it is ready to create the text box where you click
a tab with two arrows pointing to the right and left
If a Text pane is not displayed, what does the control look like to access and display it again?
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