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Outline tab
Terms Definitions
PICT files
Macintosh graphic.
33. Pictures, including scanned photographs, line art, and artwork from compact disks, can be inserted into a presentation.
graphic formats
vector or bitmap.
24. The _________________________ of an object is the relationship between the object’s height and width.
aspect ratio
scanning art, pictures, or photographs.
49. A handout printed from PowerPoint can contain up to 16 slides per page
28. If objects are in landscape orientation, PowerPoint automatically sizes them to the height of the placeholder.
12. In PowerPoint, slide show view restricts the user’s evaluation to one _________________________ at a time.
10. Developing a presentation on the Outline tab is quick because you type the text for all slides on one _________________________.
19. The _________________________ allows you to search for clips by using descriptive keywords, file names, and media file formats
clip art task pane
29. _________________________, which includes special visual and sound effects applied to text or content, adds interest to a slide show and makes it look more professional.
29. Animation [PPT 114]
A movable, resizable container that you can type in is known as a text box.
The Transparency slider indicates the amount of ____.
4. Wizards help to create a presentation quickly and efficiently by allowing the user to answer prompts for specific content criteria
1. The charting feature of PowerPoint assists users in developing a presentation using an outline format and/or importing outlines from word processing programs.
10. An outline begins with the slide title, which is indented
27. Every time a slide layout is changed, PowerPoint requires that the text and graphics must be added again to the new, repositioned placeholders.
16. The only function of the title slide is to introduce the presentation to the audience
8. The attributes for text on the Outline tab are exactly the same as in normal view, including color and paragraph style.
32. PowerPoint allows users to set their own _________________________ effects by defining their own animations types and speeds and sound effects on a slide.
custom animation
19. All heading levels use the same bullet font regardless of the design template.
13. A PowerPoint slide _________________________ specifies the arrangement of placeholders on a slide
13. layout [PPT 97
The WordArt ____ is the exterior border surrounding each letter or symbol.
The WordArt Grapic dialog box includes a description of each design.
As a defult, what information id displayed in the header and footer?
7. The basic unit of a PowerPoint presentation is the template
30. PowerPoint provides a variety of _________________________ that determine slide transitions and effects for the title and body text
preset animation schemes
7. In the tab pane in Outline view, slide text appears along with a slide number and a slide icon; objects such as pictures, graphs, or tables do not display.
17. To create a text slide with a multi-level bulleted list on the Outline tab, demote or promote the insertion point to the appropriate heading level and then type the paragraph text.
17. _________________________ offers a quick way to add professional-looking graphic images to a presentation without creating the images yourself.
17. Clip art [PPT 99]
2. The _________________________ is the subject of the presentation on the Outline tab, which later becomes the presentation title text
2. outline title [PPT 84
text pane
The ____ of a SmartArt graphic consists of two areas: the etx that appears in the SmartArt graphic and the portion that gives the name
A Microsoft Word 2007 file that you want to open ni PowerPoint will have a(n) ____ extension.
digitized signal
conversion of input represented by 0 and 1.
transparency slider
The ____ indicates the amount of opaqueness of a background.
13. _____, which is the current view in the accompanying figure, displays several slides at one time, which is why it is the best view to use to evaluate a presentation for content, organization, and overall appearance.
c. Slide sorter view
5. The Outline tab enables a user
5. d [PPT 88]
1. In the Outline tab, PowerPoint creates a presentation as you type the outline, by evaluating the outline structure and displaying _____.
1. b [PPT 84]
16. PowerPoint lets a user put _____ in placeholders
d. all of the above
18. The _________________________ is a collection of drawings, photographs, sounds, videos, and other media files shared with Microsoft Office applications.
18. Microsoft Clip Organizer [PPT 99]
1. To create an outline using the Outline tab, each heading and its subheadings are typed, and all graphics and visual works inserted, before advancing to the next heading.
1. F [PPT 84]
3. An outline is a summary of thoughts, presented as
3. b [PPT 85]
the ARROW keys
What keyboard key(s) can be used to posistion a graphic on a slide?
7. One way to add a new slide on the Outline tab is to put a paragraph on the first level by clicking the _____ on the Outlining toolbar until the paragraph is displayed at the first level.
c. Promote button
18. Clip art images have one or more _____, associated with the entities, activities, labels, and emotions displayed in the image, which help a user locate the desired clip
18. c [PPT 100
a slide title
What does a Heading 1 in a source document (an outline) become?
10. It is easy and efficient to type the text for slides on the Outline tab, because you can view _____ in the outline in the tabs pane to check organization.
a. all the text you type
30. One way to add clip art is by clicking the Insert Clip Art button on the Drawing toolbar to open the Clip Art task pane.
30. T [PPT 100]
click More Lines option
How can you make a line width of more than 6 points?
current date and time and page number will appear
What do the black boxes (solid placeholders) in the left footer placeholder and right footer placeholder in the Preview slide portion of the Header and Foot
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