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figurative art depicts
Terms Definitions
Ch 8
organized in space
Ch 3
Visual Elements
implied line
suggest visual connection
Ch 4
Principles of Design
Postmodern Painting
NEO-EXPRESSIONISM; favors painting because of seemingly infinite variety of surface textures and colors;
provides diversity and counters unity
perspective parallel lines remain parallel, they do not converge as they recede
without the property of hue
distinguished themselves from other peoples of Europe and Asia by their attitude towards being human.
Believed in the perfection of the physical form coupled with the power of reason so that the individual became more important.
Jacques-Louis David (Oath of Horath);
Angelica Kauffman (Cornelia, Pointing to Her Children as Her Treasures);
Thomas Jefferson (Monticello, Federalism)
Issue-Oriented Art
Richard Misarch (Submerged Lamppost, Salton Sea); Barbara Kruger (I shop Therefore I Am); Fred Wilson (Mining The Museum) African American History, Museum should make us think; Thomas Hirschhorn (Superficial Engagement) Iraq War;
Jackson Pollock
-Abstract Expressionist who worked with a dripping process using house paint that was called Action Painting.;
-Was trying to create a universally acceptable painting style that others may be able to emulate and that would fit into any culture/environment.;
poured paint; (Autumn Rhythm)
representational art
sometimes called objective or figurative art depicts the appearance of things
biomorphic shape
shapes based on natural forms
n. something that supports a sculpture
Alexander Calder
first to explore kinetic sculpture
Sculptural form produced by adding, combining, or building up material from core or armature. Modeling in clay and welding steel are additive processes.
constructions sculpture
Sculpture creating by joining materials (often using welding) as opposed to modeling, carving, and casting.
Meaning or message contained and communicated by a work of art, including its emotional, intellectual, symbolic, thematic, and narrative connotations.
painting that applies the pigment thickly so that brush or palette knife marks are visible
Gauguin and Van Gogh
brought expressive, emotional intensity and desire to make their thoughts and feelings visible by strong color contrast, shapes with clear contours, bold brushwork
Gerard Sekoto
color and perspective based on pictures (Street Scene)
-Influenced by European Expressionism and Surrealism; -Based on abstraction and energetic gestural and painterly way of working;
-Reflected the "wild", brash, American spirit.;
-Spontaneous, full of kinetic visual energy and often driven more by emotion and the subconscious than by reason, logic and order.;
-Quite playful, poked fun at art itself and was full of parody
slow dry, vegatble oil binder, on canvas or linen
Binder (linseed Oil)
Vehicle (turpentine)
Italian tile setter who built the Watts Towers out of cast off materials
The saturation of a color is its
modern synthetic, water is vehicle and binder; Tough, flexible; fast drying; can mimic any other paints
Organic shape
An irregular, non-geometric shape. A shape that resembles any living matter. Most organic shapes are not drawn with a ruler or a compass.
to use imagination and visual memory to preview events or plans before they occur
egg yolk binder, vehicle water, quick dry, colors change very fine lines/details, fabrics
A subtractive process in which a sculpture is formed by removing material from a block or mass of wood, stone, or other material, with the use of sharpened tools.
The regular or ordered repetition of dominant and subordinate elements or units within a design.
The city-state of Athens was the artistic and philosophical center of Classical Greek civilization
Acropolis, Athens,; "Sacred Rock"
Discuss art as propaganda, as seen in the mural The Great Wall of Los Angeles.
Joan Miro
Unlike Dali, Miro pursued a more abstract approach to delving into his subconscious, using suggestive shapes, colors, and compositions to give the widest possible play to the viewer's imagination and emphasize color and design rather than storytelling content.
brought the greek idea of what it means to be human into the Christian context of the world. David was the first full-sized, free standing nude stature since Roman times. During the Italian Renaissance, the nude became a major subject for art as it had been in Greece and Rome.
artist's proof
A small group of outstanding prints for the artists use which have been set aside from the edition prints
personal value
orientations lead us to make judgments about the works of art we encounter.
Art Criticism
The process of using formal analysis, description, and interpretation to evaluate or explain the quality and meanings of art. Refers to making discriminating judgments both favorable and unfavorable
round arch
the first true arch in Western architecture, it displaces most of the weight, or downward thrust of the masonry above it to its curving sides
barrel vault
the simplest form of vault consisting of an unbroken series of arches; it forms a tunnel like shape
Liquid emulsion used as a carrier or spreading agent in paints
visual metaphor
The representation of a person, place, thing, or idea by way of a visual image that suggests a particular association or point of similarity. Elliot Ervitt's Florida (water pipe is metaphor for the bird with its curved neck and thin legs)
Animal Style
Art style of Eurasian nomads; active intertwining shapes of animals (rarely with humans subordinate to animals)
Romantic Landscape Painting
Painters active in Europe (Turner) and US (Hudson River School) portrayed landscapes in a romantic and nostalgic way that reflected the artists emotion states.
Ecstasy of Saint Theresa
Bernini (Cornaro Chapel, Santa Maria della Vittoria, Rome) epitomizes the highly charged theatricality that is a hallmark of the baroque. A life-size marble sculpture of Saint Theresa depicts one of her visions. Bernini made the visionary experience vivid by portraying the moment of greatest feeling, revealing spiritual passion through physical expression.
used a time exposure of over two hours for his photograph of Pepper #30
gothic arch
Pointed arch that started to be used in Middle Age churches
ceramic ware made of a more or less translucent ceramic (1350-1500C)
closed form
form that des not openly interact with the space around it
High Renaissance Italy
(1475-1564) From a base in 15th c Florence, the Medici family used charm, patronage, duplicity, and ruthlessness to amass wealth and power. The Medic's also ignited Western history's most important cultural and artistic revolution. Amongst other artists, they greatly influenced and gave opportunity to Michelangelo Buonarroti.
Ability to see (or to be aware) and to respond.
Define and discuss the role of evaluation in art.
value judgments are relative; appreciation of art changes with time (Shy Glance); Aztecs (style of Toltecs); Chinese (beyond representation, understanding and communicating with inner spirit); European (Impressionist at first hated).
Negative or ground shape
A background or ground shape seen in relation to foreground or figure shape(s).
two ways printmaking differs from other art forms
artist creates the surface that makes the art work, multiples of the art work are created
List and define the types of drawing media, each according to its own set of
characteristics. pen & ink, brush & ink; graphite/pencil, metal point, crayon, pastel, chalk
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